Sunday, July 31, 2016

Increased ungratefulness: a clear sign of end times

Because mankind has been pushing the boundaries of immorality very far and because of the increase of godlessness and idolatry, Hashem has hit many countries- especially America and European countries. Our Lord has shown, through very clear signs, that He called nations to Teshuva ( repentance).
However, and despite the numerous punishments, the great majority of people has been unwilling to listen. Instead of repenting of their sinful ways, people have been praising sin and have kept their deceitful habits. Sadly, a great number of people is observing that our contemporary world is going wrong, but has zero clues about the why's.

The punishment of the idolaters  

After Hashem sent His punishment, I've witnessed a lot of complaints from people. Instead of correcting their ways and asking for forgiveness, many individuals have turned openly against our Creator, accusing Him of "injustice" and "cruelty". In front of such behaviors , two precise verses came to my mind. Revelation 16:2 states :

"So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth and loathsome, malignant sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast  and worshiped his image."

Are the nations conscious that they are undergoing Hashem's judgment?

Probably not. The degree of corruption has reached unprecedented levels.
Many people are actually praising their own sins. The lack of morality is hidden under the cover of "tolerance and open-mindedness" . One clear sign that we are curently living in end times is the people's ungratefulness. Each time tragedies happen or when individuals are experiencing plagues, they all put the blame on the Almighty instead of questioning their sinful ways.

God has different ways of speaking to mankind. As a matter of fact, most countries are experiencing an imbalance in weather and seasons.

On some  parts of  the earth  it was abnormally cold at the beginning of Summer. In contrast, some other parts' people were hit with abnormal and extreme heatwaves.

A refusal to give Hashem the glory

Interestingly, Revelation Chapter 16,verse 9 announces:" And the people were scorched by intense heat, and they cursed the Name of God who had authority over these plagues,yet they did not repent and give Him glory."

Scriptures clearly tell us that a lot of people wil be self-ridden, corrupt, advocating lies and sin and will not be interested in Hashem anymore.We followers of Yeshua our Messiah are witnessing these dark times. Let us spread Yeshua's light as much as we can in order to shine in the midle of darkness and may we all be able to touch the souls in need of Redemption. In Yeshua's Name.Amen. 

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Making ourselves available for Hashem by Isabelle Esling

Making ourselves available for Hashem by Isabelle Esling: So many sources of great distraction exist in our contemporary world.We are often caught into multiple activities during the day that it is so easy to drift away from our Lord. Bible scholars are even...

Monday, July 25, 2016

The use of saliva in Yeshua's healings

There are two events in the Gospels that refer to Yeshua's use of saliva in the process of healing somebody. The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 7, reports the story of a deaf and mute man cured by rabbi Yeshua. The Gospel of John, Chapter 9, tells us the story of a born blind man who recovered his sight thanks to Yeshua's healing action. In both stories, Yeshua uses spit to cure the sick.
While a lot of people seem satisfied with unfounded and simplistic explanations due to a lack of research, there is much more to Yeshua's use of saliva than one might actually think.
I'd like to share with you a few insights about these stories and I'd like to thank our Lord for guiding me to unexpected sources and for the Holy Spirit's shedding of light on these portions of Scripture.

Insights I received from the Holy Spirit

"For I say to you that every idle word that people will speak, they will give an answer for it on the Day of Judgment." Matthew 12:36

" Some people brought Him a man who was deaf and hardly able to speak, and begged Yeshua to place His hand on him. So Yeshua took him aside privately away from the crowd and put His fingers into the man's ears. Then He spit and touched the man's tongue. And looking up to Heaven, He sighed deeply and said to him: "ephphata", be opened." Mark 7:32-33

" Having said these things, He spit on the ground and made mud with the saliva. and applied it to the man's eyes." John 9:6

The following thoughts I will share with you are some specific insights in communion with the Spirit of God. Yeshua clearly revealed me that the healing properties of His saliva originated from the purity of each word that ever came out of His mouth.

