Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Insights about our French chaos I received from Above

An evil man seeks only rebellion, and a cruel messenger will be sent against him. ( Proverbs 17:11)

Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, because of the abundance of all things, therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger and thirst, in nakedness, and lacking everything. And he will put a yoke of iron on your neck until he has destroyed you. (Deuteronomy 28:47-48)

Dear readers,

I am hailing from Paris, as you know. We are currently experiencing a very unstable social and political situation, for those of you who have been following international news. Since November the 17th, every Shabbat in the Capital is filled with anger and violence.

It all seemed to start with a movement of protest from the lower working classes against President Macron because of the rise of petrol taxes. Of course, the idea of a massive protest was spread on Facebook, inviting people to block cars all over the country and to massively protest near Macron's place of residence ( Palais de l' Elysée).

Seemingly coming out of nowhere...this movement of revolt was ignited mainly on Facebook and other social media.

Around November the 13th, I started seeing articles and  facebook groups inviting each and everyone to parttake in the movement of the ' yellow vests' , 'gilets jaunes' in French in order to block the entire country and more specifically, to come to Paris, near President Macron's place of residence. Of course, Champs Elysées were a main target- on a sidenote: upon Marine Le Pen's 'advice'. To the external observer, this seems to be a 'revolution' from the poorest classes.What the outside observer ignores, is that there are people from extreme left and extreme right pulling strings. First and foremost, BDS and a lot of antisemites are supporting this cause. Here is a flyer that circulated on Facebook during this time. The source is an extreme rightist website called 'Démocratie participative' that has been closed now.

As you will be able to figure out by yourself, Macron is depicted as the evil Jew in the style of the caricatures from WWII, in occupied France.

A lot of people hold the Jews for responsible and the manifestation also took a very political turn in favor of 'Palestine'. How come we are speaking of internal French problems and affairs, and the word 'Palestine' shows up? 

This clearly shows that people are manipulated beyond what they can comprehend. Before the 4th manifestation at Champs Elysées, there were clear calls against the Jewish community. Jewish people had been warned that people intended to harm them and Chabad synagogue at Champs Elysées had closed its doors to the public for Shabbat.

Not only do these manifestations harm our cities, and especially Paris that is being destroyed and vandalized ( I myself have been observing scenes from my window), they are inviting chaos.

First weird fact: similarities with Gaza

As an attentive observer from my window, the first detail that struck my attention is a way of acting that is very close to Gaza terrorists when they are doing their so-called 'peaceful' 'March of Return'. When you see full videos, you can notice that these people are not peaceful at all and that the army retaliates against armed persons whose aim is to harm Israeli citizens.
'Gilets jaunes' were also called 'peaceful', so peaceful that they started setting things on fire. A huge cloud of smoke invaded our buildings so that we were unable to breathe properly. It has been going on like this for four weeks-every Saturday. Another intriguing fact is the use of slings and catapults to aggress the police.

Finally, there is another detail that needs to be pointed out: I have seen 'peaceful' yellow vests aggress passers-by and car drivers verbally, calling them names

The inconsistencies nobody seems to be aware of:

  • The people who are manifesting claim to be utterly poor. Yet many travel back and forth to Paris in order to protest near Champs Elysées. Let's think very logically: if you are poor, you don't have much money to travel, right? If your first concern is to bring food to the table, you do not waste your money elsewhere. I have known periods of extreme poverty in the past: I know what I am talking about. 

  •  Among the people protesting there are big racists and antisemites. I would really like to know what Israel has to do with the prices of petrol in France? Doesn't France usually get petrol from Arabic countries?

  • Protesting is a right. I understand that people are disappointed by Macron's politics...but there are intelligent ways to protest without using violence. Violence calls more violence on the scene...and you do not build anything positive on a negative foundation.

Why I believe that this movement has been prepared a long time ago...

My friends, I started walking with rabbi Yeshua in 2014. Yeshua warned me in October 2014 that Paris would become a very dangerous place to live in. 
I received visions in advance before the Charlie Hebdo attack. I knew there would be a bloodbath in Paris. A lot of prophecies I received in 2015 will also be published in my upcoming book, 'Heart of a Savior'.

There are evil forces at work in the world at the moment, but especially in Europe. Why does France experience all this, besides extreme temperatures, floods and draught?

Well, in 2014, France started to make more wicked alliances with Mahmoud Abbas and openly took a position against Israel during the Gaza conflict. When you are touching Israel, you are touching HaShem. 
The nations are being judged for their wickedness. Europe finances Palestinian terror and it also reaps the fruit of it. Palestinians are -directly or indirectly- infiltrating it. 

The yellow vests from a political point of view...

 From a political point of view, the situation is very worrying. Macron's policity may be unfair, but there is some deliberate will to destabilize our government and our country. Some Arab journalist stated that Muslim brotherhood had infiltrated the yellow vests movement. The article has been dismissed by many sources as a hoax. Well, i believe that there must be at least one element of truth: some Islamists have probably infiltrated the movement. Do you really think it is a mere coincidence if blatant antisemite and leftist politician Benoît Hamon describes these events as ' Parisian spring' in comparison with what happens in Arabic countries? Honestly, I don't think so. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Arabic countries, by the way, supported the French revolt openly. Ruhani and Erdogan encouraged it!

