Monday, September 9, 2019

Heart of a Savior, my 12th paperback is now AVAILABLE!

« Heart of a Savior » may take you by surprise, as it is very rooted in the Hebrew language and culture. To summarize, its teachings are very much Torah-based. But this detail shouldn't puzzle you that much, as the words are inspired from the rabbi of Nazareth, who happens to be the most amazing Torah teacher one could find. Most importantly there is a recurrent message from Yeshua that anybody, regardless of his background, belief and denomination, should take very seriously: Yeshua 's return is imminent. My question to all is: « Are you ready to welcome Him? »

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Heavenly Heights, my 6th travel e-book is now available at amazon kindle

Fly with Isabelle to Eretz Israel and take part in her amazing 6th adventure in the Holy Land.

Each travel is a special grace from Heaven. Reach heavenly heights of joy in the Almighty's presence while acknowledging the author's adventure. Encounter a mystical and mysterious horse in Tsfat. As the story unfolds, you will wander through the extraordinary landscapes of Galilee. 

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

A word of hope for all of us on the second day of Pessach

 Dear readers,

Last Friday I had prepared my Messianic Seder. I was ready to also commemorate Yeshua's Sacrifice by breaking the matsa and drinking a cup of grape juice.
Everything seemed perfect.

 A shadow was hanging over Paris, though, because the authorities had announced that there was a high risk of violence due to the yellow vests riots. I didn't want my Pessach to be spoiled by these fools, so I addressed the Almighty to please spare my area that had already very much suffered from violence and destruction. I also asked people on my Facebook group to pray for me and I am grateful they did.

I was able to spend a very peaceful first day of Pessach, mostly in a park nearby. I also managed to get some good rest at home.
I was able to pray in a rested and peaceful atmosphere.

 The living conditions in Paris are becoming tougher and tougher.

Pessach symbolizes freedom from slavery and freedom from slavery of sin in Yeshua.

When Shabbat ended, while I was in bed, I asked our Lord to open a door for me, as I had crossed over today. I was indeed asking him to let me out of France.

During the night I had a vivid dream, in which I was walking somewhere in southern Israel. The place was filled with stones and the picture here is the closest I found on the internet.

Upon waking up, I recited 'modah ani'. As soon as I finished this prayer, I heard our Lord say, in a very audible voice :'אבן עזר''Even ezer' , 'the stone that helps'.

I saw the words right before my eyes, and I know that our Lord will intervene. He is with me.
I will let him lead. 

I wanted to share this dream and response with you in order to tell you all to always communicate with our Lord.

He is merciful and hears prayers-always. Have faith.

On a side note, let me remind you that the Almighty is faithful from generation to generation to the people who are doing his will.
This is why the Shmoneh esrei prayer never fails to bless the God of Abraham, Itzhak and Yaakov.

All we have to do is to believe. He will do the rest for us.

©  2019 by Isabelle Esling

Monday, April 1, 2019

'Water and Stones', my 5th travel e-book, is now available!

Dear readers,

I recently released my 5th travel book that is related to my fifth trip in Eretz Israel ( October 2018).

It is entitled 'Water and Stones'

Ready to follow me in my venture? Get your copy!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The state of the 8th arrondissement this morning

My friends,

This is how the 8th arrondissement looks like after the yellow vests riots. Please pray for me that Yeshua takes me out of this mess as soon as possible!

Your prayers are very welcome!

The yellow vests set an ATM and a whole building on fire, just a few meters away from my place of residence...

There is a deliberate will to destroy and this Saturday these people were led by the communists (PCF).

France of the past is dead: we are spreading terror

Arab spring in disguise
newspaper kiosk burnt

Paris and the rest of France are on a sinking ship.
Please pray that people come to Teshuva.

Thank you!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The concrete manifestations of the anti-Messiah, as I observed them

I often stumble upon the craziest speculations about the anti-Messiah on social media. Often based on a very simplistic interpretation of translated Bible verses, some people are trying to convince others that a specific leader ( Obama, Macron, the Queen of England, the Pope and many others) is the anti-Messiah. Some of these people also base their interpretation upon the gematria of some names.

Maybe someday some leader will rise as the anti-Messiah. But Yeshua also warns us that many false Messiahs ( please take note of the plural) will appear in Matthew 24:24. Yeshua also points out that their signs will be that great that they could even deceive the elect. 

Well, to be able to deceive the elect, the anti-Messiahs must be subtle and must be able to make people love them. This implies that the anti-Messiahs have to be popular.

However, in our troubled time that precedes the Coming of Yeshua, I could observe some concrete manifestations that proceed from the spirit of the anti-Messiah. Not everybody will be able to notice them, because they are very subtle. 

In one of his videos, rabbi Alon Anava, an orthodox rabbi from Tsfat explains that the process of the Coming of the Messiah is a very long process that has been started since 1935.

Why 1935? 1935 coïncides with the implementing of racial Nuremberg laws in nazi Germany. I will not expand on the subject, but I'd just like to point out that, at the time Hitler was in power, many thought that he was the anti-Messiah. In my opinion, Hitler was one of many anti-Messiah figure.