This is also an invite to each and everyone to control each word that comes straight out of our mouth. We should make it a habit to speaking words of truth and kindness and not tolerate profanity or empty speeches, for we will be accountable for each silly word that we pronounce.
Let us humble ourselves and apologize before our Lord, each time we notice that we've been involved in a wrong speech. Let us control our tongue so our Father in Heaven will be glorified.

What Judaic tradition teaches about the use of saliva in healing

As always, it is pointless to take our Messiah out of the environment He was raised in. One must always bear in mind that Yeshua is a rabbi, teaching Torah, and therefore what He does and how He acts towards people in the 1st Century is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition.

The following website will give you some detailed insights about the healing episode of the blind man in John, Chapter 9. Isn't it interesting to note that in Talmudic tradition, the first-born son of a father's saliva had some healing properties? In that way, Yeshua also fulfills this tradition, as our Father's first-born and beloved Son.

However, I am convinced that healing is possible only if the healer walks in righteousness, by obeying Hashem's laws, in Yeshua's very obedient way to the Father.

Dead Sea Scrolls documents point at an act of Creation

" As what shall born of woman be considered in your presence? Shaped from dust has he been maggots' food shall be his dwelling, he spat saliva, moulded clay and dust in his longing. What will the clay reply and the one shaped by hand? And what advice will he be able to understand?"
 from the Dead Sea Scrolls

There us much more than just a "symbolical" act to Yeshua's healing by spitting. Yeshua's act, as the Dead Sea Scroll text clearly confirms it, is a concrete act, similar to the Creator shaping His creation, with clay and saliva. It is even more than a simple act of creation because it is the restoration to its initial state of a part of the body that is totally broken. This part ( sight, hearing or speaking ability) are coming to full recovery. If you take the time to examine the following study , you will understand how much Yeshua's use of saliva is intimately linked with the Creator's act of shaping His creature with spit and clay.
I will not go into detail, out of honesty, because my current level of Hebrew knowledge doesn't allow it. But my intent is to share with you this amazing discovery.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Friday, July 22, 2016

Besides tranquil waters ( from "Heart of a Savior")

My Yeshua, I noticed that you have been slowing me down lately. You invited me to rest while I was stressing over continuing my work...”

My daughter, too often you forget that I want to spend time in your company. Too often, you omit that I want us to just enjoy each other. Just rest in my arms and delight yourself in my presence. Be attentive to my loving care. You must reach the tranquil waters. Your soul must slow down to be more receptive. The more time you will spend in my presence, the more you will be able to share meaningful details about me. This is what the great majority of people is completely missing out about me. Your prayer doesn't have to be made of constant blabber or verses reciting. You don't have to stress over the meaning of a verse all the time.
Child you are not a Bible scholar, you are not meant to be. You are my “talmida”, my student, my disciple, and as such you must get used to resting and staying silent in my company. Observance comes from observation; this observation must come from the inner side of you soul. A silent soul can catch the voice of the Spirit. If you do hurry all the time and stress about how and what to share with your readership, you will miss the most important part of my teaching. Therefore, through diverse circumstances and events, I am telling you to slow down and to come to rest.
Doesn't it feel better now that you accepted my counsel?
Don't you feel better, my precious child?
When I was teaching at the synagogues, people were wondering where my wisdom came from. I knew the meaning of the Scriptures and revealed the very depths of their heart. My wisdom comes from Heaven, from our heavenly Father. Child, at each moment, the Holy Spirit will instruct you, if you are attentive.
You were drifting away and I caught you back.”

Yeshua, I apologize to you. I know that I am getting caught into this virtual world that sometimes absorbs me. Thanks for reminding me of the most important: you. I was stressing over finding a theme, a verse to discuss. Yeshua I want to know you, nothing matters more to me. “

I was reflecting on tranquil waters this morning. “Ein Guedi”, Yeshua whispered to my ears and a wonderful source of water became visible before my eyes.

