Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The "Shema", fundament of Israel's faith, points at Hashem's Unity. This Unity is validated by rabbi Yeshua our Messiah

It makes me smile when people prompt to tell me that Yeshua our Messiah " did away with Judaism because it contains so many "heavy" commandments and that He came to teach the " new doctrine of Christianity." Well if you believe that, you are just fooling yourselves.
You need to re-open your Bible and dig much deeper in your study.

The story reported in the Gospel of Mark , Chapter 12, leaves no space for a wrong interpretation. However, I'd advise anybody to check the Delitzsch Gospels, because the Hebrew language unveils some precisions that could be easily overlooked.

"What is the first of all mitzvoth?", asks the Scribe

" One of the Scholars ( Soferim= Scribes) heard them arguing and drew near to them. He saw that he answered them well, and he asked Him:
"What is the first of all mitzvoth?"

Yeshua answered him:

" Hear o Israel. Hashem is our God. Hashem is One.
Love Hashem with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your knowledge and with all your strength. Now the second similar to it: " Love your fellow as yourself".
There is no greater mitzvah greater than these." ( Mark 12:28-34) Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

Please note that an accurate translation renders "commandment" with the Hebrew word " mitzvah". Another precision comes from the Delitzsch version. The person addressing to Yeshua is a Sofer, a Scribe, and not just any other " specialist of the Law"..."specialist of the Law" is a very vague translation that could be applied to a rabbi or any other Scholar. A Sofer or Scribe has a precise knowledge of the writing of the Torah, that is accurate to the milimeter. From the word "Sofer", you will be able to extract " sefer", book and by extension, Scripture.

The fact that Yeshua points at the Shema is far from being unsignificant. It is also a confirmation of Hashem's Unicity.

The Lord is One. Unfornately, and merely because of the introduction of false doctrines that go back to Nicea, Christianity fails to envision it.

Yes, you heard it well. In NO WAY the New Testament teaches about a "triune God". This is indeed a pagan doctrine introduced by Tertullian in the 4th Century.

Some people would object that the last verses of the Gospel of Mark mention the "Trinity".
The truth is, there is no such thing as "Trinity", because this doctrine isn't biblical-at all and would openly contradict the Tanakh. You ought to know that the Gospels have, unfortunately, been corrupted by some " church fathers" who allowed themselves to remove or add some parts to the text. One example is that Origenes removed the forename "Yeshua" from Bar Abba's name (Barrabas' name).
By doing this, he cancelled very subtle shades of meaning that were appearent within the episode of Yeshua's judgment.
The last verses of Mark also pose problem, in the same way, as they are merely absent from some early versions.

André Chouraqui, an orthodox Jew, former mayor of Jerusalem, who was pretty much an expert- for he translated the whole Bible in French language and replaced Scriptures in a proper context- stated that, when confronted with the Gospel texts, we are in front of a musical partition, whose interpretation keys have been lost.
One main difficulty also lies in the fact that we do possess Greek texts that have been written by Hebrew thinking minds. When the Hebrew original will be found and excavated, a lot of problems will probably be solved.
In the meantime, we need to strive towards an effort to understand the text in their proper cultural context. We also need to realize that Yeshua our Messiah would never deny Israel's foundament of faith.

Shema Israel, foundament of Israel's faith

The Shema Israel is truly a basis of faith. You might not be aware of it, but many Jewish people recite it in life-threatening situations or in case of danger.

You too are invited to open your ear to the Unicity of Hashem.
For some practical reasons, I won't be able to go into details, but here are some insights I received from the Spirit.

A proper reading of the Tanakh will make you understand that Ruach, the Spirit of God is Hashem's breath. Hashem's breath is inherent to Hashem. You cannot dissociate it from Hashem.
In the same way, Yeshua our Messiah and the Father are One. Yeshua has often been described as " Hashem's right arm".  As well as you would be unable to separate your right arm from your own body, you cannot dissociate the Messiah from Hashem.

The Shema is also addressed to the ones who have been , by our Messiah's grace, grafted into the Covenant of Israel.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Beware of pride, says the Lord: a message for each and everyone

A lot of people are preoccupied with finding out who the antechrist may be and when Yeshua will possibly return, yet they are missing out an important point regarding the end times.
One of the most characteristic sign of our endtimes is a consistent increase in pride, especially among people who claim to be believers or followers.
Our Lord has been warning me, during Shabbat, to pen down this article as an urgent warning, to all of you.  I've been speaking with Yeshua and I can ensure you that prideful boasting will close the gates of Heaven to you when He returns.

