Monday, March 28, 2016

Plight of a Savior's beautiful heart (from "Heart of a Savior")

Dear readers,

I received these words from our Lord yesterday morning. It took me time to even digest them. I felt sick and sad during the whole day. Our Lord has been carrying much more than many actually think.
But soon the truth is going to be restored completely and nobody is going to stop the dynamic of His Gospel.

Praise to our Messiah Yeshua. Amen.

"I am going to unveil unpleasant details for people to open their eyes. Man's downfall opened doors to the devil who took control of the earth. Most men (in the large sense) are likely, Jews and Gentiles confounded, to fall for idolatry. Contrary to a common opinion, Torah does not protect you from becoming an idolater. Look at the numerous Jews who are placing tradition of man before the Commandments of the Father. Also pay attention to the people who are calling them “followers” and who are falling for Christianity's pagan traditions, wrongly thinking that they are giving me a cult...
Child, the Baals and Ishtar are not only facts of the past reported by the Tanakh (Old Testament). They are disguised in your contemporary world in a more subtle way.

You know, the devil's biggest trick was the identity theft of the Messiah. By changing my real Name, Yeshua, that contained the actual meaning of Salvation and turning it into “Jesus”, he would change it into something weaker and meaningless. It is not, as many people would object, a problem of replacing a yod by a “J”. The truth is that Satan had conceived a much more wicked plan that would lead the masses into true blindness.
Jesus” would be mixed up with “Christmas trees” (something that our Father abhors) and “Santa Claus”. The acronym for Santa is no other than Satan.
Easter would refer to pagan goddess Ishtar in a hidden way and the Resurrection of the Messiah would be linked with “Easter eggs” instead of referring to Passover. All Jewish feasts would be replaced with transvestite feasts serving idols.

Satan wanted Jews to be denied Salvation. So he made my Jews believe that I was pagan, and it made sense to them-for Centuries.
Now some Messianic fanatics have once told you that I would ignore requests from people calling me “Jesus”. You know by experience that this is totally untrue. You used to call me by my Greek Name until I told you to call me Yeshua. A lot of people in the world do not know my original Name. I have compassion for anybody who calls upon me.
My precious child, observe the pain I have been carrying for Centuries.
Behold, nobody is going to stop the dynamic of the Gospel revolution, especially in Israel. The enemy's days are counted.
I'd like to tell people to stop being attached to their denomination; have your hearts rooted in me.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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