Yeshua allows my soul to wander through the Israeli path of the Shepherds and keeps my spiritual eye in constant awe. Tranquil waters, sources of blessing are watering my soul in the loving presence of my beloved. Yeshua, guardian of my soul, please keep me on your path, always.
Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

An Encounter with Yeshua received a new rating and review!

An Encounter with Yeshua is a life-changing read. This book will surely bring you closer to Yeshua's heart. Discover my true testimony about our Lord and Savior ( the e-book version is FREE for download on

I'd like to thank Leonie Lapp, who took the time to read and to review my book. This is Leonie's feedback:

" This book is such a wonderfully inspiring message. I started reading and could not put it down. Isabelle's deeply personal account of her time with Yeshua reminds us all of the incredible connection to the Creator that we have available to us. I highly recommend you read this book now." 

Many thanks Leonie:)

If you are curious about other readers' opinion, please check out the page  related to An Encounter with Yeshua.

I wish you all to be blessed abundantly through your read.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

All the glory to Yeshua our Messiah!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Judgment or sign: what is Hashem telling us? by Isabelle Esling

Judgment or sign: what is Hashem telling us? by Isabelle Esling: In the face of the current events that are linked with Islamic terror, many minds are very much confused about what is actually going on. Very few people are actually conscious that the increase in wi...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Very saddening, but predictable: a little commentary about terror in Nice

Dear readers,

Our Lord Yeshua has been giving me quite a few prophetic visions about France. Within the last months, He has warned me about street massacres to occur in the future. 
The recent events yesterday in Nice are really sad. Children were among the victims on a day that should have been joy and celebration. While I am feeling a lot of empathy for the families of the victims, I am not surprised that such kind of things would happen, as Yeshua had given me visions of people lying in a pool of blood. I believe that it is just the beginning of a series of events that are to come. One must understand that, through these tragic events, our Lord is speaking.

Yeshua spoke to me in very clear words: He wants people's hearts back. Yeshua wants individuals to offer Him a sincere Teshuva ( repentance). Think about it: time is counted. A lot of details, and also precise signs in the sky like the Tetrads ( the four bloody moons) are pointing at Yeshua's Second Coming.

In Mark 13:28, Yeshua states:

"Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender, and puts forth its leaves, you know that Summer is near."

We should watch the signs of times carefully and be ready for the Master's return. It could happen any time now. Pray continuously through the Holy Spirit. Watch out. Exhort people to get saved while our Savior's grace is still available.
One day it will be too late. Do not be among the ones who will weep bitterly when Yeshua will close the door.

I would like to offer a little prayer for the families in Nice who have been affected by terror yesterday, but also for all the people all over the world who have suffered from Islamic terror.

May our Lord bring you all physical and moral healing. May He console the ones who are weeping now. 

A doctor posted this on Facebook. May the perfect doctor, Yeshua, heal the wounded souls and body of all.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Yeshua walks on water in the perspective of Sefer Bereshit ( Book of Genesis)

Mark 6:48
He saw them wearing themselves out by rowing, because the wind was against them.
Around the fourth watch, He came to them. They saw Him walking on the surface of the water, and intended to pass by them.

Now the earth was astonishingly empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water. (Genesis 1:2)

Please note: the Hebrew language renders " the surface of the water" by "the faces of the waters"...this verse ( Mark 6:48) uses yam ( sea) instead of mayim (water) unlike Genesis 1:2.

I know about the episode of Yeshua walking on water since my childhood. I've read it many times. 
The complexity of this episode never crossed my mind until yesterday, when I decided to study the verse of Mark 6:48 in Hebrew.
The Hebrew translation will reveal elements that you wouldn't be able to guess in any other translated version. As I was reflecting on the verse, intrigued by the expression "penei hayam" ( the faces of the sea (of Galilee)), Yeshua immediately put this verse in correlation with Genesis 1:2.