Pride is of the devil

I usually avoid speaking much of the enemy. However, the aim of this article being to raise conscience of wicked ways that are invading many individuals and communities in our age, it is merely a duty to expose some behaviors that are an abomination to our Lord.

Beware: pride goes before it falls.

Lucifer's downfall came because of the sin of pride-this sin can cause the downfall of many ( even good intentioned) individuals.
Why? Because pride comes clothed in many disguises. Let us just name a few here.

Self-praise and arrogant boasting about deeds

Making yourself appear as " righteous" and boasting constantly about your own good deeds is abhorrent to our Lord.
False modesty will cause you to be discarded! You might find pleasure in it, because many individuals will praise you. The illusion of the sweet music of fellow admirers may soon turn into a hellish uproar. Frequently people are calling themselves " righteous, holy or saint". However this is not right!

The Book of Proverbs clearly states: " Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips" ( Proverbs 27:5)

Calling yourselves holy is sinning. Yes, it is, whatever you may think.

Scripture says: " You shall be holy, for I the Lord am holy" (Leviticus 20:26).

Please note that it is said : you shall be holy, not "you shall call yourself holy"- which means that you are to act in holiness, like your Father in Heaven.
We are all sinners, even when our heart is doing our best to please Hashem. Thus, we should always consider our sinful nature and be clothed with modesty, in front of the Lord and in front of others.

Pointing an accusatory finger at others and judgmental ways

Because we are ALL sinners ( no one is exempt of sin), we are not allowed to judge our neighbor by pointing our finger in an accusatory way (  public bashing in real life, public bashing on social media, gossiping is strictly prohibited). If you doubt it, may I gently remind you of the parable of the speck and the log? 

Rejecting the counsel of the Lord

Rejecting the counsel of the Lord is also pride in disguise. When Yeshua is clearly showing you a direction, just TRUST Him, for He always knows better.

The invaluable teaching from the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector

Delitzsch Gospels Luke 18:9-14

"Once more He took up his parable, directing it to people who trust in themselves that they are righteous, but view others with contempt.

Two men went up to the Temple to pray. One was a Parush ( Pharisee) and the other a tax collector.
The Parush stood by himself and prayed, saying: "I thank you, God, that I am not like the rest of the people-thieves, exploiters and adulterers-and also that I am not like this tax collector. I fast twice a weel, I bring a ma'aser ( a tenth, a portion of a produce or income that is donated), of all I acquire."
But the tax collector stood at a distance and was not willing to lift his eyes towards Heaven. 
He pounded his heart  and said: "God, forgive me! I am the sinner."
I say to you that this one went back down to his house made more righteous than the other because ALL WHO LIFT THEMSELVES UP WILL BE BROUGHT LOW AND WHOEVER LOWERS HIMSELF WILL BE LIFTED UP."

Yeshua's parable is spoken in a very clear manner. It leaves no space for ambiguity. We are meant to walk in humbleness. Should we correct someone, it should be ourselves.

Should we use our judgment, it should be done in order to discern between good and evil.

Should we consider that a brother or a sister is wrong, we should instruct this person in loving kindness and never blame her. And should this person refuse to listen, we should recommend her in our prayers.

Yeshua is showing me my limits; that's daily. I am very much conscious of my sinful nature. May He help me perfect myself. May He help us all! Praised be His wonderful Name!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why I believe that our evangelism should be very distinct from a "missionary" spirit

Before expressing on the subject, I would like to say this prayer.

"Dear Lord, please show us when we should be bold and speak; also refrain us from uttering a word when it is much wiser to stay silent."

Not everybody is ready to approach Yeshua: mind that truth

 Because they have been hurt and wrongfully treated by people who pretended to speak in Yeshua's Name, some people just don't want to hear about Him.
Some others do carry preconceived ideas about how Yeshua should be, how He should behave. They do think that He is some kind of awful tyrant who will deprive them of their freedom and force them into endless prayer reunions...I confess that I used to be one of these persons. For years, I have carried a distorted image of our Lord, and even to the point I didn't even want to hear the word "Lord" and open a Bible.

