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Yongsung Kim: paintings that draw you into Yeshua's light

Whether they are writers, musicians or painters, artists have different ways of conveying their message to their audience. However, they all have something in common: through their work, they manage to make their public feel in a certain way. 
Because they make abstraction of  their ego, the artists who dedicated their work to the Lord are known to have released the biggest, everlasting masterpieces. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of them.
In the contemporary world of painting, Yongsung Kim's faith in Yeshua our Messiah impacts his work tremendously.
Today, I'd like you to discover the amazing artist a little bit more in depth.

Who is Yongsung Kim?

Yongsung Kim is a South-Korean artist who instils faith to his viewers through his unique way of sharing Yeshua. In a discrete, wordless but in a powerful outcry of the artist's heart, his pictures indicate that the artist has a deep and loving relationship with our Lord.
Love and devotion appear in his subtle light and shadow plays and the magnificent feelings he composes through the soft color combination he uses.
His painting technique is very genuine and subtle. The scenes that take place in the nature will allow you to perceive the trees' breathing. Moreover, Yongsung Kim's biblical art unveils our Lord's great spirit of compassion in each picture, whether he paints Him laughing, in pain, holding roses, or with children.

I believe that good art can draw people closer to our Lord. From my very personal story, Yeshua got my attention through a beautiful painting after the Shroud of Turin.

Let us explore Yongsung Kim's world.

Yeshua's dual nature revealed in Yongsung Kim biblical art

Here is a picture of Yeshua laughing, very spontaneously. Our Lord is dwelling among us and He is inviting us to share His joy. The light, ethearal background put a spotlight on elevated feelings: joy, gratitude, the pleasure of being alive. Our Creator is laughing with us, providing hope to mankind.

I particularly like Yongsung Kim's depictions of Yeshua laughing and smiling, because too many artists occulted our Lord's joy. I've even heard people affirm that Yeshua was a sad person. Rather the contrary is true. Whoever was approached by Yeshua knows that He is love and deep joy.
Our Lord's humanity is so much present in this picture  and so beautifully rendered.

Yeshua's divine nature represented

With Yeshua walking on the water , the attentive viewer enters into a supernatural dimension quite immediately. Yongsung Kim uses subtle layers of blue colors in order to create a movement. We can sense a little bit of turbulence inside of the water while Yeshua walks in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. The picture also seems to be scanning the depths of the water, as the stones reflect in a very subtle manner.
We do pray to have enough faith to be able to walk on the water as well, as long as possible, with an unwavering faith...we suddenly realize that we are all one immersed in the infinite ocean of His love.

The good shepherd, nature and everlasting love for children

The soft touches of green beautify all paintings of the artist and will transport you into the universe of Psalm 23 quite immediately. 
Yongsung Kim also has a very touching way of showing our Lord in the middle of little children.
The Good News is being announced and spread in front of the viewers' astonished eyes: so much authentic nature scenes, so much goodness, so much beauty and compassion.
Yongsung Kim's biblical art touches the human heart by a description of Yeshua that is beyond words.

Curious to know more about Yongsung Kim?

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