In the verse of Genesis 1:2, you will find: "veruakh Elohim merakhefet al penei hamayim", "... and the Spirit of Elohim was hovering over the faces of the waters. While the verse of Mark 6:48 uses " penei hayam", the faces of the sea ( Sea of Galilee), the action of Yeshua walking on the sea is similarly a result of the action of the Holy Spirit. Yeshua's body defies the laws of gravitation in this dramatic moment. It is lifted up through the Holy Spirit. The only noticeable difference between both expressions " penei hamayim" ( the faces of the waters) and " penei hayam" ( the faces of the sea) seems to be the following one: in the Beginning, the Spirit is hovering over a surface that implies infinite space. The word mayim, the waters are extended much more than "penei hayam" and points to an infinite, extendable surface. Mayim decomposes into yam, so that the first word becomes the second's container.

מים mayim= water
ים   yam    = sea
רוּח ruakh = spirit, Spirit of God, wind

Interestingly, Yeshua lifted the veil regarding the expression " penei hamayim" this morning by showing me that the faces of the waters pointed at diverse degrees of the appearance of the waters: superficial or deep, never equal, always in movement.

The miracle of Yeshua walking on the waters occurs just after the multiplication of bread and fish. The disciples confuse the presence of the Ruakh ha Kodesh ( the Holy Spirit) with a common spirit, a ghost ( ruakh). This is why they are caught in terror when Yeshua is approaching them. Also note that the preceding verse states that the wind-which also corresponds to the Hebrew word ruakh- was against them.

The wind being contrary to the disciples, their eyes were blinded to see. It is also said that they did not comprehend the multiplication of fish and bread because of their heardened heart.

Walking on water is far from being common. This is a sign from somebody who is greater than Moshe and who masters the elements.

In these days, a lot of people are trying to minimize Yeshua's signs and miracles. Some people are coming up with arrogant boasting, stating that Yeshua was just performing the trick of an illusionist. Some others are saying that " anybody can walk on water".
Remember that the Egyptians treated Moshe in the same way and mocked the signs of Hashem. But Moshe's serpent swallowed the all magicians' serpents in the end.

Hashem is King and He 'll always have the last word. Trust His power. Great is our Lord and He is greatly to be praised. Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Subtle shades of meaning ( from "Heart of a Savior")

My daughter, I am urging people to get serious now about having a relationship with me, for I am telling you that so many will not recognize me when our Father will send me back.
Tell people to stop thinking of me as an abstraction. I am a real person.
Tell them to turn to me with all their hearts instead of relying on dead Scriptures.
I can see the masses fall for their false messiah in the same way they did on the very day I was sentenced to death.
Only true disciples would understand the fine distinction between Yeshua bar Abba (the true Maschiach) and Yeshua bar Abba (better known as “Barrabas”)...child, I am telling you that many individuals will be fooled by a diluted version of me in the last days. A veil of blindness will cover many eyes.
During the days that precede my return, the enemy will send somebody capable of doing miracles, among other great deeds and claiming to be God. The ones who only know me theoretically will be very vulnerable. My sheep, the ones who know my voice cannot be deceived for they actually know who I am.

As for the other ones, I am urging you, call upon my Name and get to know your Savior, because if you fall into the man of sin's claws, it will be too late."

"Lord, my love, I can sense the emergency of your words as a spirit of evil is gaining more and more souls. Please save the ones that can still be saved. Have mercy, dear Lord for the yet unsaved souls.”