I could have kept on carrying these misconceptions for years, but Yeshua decided otherwise. He encountered my path and let me see who He is. He is just the contrary of what I have been shown in some assemblies of men. In fact His heart is so very humble and full of compassion that approaching Him will make you weep you like a little baby ( I am not exaggerating anything here.)

So, when should we share and speak about Yeshua?

While I believe that it is important to share our testimony to the world, I am also convinced that we should do it smoothly.
What do I mean by that?

I am a writer; I am currently writing my third testimony of our Lord that will be entitled "Heart of a Savior". I am writing and publishing my books, sharing them with like-minded people, but I don't force anybody to read them or to buy them.
When I step out of my apartment, I am not behaving in a way that deranges people. I don't speak about Yeshua systematically to each person who encounters my path.

I open my mouth when I sense a quest about Yeshua. I recently shared Yeshua with some Jewish friends from my hometown, because they asked me about Him. So I explained them that He revealed Himself to me as Yeshua, Messiah of Israel. To my greatest surprise, they didn't reject my testimony. One of them was even scared. I told her: "Don't be scared; this is actually good news for Israel!"

In the same way, I will speak out with Gentiles who ask me.

But I refuse to IMPOSE Yeshua to people and to make them look ridiculous because of their own beliefs or culture. I refrain from throwing verses at people's heads, because I experienced this in the past and it can be felt as humiliating.

Each time, somebody asks what my beliefs are, I am answering that I am a follower of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. I also specify that to me Yeshua is the fulfilling of the Torah and the Prophets.

Understanding Jewish people's reserve

I heard a lot of hateful statements against orthodox Jews because they don't accept Yeshua.
First of all, if you are a true follower of our Messiah, you should show love to everybody. This is not just an option, it is a true mitzvah from Yeshua.

A great majority of orthodox Jews are reluctant to accept Yeshua for the following reasons:

- they have been suffering for centuries from persecutions, mistreatments and forced conversions from people who pretended to act "in the Lord's Name".
- in Judaism, a conversion is a move from the heart that cannot be forced...actually the notion of " repentance" that is so dear to Christianity comes from Yeshua's is named Teshuva. Doing a Teshuva is returning to Hashem.
Orthodox Jews will not give up Torah for foreign beliefs or to follow foreign gods. What Christianity has shown them is a mixture of syncretism and pagan traditions. Many of them envision Yeshua as a "goy", not as the Messiah of Israel, because they place Him on the same level as Santa Claus and Christmas tree, just to give you a few exemples...
-one of orthodox Jews' biggest fears is to be misled by a false Messiah

However, by the grace of Hashem, I believe that the veil is being lifted. Many people start recognizing in Yeshua their long lost brother.

Respect the person in front of you

Whether you are in front of a Jew or a Gentile, you must understand that ,for many reasons, the person may not want to speak about Yeshua.
Treat everybody as you would like to be treated. This is also a Torah-wise attitude, encouraged by our Messiah.

Yeshua waited 49 years for me to accept him. Who am I to impose Him?

Nevertheless, if you are thirsty about Him, ask Him into your life!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Yeshua raised me as a disciple in the desert ( from "Heart of a Savior")

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!
For your  love is better than wine;
your anointing oils are fragrant;
your  name is oil poured out;
therefore virgins love you.
Draw me after you; let us run.
The king has brought me into his chambers.
Song of the Songs, 1:2-4

Since Yeshua encountered my path, our Lord kept me away from crowds and gatherings. Back in 2015, as He was directing my path into discipleship, our Lord spoke to me and said: “I want to be your sole teacher.”
Yeshua wanted me to experience the desert, alone in His sole company.
The practice of the desert is something that a great majority of people actually fear. Being “ isolated” is usually assimilated with negativity, depression, sadness, illness, radicalization and many other unpleasant things.

In fact, being an hermit of modern times for the Lord is rather the contrary.
Being alone in His company generates love, compassion, joy and true proximity with the Spirit.

Most people find it normal to isolate themselves with their lover, but they will call you “weird” if you want to confine yourself in Yeshua's company.

Isn't Yeshua the lover by excellence? If you doubt it, you have not known Yeshua's blazing heart yet.

In fact, there is much more to the desert experience than you actually might think. Most prophets have been instructed in this place.
Where do you think that your ear can catch the Spirit's voice without any wordly interference?

