Sunday, March 6, 2016

Visibility of the Shekinah, cloud of glory (from "Heart of a Savior")

“Then the glory of the Lord rose from above the cherubim and moved to the threshold of the temple. The cloud filled the temple, and the court was full of the radiance of the glory of the Lord”
Ezekiel 10:4

Dear readers, I have no idea how these words came together within two days...all i know is that Yeshua directed my feather. We spoke about the Shekinah, landscapes of Galilee, discipleship and Holy Spirit and here I am sharing our conversation with you. May you be blessed in abundance:)

“My sweet child, there is much more to experience for the committed heart than most people actually think. Most humans reduce me to their limited dimension, because they really fear approaching me.
I told you that I appeared to you as a simple man, because I perfectly knew that you were able to bear this vision.
Child, you must know that discipleship is a gradual learning process. As you will advance with me, your sight will be opened to much more.
All I require from you is a total trust.
I came close to you because your heart I can read like a transparent river.
You do possess attributes that are needed to be a committed disciple. You are not even conscious of some of them.

Our friendship is meant to grow and I will show you much more.
I’ll invite you to the desert and I’ll wrap you into the light of my Glory.
Seeing more of me will allow you to use more compassion towards individuals.”

“Will I be able to take it, my Yeshua?”

“Child, you will be prepared. The first step is to feel comfortable in the desert. When I am speaking of the desert, I mean, of course, a chosen loneliness with me. Not anybody is able to receive this teaching, because the great majority will reject the state of loneliness in dismay.

However, let me remind you of the words of Isaiah 41:10

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Not everybody is meant to experience this with me; not everybody has the strength to become detached.
My voice becomes audible in a perfect silence; this silence must emanate from both, the inside and the outside. One individual must be willing to listen.
Why do you think that the Shema is Israel’s main statement of faith? Listening, without speaking. Hearing the words that I am pouring abundantly from my heart into your heart, so they can flow like a river of life are the foundations to a strengthened faith.

I don’t blame people, though. The contemporary world leaves less space for introspection. The enemy uses technology to get people out of reality.
I had to intervene for you from the cyber space you were living in. You know it is true, my daughter. I used the internet to reach out to you.
Your Lord is able to overcome any man-made barrier. Trust me, child, for you are meant to be taken to higher realms.

I want you to know me, Yeshua, as a person.
Tell people to seek me more and to retire from dogmas and theories.
Tell them to amend their hearts and to cry out to me.
Have I ever refused to respond to anybody who was seeking me earnestly?
To the mocker I will give an ironic response.
You will find some sarcastic and corrupt souls on your way. Just ignore them and go to the thirsty ones to testify about me.”

“I will retire to the depths of my quiet soul and listen to your voice, my sweet Lord. I will open up more to your presence. Take me where I am meant to be, oh my pure heart…”

“Now let me reveal you something, child. Man was conceived to live out a wonderful romance with the Creator. Each of you, each single human being’s life purpose is to ascend the high dimensions of my love before they love a partner or a friend.
So many people react by fear when confronted with the depths of my love, because they suddenly glance at something that surpasses their understanding completely. This is how so many will run to other men rather than staying in my presence. I know, child, what you are thinking. I know you think that my presence is really the best they could ever get and you are right about it.
But put yourself in their skin: I represent the part of unknown they are scared about and the mirror that will expose their awful sins. They do fear my judgment. They are less scared to wear a mask in front of their fellows.

You will find so many people who pretend to love me, but who would die if I touched their shoulder like I touched yours, so many times. They will speak good about me, they’ll quote Scriptures, for sure they will, but in total avoidance of my person.
You wanted to approach me and I let you approach me, my daughter, because you identified the human part in me. You too would have run away from the very divine manifestation of my being.
Therefore, I am preparing you to be able to face what you’ll see.

The purity in divine love is sharp as a sword and if you walk towards it unprepared it can tear you to pieces.
Man must be willing to undergo the process of purification, even after being saved. One must learn how to ascend the mountain. This is what you are being shown, very slowly, so you’ll be able to access the greatness of my dimension.
Child, I increased your love for me. How do you feel about it?”

“Oh Lord my love, I feel like being on a cloud. I am bathed in your light. How could I describe the proximity with you that I am experiencing?
Your hands are holding me from the inside, and your presence is like a soft breeze into my soul. I am ascending to unknown heights.’

“You are being allowed into a higher sphere because now you trust me more. As your trust will be growing, your knowledge will grow accordingly.”

“Lord, my sight opens up to the dark mountains and the yellow meadows of Galilee. I glance at this landscape that evokes freedom in my mind. I am breathing you in and out in this wonderful space that I am embracing with my soul. Your visions are reconnecting me with nature, my beloved.”

“Child, I am transporting you where you belong. These places where you are taken to in Spirit are very real, as you probably noticed it.

Come and walk with me. As you advance on this path of raw nature, there are just the two of us. Now let your heart speak, child…”

“I raise my hands up to the sky, Adonai, my love, take me to the mountain.”

“I knew you’d chose your Lord’s highest heights. I’ll take you there. Be patient. When all barriers of fear will have fallen, you’ll ascend much higher.
The Holy Spirit will envelop you and you’ll taste the freshness of the morning dew. Child, we are One, don’t you know?
You are still acting as if we were separated. I, the Source of all life, do live within you. Cherished are you, my beloved child, and blessed. I’ll explained it to you, so many times, but you need to get more acquainted with the works of the Holy Spirit. Child, you are saved, and since you are saved, I am not external to you anymore. Call me from within. Your body is the place of residence of the Holy Spirit, my daughter. As long as your heart is close to mine and you are keeping my Command, you will sense a strong presence of the Spirit at all times.
There is so much more for you to experience on your path to true discipleship. Oh child, wait until you perceive more. Your soul will stand in awe.
You are ascending, but your ascent needs to be slow and measured, in accordance with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

My daughter, you will come much closer to me. Therefore, you need to immerse yourself into the depth of silence-a silence most people are unable to take. Your inner being needs to leave place to the Holy Spirit, so your sight will be opened little by little. Thirsty you are, come drink freely and abundantly-then speak and share what you’ve seen and received.
Hearts will be changed and touched if you proceed after my instructions.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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