Let me share with you what I could observe in two different countries: Israel and France.

Please believe me: we are in Messianic end times.

How do I know?

My knowledge is based, at first upon revelations and visions from Yeshua himself, that go back to 2015. I shared them with you in a book entitled 'Heart of a Savior' that is currently in the process of publishing ( I am in negociations with my publisher).

Secondly, since 2015, I have been able to observe a lot of changes in our society. I can tell you that evil spirits are unleashed and at work right now. This is the reason each and everyone should  be careful about their actions and keep very close communion with HaShem at all times.

Tveriah, February 2019

©  2019 by Isabelle Esling  do not take this picture, thanks, I took it during my last trip to Israel.

One of the tactics of the anti-Messiah spirit is to attack the foundations of the Torah. This is a point many people may miss, because they lack knowledge or because they do not practice or understand Torah.

A man who is led by the spirit of the anti-Messiah will always act with much arrogance, in the same way Pharaoh acted with the Hebrews.

In the word  'פרעוה', Pharaoh, you will be able to find the words 'פה רע' , bad mouth.
A man who carries the spirit of the anti-Messiah is filled with pride. Of course he will have a very high opinion of himself and have a big 'God complex'.

The spirit of anti-Messiah in the Galilean town of Tveriah  

In October 2018, on my 5th trip to Israel, I was given a vision in the sky while walking outside on Shabbat. I saw a big fist in the sky. At this time I had no idea what this vision actually meant.

Tveriah was in the process of municipal elections. 

Tveriah has always been my favorite destination.

I love the tranquillity of the small town. I am very fond of the mountains and of the Sea of Galilee nearby.

I never thought that HaShem could be angry against Tveriah.

When I came back in February 2019, I had no idea that things were in the process of changing drastically. 

Since November 2018, Tveriah has a new mayor called Ron Kobi. 

Ron Kobi is the descendant of a Hassid ( his grandfather was well known in Tveriah). Despite the memory of his grandpa, this man hates Hassidim. He publicly declared that Tveriah has too many Hassidim and too many synagogue and that the rate of Hassidim in the holy town should not exceed 22%. 
Ron Kobi systematically attacks Shabbat. He created a bus line that circulates on Shabbat, in a town where Shabbat has always been respected by a majority of people. He made a helicopter land upon Kinneret on Shabbat and I believe this man did it purposedly.
He caused a lot of problems to the Hassidim, also causing some mess while the Karlin community was celebrating an event, acting very arrogantly in order to push non -religious Jews against Hassidim.

Ron Kobi showed his hostility against the Haredim on many other occurences and it would be too long to go into detail. If you are interested in the subject, just visit The Yeshiva World.

To summarize, Tveriah's new mayor is desacrating Shabbat on purpose, organizing parties near Kinneret on Friday evening and Saturday . 
He has allies among non-religious Jews as well. 
He pretends to attack the Hassidim, but in fact he is attacking HaShem's 4th Commandment.

This man is an enemy to HaShem and acts very pridefully.

The spirit of anti-Messiah in Paris, France

 antisemitic graffiti found last Sunday in my quarter

Coincidence? Paris also underwent dramatic changes in November 2018.

It is all part of a very evil agenda. So seemingly coming out of nowhere, the yellow vests movement emerged and was spread via Facebook at mid-November. The first flyer I saw had some very harsh, antisemitic content with a carricature of president Macron.

It is hard to know who exactly is pulling strings in this affair, but, from what I observed, this movement seems to be infiltrated by some Islamic network ( some Algerian journalist pointed it out and was dismissed, but I think this man was absolutely correct).

The methods used are quite similar to the methods used in Gaza ( slings and catapults, fires, crashing and destroying everything).

There is an obvious influence from far right and far left inside of the movement.

This morning, the PCF ( communists) had a meeting and largely influenced the groups of yellow vests with their discourse.

Making the agressor look like a victim: this is another strategy that is common to what happens in Gaza. So why wonder if the PCF oriented its discourse to support ' oppressed people' like the 'poor Palestinians'. If Palestinians are oppressed, then by Hamas! And by the way, what does Gaza have to do with France? Today I found two stickers with anti-Israel slogans and I removed them and smashed them. Some guy shouted at me. I looked into his eyes and kept doing it. I was unafraid because I knew that HaShem was with me and I was filled with the Spirit.

So now let's go straight to the point. What do the events in Paris have in common with Tveriah?
You are entitled to ask that question.

The common point is that the troubles happen on the 7th day: Shabbat.
Shabbat is being disturbed.

Shabbat is a day of rest, a peaceful day when people are supposed to be preoccupied with spiritual matters. These troubles are a subtle way of desacrating Shabbat. Hence, the spirit of the anti-Messiah at work!

These are just two examples. But these examples show that our external world is becoming more and more unstable. We have to ask HaShem to give us force and courage to sustain each day until our deliverance.

Let us walk humbly before the Almighty's face.

And let us pray for our Messiah Yeshua to come fast!


©  2019 by Isabelle Esling

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