Yochanan, John the Immerser, Yeshua's cousin preached to the crowds, stating:

Kol koré bamidbar, panu derech Adonai”, A voice is shouting in the wilderness; clear the way of Hashem.”

Some versions translate “koré” by calling, but “ shouting” would be more accurate.
Where can you hear the Spirit of Hashem speak loudly? It is possible in the wilderness.
However, even in the middle of the wilderness, in your chosen loneliness with Yeshua, our Lord will teach you to shut down all the parasite sounds that are likely to disturb you.
As our Lord speaks, we must be willing to shut up, to “ be still and know that He is God”.
How would we be able to catch specific prophetic visions without time set apart with Him? How would we develop intimacy with a friend we are afraid to spend time with?
Yeshua wants to spend some time apart with you.
Yeshua seduced my heart and brought me into the wilderness in His sole company. In this place I learnt to know Him better and to cherish and appreciate Him more. In this very place that scares so many people, Yeshua delivered me some invaluable teachings that my feather is currently sharing with you.
I am grateful for that.
As I let the words of John the Immerser resonate into my soul, Yeshua also showed me that the word “midbar”, desert in Hebrew contained two essential keywords: bar, son in Aramaic and davar, word in Hebrew.

In the middle of the desert we become “sons” ( or daughters) to the Almighty and our souls are widely opened to His Word.
For this wonderful revelation I wholeheartedly thank my Lord and Savior.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

True followers of Yeshua must watch the use of their words very carefully

One of the first things I have learnt on my path to discipleship is to speak less. Yeshua clearly showed me that speaking much was also sinning much, because-even when we are good intentioned- we barely control the words that flow out of our mouths.
We should always take the time to think before we speak.

Eloquent speaker? Yes, but...

"Are the words I am going to use meant to comfort, to heal and to uplift the other person's spirit? Or are they likely to offend or even to hurt deeply?
Am I speaking to exhort, to encourage, to give hope or to help? Or is my babble a mixture of bad and gossips of the neighborhood?

If we truly love Hashem, we should make an effort to weigh our words on the balance.

While influent persons are often hailed for being eloquent speakers, we should rather examine the content of these silver-tongued persons' discourse. Are their words meant to bring good to the world or are these words very judgmental and wicked?

The Torah teaches us that the word, davar in Hebrew is also a thing, and by extent, a creation.
The Hebrew expression אברא כדברא " avra kedavra" that has often been wrongly linked with " magical incantations" means "I create as I speak".

Being aware of this will help you control your speech, especially while being in public.

Death and life are at the power of the tongue

The Book of Proverbs states:

"Death and life are at the power of the tongue; those who love it will eat its fruits." Proverbs 18:21

You are very much responsible of the words you choose; you will also be responsible before Hashem for each word that you utter.

So, what will you choose to speak today? Speak life!

Yeshua advises you to watch your mouth!

" For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned" Matthew 12:37

Your words are either dangerous weapons or healing tools for your neighbor. The same words represent either your justification or your condemnation before our Lord Almighty.
Why? Your words proceed from your heart ( lev in Hebrew is truly the center of your emotions).
Either they come from a good or a bad heart.

Yeshua can read through your heart, so be very careful when you open your mouth. Always ask yourself if it is really necessary to speak.

You will have to respond before Him for vain speeches:

" Yet I say to you that whoever is enraged against his brother baselessly is liable to a court of law, and whoever says to his brother " reka" ( empty in Hebrew) is liable to a Sanhedrin, and whoever calls him a reprobate is made liable of the fire of gehinnom ( hell)." Matthew 5:22

Always act in kindness. This is how you will be recognized as Yeshua's true disciples. Trust His words. 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Like in the Days of Noah ( f'rom "Heart of a Savior")

Like in the days of Noah

But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8

Witnessing society's daily decay, the lack of good manners and respect towards each other and the pride people are taking in evil deeds fills my heart with pain. However the pain I may feel is nothing compared to our Lord's grief about His creation.
Yeshua loves each single soul; yet some of them will be sent to eternal damnation because of their high degree of depravity and disobedience.
After the earth was flooded and the greatest part of the Creation had been destructed, our Lord had sworn that He would not flood the planet once again:

For this to Me is like the water of Noach; as I swore that the waters of Noach would never flood the earth, so I swear that I will not be angry with you or rebuke you.” Isaiah 54:6

However mankind is showing that it is bound to evil and unable to learn from past lessons. Our Father's heart is so big that He sacrificed for all of us His most precious part: Yeshua our Messiah. Yeshua's blood was costly. Yet in our days, how many really care about the Sacrifice of our Redeemer?

