Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Creator's Song (from "Heart of a Savior")

My child, I want your ear to be attentive to the love song your Creator has composed for you in subtle notes.

Now let my Spirit transport you near the Sea of Galilee. The sun is rising and you are sitting barefoot in the grass. You are now tasting the freshness of the air and drops from the morning dew are falling on your face. As you look up to the sky, the clouds are mixing with a pink background that is becoming lighter and lighter.
The birds are uttering their first notes of praise. The earth is exhaling scents of flowers and quantities of subtle perfumes.
Your back is leaning on a tree. You are filled with my infinite Shalom.
There is a slight wind passing through the branches of the trees. The soft whisper your ear is catching envelops your body into a warm breathing that gradually decrypts itself as a declaration of love to your heart.

Your hair is floating softly. Your heart starts singing. Words of love, words of adoration, high praise to your Creator spread out of your lips.

As you keep on singing, the partition changes. The warm breath of the wind undergoes a metamorphosis. Soft harp sounds accompany you.

As you keep on singing, the song gets louder and stronger.
Your eyes open to the sight of a brand new day.

As you keep on singing, multitudes of voices are joining you. Coming from all sides, the voices are lifting your heart.
You are closing your eyes. When you open them again, you realize that you are not alone. The Heavens opened up today. Angels are singing with you.

You are in awe. A deep feeling of joy and harmony arises into your heart.
As you are placing your hand onto your heart, someone is softly touching it. As you glance back, you notice that the One you love was holding you since the beginning and chanting along with you with the participation of the whole creation.

You just witnessed the birthing of a brand new day near Kinneret. I am taking your hand. My daughter, I am inviting you to new adventures.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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