"Many individuals wrongly think that reading Scriptures regularly automatically confers Salvation. I'll reiterate it: Scriptures do not save nor does regular attendance to an assembly. Although some so called “ spiritual leaders” will keep them captive by fear, these people ( with a few exceptions) are very far from me. They have no idea about who I am. They have prejudiced opinions about who I should be as well. These people are in great danger, because they proclaim that they are saved because of the Scriptures. However, I am not their personal Savior. So how can they even dare to say that they accessed Salvation? If I came in front of these individuals, asking them: “Who saved you?”, they would reply: “ I am saved because of the Bible...”
If I replied to them: “Your Bible doesn't have any power to save you, only Yeshua can bring you Salvation”, some of them would call me a “demon”.
The Holy Spirit is absent from their souls. I would like to urge them all to get to know me for real, as a person. Once the man of sin will appear with his fake prodigies, it will be far too late.
People have to remember that Scriptural knowledge is nothing. Proficiency creates a vacuum when people accumulate it and don't apply it with their hearts.
I desire humble and thirsty souls, not Scripture parrots.”

As I kept speaking with my Lord, I was transported into a tiny street of Jerusalem. The sun was shining and my feet were making noise while hitting little white stones that were on my way.
I stopped and stood before a pink door. I could see red flowers at the right side of the door. The pink door was beautifully decorated with wrought iron.
My ear then caught the Hebrew word Shaar, which means “door” or “gate”.
Why our Lord had taken me here I was really clueless.
I spoke again to Yeshua in the morning:
"Lord what is the meaning of that pink door I was standing before in Jerusalem?”

Yeshua then replied to me:

Shin is the letter of the Shema. You need an ear to hear. Ayin is the letter for the eye. You need an eye to see. Finally, Resh is the letter of “rosh”. It is the head, the beginning.
Child, you have been praying for me to open you new horizons. Here I am bringing you in front of a door. A new door will open for you.”
Thank you my beloved. Why is the door pink?”
My daughter, pink is not one of your favorite colors, is it?”
No, you are right, Yeshua. Pink is definitely not among my favorite colors.”
The pink color is showing you that the door I am opening will not be opened in a casual way. It will surprise you in many ways.”
Thank you my Yeshua. May my ears be willing to listen and my eyes wide open to see what you prepared for this new beginning.
You are the door, my Yeshua, and I will enter thanks to you. I praise you, my sweet Lord.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Upcoming book sheds light on the heart of our Savior

The beautiful heart of our can I describe the indescribable? How is it possible to paint a place so beautiful, so pure, so wonderful and so powerful that it erases all kind of hatred instantly?

Yeshua made it possible through my feather. Please do not misunderstand me: I don't pretend to know everything about Yeshua. The content I am sharing with all of you through my feather is the little portion of light from an infinite heart that our Savior knows I can bear daily...

Meeting our great Lord and Savior is a very intense and emotional experience. It is approaching the very Source of life and love...meeting Yeshua won't leave anybody indifferent. An encounter with Him will always change your life. It will transform the very depths of your inner being.

Lending Yeshua my feather has been such an exciting adventure, but also a test of faith. Put yourself in the skin of a writer: imagine that you have no control of your future story and that you have to trust that each page will be filled day after day anyway...imagine that Yeshua has already created the story for you and all you have to do is to leave Him total direction of everything. It can be challenging when you are a decisions maker and you like to plan, format and structure your story in advance...

If you are familiar with An Encounter with Yeshua and An Encounter with Yeshua the Sequel, the third book, "Heart of a Savior", that is still in the works, will probably amaze you.

Yeshua chose the title "Heart of a Savior". Our Lord gave me many beautiful insights about His beautiful heart and granted me some prophetic visions about events to come.

I have 120 pages ready so far. I promise to keep you updated as soon as the third part of my Yeshua trilogy will be ready.

One more encouragement I would like to add, for all of you: remember that Yeshua is NEVER FAR from you.

If you are feeling that He is distant, sin is the only element that separates you from Him. If you are willing to bring Him a sincere Teshuva, He'll always come close to you.