The very depths of Hashem's heart are grieving at the sight of a humanity that is losing itself and that is taking pride in sinning.
Hashem would like as many hearts as possible to return to Him. However, He will never interfere in His creatures free will. As a matter of fact, so many prefer the devil's lies and perversions. So many people spit on our Messiah's person out of pure arrogance. Some others proclaim themselves as “ God”.
While communication tools and technology means improve, the veil of blindness and ignorance about God thickens. Individuals are building their faith upon men's authority and despise Hashem's glory.
Distractions are so numerous. People are just caught into their routine, like in the days of Noah. End times are dangerous times and, unless they repent from the bottom of their hearts, people's path will become glittery.

Some people also accuse Yeshua to be late in accomplishing His promises. You fools! Our Lord's intention is to allow more people to repent before it is too late. Yeshua is very kind and very patient.
But at some point He will return in glory, whether people are ready or not, whether they are willing to accept Him or not, because the times will be accomplished.
Hear His warnings will it is still time, because what Yeshua announced, He will surely accomplish.

Restless and caught into the daily routine

And like in the days of Noach, so will the coming of the Son of Man also be. For just as before the days of the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying women and giving women to men, until the day when Noach entered the ark.” Matthew 24:37-38

My child, since the first humans rebelled against Hashem, corrupt generations have always existed. By nature, human beings are drawn to evil thoughts. It is the presence of my Spirit that makes a whole difference. The Spirit of Hashem will guide my children into the path of righteousness and help them to stay away from sinful ways.
These days resemble the days of Noah very much: a great majority of people are evil doers. They seem to even have lost the notion of good.
In addition to all, they despise my authority. They are restless and caught into a daily routine that mixes evil and rebellion against the Almighty. They are the devil's slaves. Many of them will be mocking you for warning them about my Second Coming that will wash them away from the face of the earth.

Mayim”, the waters that are a symbol of rebirth and renewal will be an instrument of punishment directed at them. In the same way, they turned the rainbow into something perverse, I will turn the waters against them to eradicate them shameless sinners from the face of the earth.
Do you know why Noah made a difference in his corrupt generation?
Hebrew learners would understand that the name Noah also contains the root of the verb “nuach” which means “to rest” in Hebrew.
Noah accepted to rest in Me within a restless generation that was caught into a very superficial daily routine. This generation totally despised Heavenly things. You know, insights from the Spirit are granted to the ones who accept to pause all activities in order to listen to my voice.
You know that Noah found grace in my eyes, because he obeyed to all of my commands. Read backwards his name contains the Hebrew word “ chen”, grace.

My true children are the ones who obey my command. Obedience will always open you the gates to Heaven.”

Thank you, my rabbi, for your invaluable teachings. As I am typing your warnings, I do realize how close your second Coming is.
People need to understand that a lot of prophecies are now coming to pass. I would like to urge everybody to come back to you Yeshua before it is too late.
Dark times are ahead.”

If people really knew what is coming to them, they would be keen on doing their Teshuva ( repenting). However, the devil keeps fooling them with unimportant things. Too many individuals ignore my warnings. Some souls will be saved in last minute, though.
Keep warning the world. Whoever has ears will listen to the message from Heaven.”

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Last Days' warnings ( from "Heart of a Savior")

The last days. A few recommendations from our Lord

A voice is calling in the wilderness, “Clear the way of Hashem; make His highways straight.” Matthew 3:3

It is said that in the days of Noach, God repented to have created man, because man had become evil. Hashem was grieved in His heart because of man's constant evil thoughts. Today mankind has surpassed the degree of malign thoughts that existed back in these days. However Noach found grace in our Lord's eyes and he and his family were saved from His wrath.
God swore that He would never destroy man in that way again. However, all of you who believe in Yeshua our Messiah must pay attention to the fact that you must now straighten your path. Many of you are in great danger to lose your faith if you are not deeply rooted in our Messiah.
Many of you should examine your actions carefully and make sure that you are always acting in loving kindness, for you will be judged in the same way you are judging others. Treat everybody in love.
Many of you should make sure that they are not distracted by external, worldly details, for the “floods” will surely take them far away from our Messiah's heart.