From a spiritual point of view... 

 Not only does France reap the fruits of its anti Israel policy, it also reaps the fruits of its ungratefulness.

People complain, and complaints are bringing poverty forward. 
If you want to please HaShem, praise Him with a grateful heart. France has been warned in many ways. People just didn't understand that they should abandon their sinful ways and do Teshuva. Now our nation is being severely judged.

Let me finish with a personal anecdote to illustrate the evil forces that are now working in Paris. 

Last Saturday, the situation was worse than on the other Saturdays. Anger was visible and you could hear it. So I took some Hebrew prayer book to focus on something good and I started with 'Modeh ani'  that I put into the feminine form until i reached the prayer of the Tefilin.

At this moment, I heard a voice speaking to me while chaos was spreading outside: 

'Here you have the minions!'

I heard a loud noise outside. As I glanced at the scene, I couldn't believe what I saw: four people, among them three yellow vests and one guy dressed in black were grabbing a pole that they managed to extract. There was a barricade in front of the bank. They took the pole, started hitting the barricade that fell on the floor. Then, with a huge violence I had not seen before, they broke the windows.

5 minutes later the police came, and they fought with the police. Tear gas that entered into my studio was spread outside. The vandals were yelling very loudly.

Ok this phrase that came from Heaven was warning me about something.
I know now that these attacks have been conceived by evil minds a long time ago. The minions are seemingly harmless, but they are not. I hated looking at them since they came out.

Who are they and what is the link with the yellow vests?

The minions are fictional characters that are in search of an evil leader to direct them. They are Satan's minions. 

Look at the way they are dressed and you will understand the symbolism of the colors. The blue represents the working classes, wearing work overalls. The yellow is clear enough. It is the color chosen for the protests.

The poor, working classes are being manipulated into getting involved in a revolt. They think of themselves as 'heroes', 'fighters', revolutionaries'. They think that they are inducing change, actually, they are the puppets of the evil masters who want to bring chaos in order to implement the New World Order.

A population that fears is easy to manipulate. People are wishing for Macron's departure and are signing a blank cheque. 

The extremes may install some real dictatorship.

Also, notice that there is a deliberate will to profane Shabbat. People are not conscious of it, but the choice of the day is no coincidence either.

Get some clues: we are in Messianic times. Do your Teshuva while it is time.

Yeshua is coming soon. Clean your heart before Him NOW. Do not delay. 

Tomorrow may be too late.

© 2018 by Isabelle Esling

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Israel October 2018

Here are a few beautiful memories from my most recent trip to Eretz Israel.

First pic En Gedi...second pic: Dead Sea
third pic; near the Mount of Beatitudes
last pic: Tveriah


© 2018 

Monday, October 29, 2018

You claim to be free, but are you really?

One of the 21st century's great illusions is to make people believe that they are free while some very corporate societies are trying to control mankind's agenda in a very subtle way. 
Very often, it goes completely unnoticed to the middle man's eyes.

People claim to be free, but they also affirm that they 'need' their coffee in the morning. Numerous companies, whose aim is to sell huge amounts of coffee are encouraging these kinds of behavior with massive publicity, whether it is on the internet or on television. Sometimes, they are also releasing books that are praising coffee's benefits for health...are there any? I am not convinced of it and here is why: I myself have been an addict of the brown bean and it caused me numerous health damages. I have replaced it with a much healthy drink that I really love and that is very healthy too: matcha tea.

What did coffee do to me? It kept me awake at night ( yes, this is one of its properties...it keeps you awake), although I only used to drink 2 cups of espresso per day. It caused damage to my wisdom teeth. I was also nervous without a reason. I was also plagued with very painful stomach burns.
Coffee is a drug and it is bad for your health. This is the truth they will hide from you.

People also think that they are free, but they are spending endless hours on TV and on the internet.
I admit that it is sometimes hard to control the time I spend on the internet, having to handle a language business and writing activities.

But this is also the reason why the Creator gave us Shabbat and this is why you should disconnect from your electronic devices from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Shabbat is a liberation from slavery during which you enter into a spiritual universe of resting and rejoicing in HaShem's company.
I have even heard it from the mouth of some believers, that they do panic if they are without their smartphones. Ask yourselves what is more important: time with the Almighty or time on the smartphone?

Finally, one of the worst forms of addiction is what cigarettes are doing to people. 
Not only do smokers make themselves sick, but they are also harming their entourage and the environment.

Should we also mention all these persons who are unable to control their passions of flesh?

We live in a society where men are pushed to become total addicts. 
Also, if you depend on your company, your employer and your behavior is conditioned by some specific social code, would you call that freedom?

I am very fortunate that our Lord made me independent in my way of working. Since Yeshua crossed my way, I truly feel free. He delivered me and he showed me which of my habits I should give up.
May He help me perfect myself daily. May He forgive me my daily addictions and mistakes.

The point of exposing all these destructive conditionings of our contemporary society is to give you food for thought.

What must we do? We must do Teshuva ( repentance) and ask our Lord to help us break free from what is holding us, prisoners. 

On a final note, I'd also like to tell you that Yeshua showed me that I wasn't a slave to Him, but that I should enjoy the friendship with Him. Yeshua calls me 'friend'. In our Messiah, I am fully free. 

© 2018 by Isabelle Esling

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