Yeshua's heart is full of empathy for anybody- regardless of who you are and where you are standing. Come to Him and He'll take care of you.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Practices that are clearly forbidden in Scriptures by Isabelle Esling

Practices that are clearly forbidden in Scriptures by Isabelle Esling: Many of us have fallen into the trap of calling a medium to solve daily life problems; we are numerous to have found Tarot cards alluring. Actually, a lot of people are very much confused about spirit...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

David Hines explains the formation of Shroud image in simple words

I posted our brother David Hines' video about the Shroud image formation yesterday. Here is my latest Linkedin article about David's accurate, investigative video. Check it out and may our Lord bless you all in abundance!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Marriage or celibacy: know your Calling and walk accordingly

A reflection on Matthew, Chapter 19

Before we even start reflecting on the beginning of Matthew, chapter 19, I'd like to remind everybody about the importance of knowing WHO Yeshua is. A lot of people might object : « we already know, He is our Lord and Savior, and this is all we need to know. » 
Many people do have a very vague and distorted knowledge of Scriptures.
Does it matter that Yeshua was born of a Jewish lady, in the town of Bethlehem (Beth Lehem) , in Israel ? 
In these times, a lot people think that, Yeshua being raised a Jew and in obedience of Torah are details of little importance... Let me tell you: yes, these elements DO matter-and even more than you could think.

Yeshua's whole sentences are the way of reasoning of a rabbi. Yeshua has nothing to do with Christianity, Greek thinking and Western philosophy. He is a Jewish man explaining the Torah. Once you fully accept this mere evidence, it will be easy to do away with the craziest theories circulating all over the internet about the specific verse regarding eunuchs in Matthew 19:12.
Another point that one needs to consider is that Yeshua our Messiah encourages people to think pure thoughts and to keep purity in their bodies. He is not complacent with sexual relations out of marriage. His compassion is often mistaken for complacence towards fornication and other sins.

Most people have in mind that Yeshua is a teacher, because it says, in most translations, « rabbi, which means teacher ».
The translation is not wrong, it is very incomplete and taken out of context, it can lead people to the greatest misunderstandings.

Not only is Yeshua our Messiah a practicing Jew, He is a rabbi.
What is a rabbi ? A maths or languages teacher ? Not at all. A rabbi is a teacher of Torah. Yeshua's very field of specialization is the Torah and one must understand that each statement that He made is made in total adhesion and coherence with the Torah. None of Yeshua's statements will ever nullify the Torah.

So now we have a starting point to reflect on Matthew 19 in a proper manner.

The committment of marriage : a reminder of Sefer Bereshit, the Book of Genesis.

The discussion we are witnessing in Matthew 19 is, once again ( unlike many opinions), a rabbinic discussion between Yeshua and the P'rushim ( the Pharisees).
Starting from Matthew 19:3 and ending on Matthew 19:12, Yeshua is giving His disciples ( talmidim) very precise directions to follow. These precisions are not based on new principles. Yeshua is making clear references to the Torah
( Anybody arguing that Yeshua started a new religion called « Christianity » based on new, revolutionary principles is fooling himself. This is untrue. Stay away from such statements, because they are based on lies from ignorant people.)

During this discussion, marriage and celibacy will be opposed as two different ways of serving the Kingdom of Heaven. Both require committment from the disciple.

In verse 4, Yeshua responds to the Pharisees : « Haven't you read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and that He said, « for this reason a man should leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two are to become one flesh ? » (Genesis 2:24)

Yeshua quotes Sefer Bereshit (Genesis), chapter 2, verse 24, then adds : « Thus they are no longer two, but one. So no one should split apart what God has joined together. »

This statement shows how much Yeshua takes the bond of marriage between a man and a woman very seriously.

The Pharisees are trying to trap our rabbi with the act of divorce instituted by Moshe, but Yeshua proves them that it is only because of their heardened hearts that the act of divorce actually exists.

Our Lord is making a logical exception for prostitution cases.

Yeshua's statements are not always making His disciples feeling comfortable. Actually, this is not their purpose.