Have I not spoken through parables?
Have my words not been clear enough about loving kindness towards your neighbor?
I can see many people's sinful pride rise to tremendous proportions.
I have sent warnings to the unbelievers and to the doubters of my words. It is high time to address to the “ pretenders of righteousness” one more time.
I am calling you snakes to repentance before it is too late. The times of my return are approaching.
Some of you should really worry now about getting their path straight, for many people who claim to be “ saints” will be discarded on the very Day of my return.

Didn't I teach that one recognizes the tree after its fruit? Didn't I state that one would recognize my disciples by the love they have for each other?
Yet you are bearing rotten fruit and you are full of judgment and iniquities.

Beware the following points, all of you who claim to be mine and are hurting your brothers and sisters:

-What you believe doesn't matter. The hardness of your heart will discard you automatically.
-The verses you are learning by heart in order to hurt others with your venom will backfire against you. If you don't apply verses with your heart, you are preparing your own damnation.
-Pretending to be “righteous” is just another way of fooling yourself if you don't practice righteousness and kindness of heart. You will have no part with me.

All of you artisans of evil who are boasting arrogantly need to repent. Do it while it is time. Pretending to be my disciples will not prevent you from my wrath.
Many of you will end up weeping bitterly.
A lot of you are living in depravity like in the days of Noach. Many of you do not fear me. You are caught into your daily evil-doing.
See, you are vapor before me. You seem to forget that I will decide over the destiny of your soul. Yet you are placing politicians, judges and the police before my very authority. You are blaspheming against my throne openly and you are not even ashamed of it!
You keep accusing others as if you were flawless. You omit the fact that I am Lord.
Didn't I ask you to walk humbly before my Face?”

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Friday, November 4, 2016

The parable of the speck and log: a teaching of humility

"A disciple is not elevated above his rav. It is sufficient for the disciple to be like his rav.
Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but the log in your eye you do not notice?How do you say to your brother, " My brother,permit me, and I will remove the speck that is in your eye", but you do not see the log that is in your eye.Hypocrite! First remove the log from your eye, and afterward you will surely see to remove the speck that is in your brother's eye."
Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, Luke Chapter 6, verses 40-42

Yeshua begins by making a very important statement: "A disciple is not elevated above his rav."

It is a true call to always remain very humble at heart when we consider that the King of the Kings chose to serve as the Suffering Servant. He was the greatest of all and became the last.
This implies that we should by any means do our best to imitate our rabbi.

Therefore we should be very cautious in our way to look at others. We must avoid being judgmental, because we are far from perfection. Instead of listing other people's sins, we should be eager to correct our own ways.

May I gently remind you that the second most important commandment is to love our neighbor?

Blaming, pointing an accusatory finger at a brother or a sister's sins is not an act of love.

You are not supposed to do that. On the contrary, you are supposed to show loving kindness to a person who is in a situation of weakness and exhort her-or leave her alone, so that she can settle herself with Hashem.

If you are unable to help this person, prayer is always an efficient tool.
Hashem listens to the prayers and supplications of the righteous.

Slating is becoming an accomplice of the devil. Who is the accuser, but Satan?

Yeshua's goal is always to repair the broken and restoration of the soul.

Shouldn't you, if you claim to be a disciple of His, be so eager to show mercy to your brothers and sisters in the same way?

I will reiterate it, no matter if people like it or not: hatred is of the devil. If you slate or blame your brother or sister, you are acknowledging that the devil is your father.
Whoever had a true encounter with Yeshua, has our Savior's loving heart.

-" But Paul said that I must judge!"
-"Really? Paul?  I don't care what Paul says, to tell you the truth! This might shock you a lot, but let me give you some food for thought: who suffered and died for you on the Cross? Who redeemed yous soul?  Tell me, WHO do you think you should be obedient to? Whose words matter over anybody else's words?"

Yeshua forbids you to judge unless you are perfect.

Are you perfect? No, you are a sinner and you deserve a death sentence from Hashem, like all of us! You are saved by Yeshua's grace only!

So to all of you who are keen on judging others on public forums to make yourselves look important, make sure that you are perfect when Yeshua returns, because He will use the same measure that you are using to judge others! He said it. Are you deaf and blind?

