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Isaiah 52 describes the disfigured Face of the Shroud (guided meditation)

Most of us would probably not have been able to bear the vision of Yeshua's Face when He was descended from the Cross. The prophet Isaiah states that "His apparence was so marred beyond human semblance, and his form that of the children of mankind" (Isaiah 52:14).
Isaiah's depiction is a rather scary, but a realistic one.
You might ask me: how do I know?
I know, because Yeshua showed me, through the Face of the Shroud, quantities of details.
My first encounter with Yeshua started with a beautiful Shroud painting and this was probably the most efficient way for Him to reach me given  the situation I was facing, back in 2014.

Contemplating this beautiful work of art, I worked out a lot of personal pain.
I faced courage and started speaking to Yeshua about all that oppressed me. It led me to repentance and our Savior let me know how much He cared.
He erased my pain within a few hours and the following day, let me experience His presence very concretely. My true encounter with Yeshua I summarized in An Encounter with Yeshua.

The wonderful experience I had on the days of my Salvation made me curious to explore the Shroud even more and I will share a few insights i received with all of you.

The disfigured Face of Yeshua: the humbled Servant will be elevated

The verse that precedes the description of our Messiah's disfigured Face affirms that Yeshua will be high, lifted up and greatly exalted.
"Behold, my Servant will prosper, He will be high and lifted up and greatly exalted (Isaiah 52:13)

Before being high, Yeshua had to accept to be humbled down to a dimension that I'd qualify of "extreme". Who would willingly accept to suffer and be humiliated this way? Only a pure heart like Yeshua really would accept to suffer so much for OUR offenses. Nobody else would do this, not even the best individual.

No matter if people rate them as "beautiful" or ugly"( which are very subjective standards anyway),our faces are the true imprint of our identity.
Disfiguring a human being is a way of denying his identity and his humanity.
The Gospels depict the scene of Yeshua's humiliation with quantities of details. (Matthew 26:67; Mark 14:65; Mark 15:19; Luke 22:63)
Yeshua was savagely spit in His Face, repeatedly beaten upon His head. He was punched in the eyes. 
In short, all He underwent was physical and moral abuse.
Our Lord showed me that the loneliness during these moments were very heavy to carry.

Torture and punishment are always hard. But one must take the time to reflect that Yeshua was sinless and completely innocent

Yeshua willingly accepted this huge punishment out of love for us all, even for the ones who are still hating Him and mocking Him daily.

This is a love so BIG man cannot comprehend.

The Cross is were we belong. Do you realize it?
Without Yeshua's sacrifical love, you'd perish and experience eternal separation from our Father.
Take a minute to thank Him.

If you haven't done it yet, repent of your sins and invite Yeshua in your life.

Whatever you are facing, Yeshua has been there and He is willing to help you. 

The Face of the Shroud confirms Isaiah's prophecy and the Gospel's reports

I have spent much time contemplating the Face of the Shroud. Our Lord blessed me with beautiful insights and revelations. Stephen E. Jones gives us some very accurate details about Yeshua's wounds in his Shroud of Turin dedicated blog.

I am convinced our Father left us the Shroud as a testimony of Yeshua's suffering, death and resurrection. I can speak confidently about it and here is the story behind it.

Some orthodox Jew once slated me because I expressed my faith in Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel.
This man was pretending that Yeshua was a pure fabrication. He also mocked me and said to me that I was " a lost soul denying Hashem our Father". Ironically this man in need of Salvation was deying the very source of Salvation...

Of course, I forgave him but his harsh words caused me some intense pain, because I thought of Yeshua's suffering for all mankind. I started crying and our Father immediately spoke to me some very consoling words: "My daughter, I would never let them erase my Son's memory from the face of the earth..."

Hearing these words from Heaven, I immediately thought of the Shroud.

I wiped away my tears and thanked our Father.

It is hard to see the intensity of Yeshua's pain with the naked eye, but here is how you can proceed if you are willing to discover more...

Make sure you will not be bothered.
Take a few minutes during which you will stay out of distractions and completely silent.
Ask our Lord to reveal you more about His pain and start contemplating His Face.

Yeshua our Lord showed me that the crown of thorns inflicted Him huge physical and moral pain. He talked to me about His persecutors and how He forgave the ones punching Him in the eyes.
All the pain that He allowed me to see carries a huge dimension of healing.

Let Yeshua guide you as you contemplace His holy Face. May He bless you all who took the time to read this article.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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