Once two people are getting married, their engagement is permanent. The talmidim are reacting to Yeshua's words : « If that is how things are between husband and wife, it would be better not to marry. »

Therefore, people should know exactly about their calling. This is also why people should ask Yeshua to show them about His plan for their lives and the mission they should be involved in : some people are meant to work for the Lord with a partner, while some others are kept in a purity and committed to celibacy.

Eunuchs for the Kingdom of God : walking in purity

In front of His disciples reaction, Yeshua symbolically speaks about eunuchs. One has to understand that even when spoken literally of them eunuchs (סָרִיס ) are castrate males, not homosexuals. In no way, Yeshua's argumentation is an advocacy of homosexual relationships or homosexual marriage.

Let us examine Yeshua's statements at the light of the Complete Jewish Bible which renders Yeshua's argumentation in the following words :

"For there are different reasons why men do not marry — some because they were born without the desire, some because they have been castrated, and some because they have renounced marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever can grasp this, let him do so."

The first category of men were born without the desire ( in no way they are homosexuals, they are defined as deprived of desire). The second category refers to the persons who had become castrates, often to serve kings at foreign courts. The Bible makes frequent mentions of castrates.
The third category is a clear allusion to people who made themselves ( some person had the nerve to write an article in order to prove that Yeshua wanted people to emasculate themselves, totally missing out the very meaning of this verse.) genderless for the superiority of the Kingdom.
If Yeshua's calling is very strong, one will understand that his/her degree of committment to the affairs of the kingdom of Heaven are much higher than married life.
I do believe that some females also belong into this category. Some people have been chosen since their mother's womb to walk in purity.
Yeshua walked the earth as a rabbi. However, unlike most rabbis, He did not marry. He was consecrated to our Father and led a whole life of purity. Nowadays, people are so much corrupt into sin that they barely picture a person living without having intercourse with another person. Our Messiah has kept pure, all His life. He is our model by excellence on how we should behave if we are called to a life of celibacy.

May Yeshua our Messiah guide us all according our specific calling. May He enlighten our paths and help us to walk righteousness, no matter if we are married or single. Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Mark - Hebrew Audio Bible! Bybel Bibël Սուրբ գրությունները Müqəddəs Бібл...

A prophetic vision for France ( from " Heart of a Savior")

The atmosphere was heavy in the air as I crossed the Bir Hakeim bridge. The sky was cloudy. All of a sudden, a cold wind started blowing. I raised my eyes up to the sky that started darkening.

I then heard Yeshua's voice telling me: “The wind of my anger is blowing over France.”

I instantly prayed for many souls to access Salvation.

The dark sky then opened up on a terrific vision. I saw the form of a person, from afar. I was unable to distinguish his traits, but the man looked like a judge and was wearing a black robe. He was standing before a throne. Above the throne, on the right, a huge scroll was visible.

I glanced at the sky again. The gray clouds had transformed into mice: a multitude of mice was visible and advancing at a fast pace.
I asked Yeshua: “What does that mean, Lord?”
The Lord replied to me: “Pestilence and terror.”

I was instantly prompted to ask our Lord for mercy.
Yeshua said to me, in a reassuring tone: “But fear not, I will spare you because you've always had a quest for me. You always wanted to know me.”

At the end of the day, Yeshua spoke to me again: “ Fear not”, He reiterated twice in a warm and loving voice.

In Spring and in Summer, Paris has been plagued with floods and cold weather.
The world needs to acknowledge that each nation is now coming into judgment and our Lord will reward them according to their behavior. Our Lord has kept calling France to repentance, but most people are keeping their sinful ways.
A storm is preparing. Europe and the USA, in particular, are going to be braced while Israel will be left alone with a multitude of opponents from all sides and the nuclear threat will grow into a scary reality.
Many people are not prepared for the times preceding Yeshua's return.
May my feather help people recognize the emergency of these times.
Believing will not be enough. Commit to our Lord before it is too late!
Yeshua's heart deepest desire is that you share eternity with Him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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