It is never to late to do your Teshuva. Return to Him while it is time.

"O gladness of the compassionate, 
             For they will be shown compassion" 

Matthew 5:17

Tell me, my friends, how can you expect mercy from Hashem if you don't show mercy yourself in your actions?

For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned." Matthew 12:37

It is obvious that we should either use our words to heal or simply remain silent.

Our judgment is to discern between good and wrong, and to show the good example.
By truly walking on the path of our Messiah, we can bring others to Teshuva rather than blaming and accusing others. You may not be aware of it, but your own words will judge you before the King of Righteousness, Yeshua our role model, our rabbi.

A disciple is not elevated above his rav. It is sufficient for the disciple to be like his rav."


May these words penetrate into you and touch you deeply. I'd like to advise you to also meditate on the parable of the unmerciful servant as an additional reflection.
Be merciful as our Father in Heaven is merciful!

I do pray that the Spirit of God brings many judgmental people to true Teshuva.
May you all follow Yeshua's path of loving kindness. In Yeshua's Name I pray, Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Messiah is in favor of Torah

If you have been told that Yeshua wanted to abolish the Torah and replace Israel with the Gentiles, you have been lied to. Centuries of Scripture mistranslations and distortions have encouraged " replacement theology" and antisemitic views of the Gospels.

Yeshua is very much pro-Torah

The very truth is that our Messiah Yeshua has a deep love for Israel and is deeply rooted into Torah.
Whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, Yeshua will bring you to Torah through His invaluable teachings.
Thanks to Yeshua, you will learn how to apply Torah with your heart.

The testimony of many orthodox Jews who came to faith in Yeshua our Messiah is that Yeshua our Messiah made them even more Jewish!

How could it be any different? Yeshua is the King of the Jews, the Anointed, and His teachings are all about Torah, there is nothing to argue about that.

Dishonest people would base their arguments on translated versions of the Bible. Let me tell you: your arguments are INVALID. You need to read the Bible into CONTEXT, otherwise you are just fooling yourself.

What your priest, pastor, rabbi or whoever else says is not necessarily a reflection of the truth!
Yeshua is truth, His words are reliable and truthful and if you want to walk in truth, you MUST understand what our rabbi meant! This is not an option, this is MANDATORY.

The Torah, book of signs and wonders

Why am I making this statement?
The Hebrew word for "letter"is אוֹת- which is translated by " sign or miracle".
So each Hebrew letter in itself is a sign of wonders.

If this wonderful Book of Truth is a book of sign and wonders, why would Yeshua our Messiah abolish it? Never has it been His intent! 

Yeshua has been misquoted!

Luke, Chapter 16, verses 16 and 17 read in context ( Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels)

"The Torah and the Prophets were given until Yochanan.
From that time on, the good news of the Kingdom was given.
Everyone will enter with a strong hand.
But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one thorn (kotz in Hebrew, i.e a small stroke, part of a Hebrew letter) to fall away from the Torah"

התורה והנביאים נתנוּ עד־יחנן וּמן־אז והלאה בשׂרת מלכוּת האלֹהים וכל־אישׁ ביד חזקה יבוא בה׃ אבל נקל לשׁמים ולארץ לעבר מאשׁר  יפל קוץ אחד ממן־התורה

Our Lord clearly points out, that although the Torah and the Prophets were given prior Yochanan the Immerser ( John the Baptist), and despite the revolution of the Kingdom of Heaven induced by Him, not even a single stroke would fall away from the Torah!

Why are there still people speaking about the " burden of Torah"? You all need to recover from your blindness! May Yeshua open your eyes about the true meaning of His very rabbinic words!

Still not convinced? Let us go a little bit deeper into our Messiah's words.

The kotz of the yod

Yod is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 
What Yeshua actually states is that not even a "kotz" of a yod will fall away from the Torah.

Where is the kotz in the yod?

The following picture will give you a more precise idea.

The kotz is comprised in the inferior part of the smallest letter ( see picture).
We are speaking of a microcosm here! 
Our Messiah is telling us that the Torah is a sure value, strongly bound together and that it is here to stay forever.

It is up to you to accept or reject Yeshua's words.

May Yeshua bless all of you who are reading this article and develop in you a will to walk in Truth.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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