Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yeshua’s Mom

The Holy Spirit took me to the Cross again. I could envision Yeshuas Mom. Her pain was impossible to describe. It was like somebody had torn off her heart. Her beloved Son was dying.
I wept in my precious Lord’s arms, admiring the wonderful lady who had accepted to fulfil the Fathers plan and to give us her beloved Son, for our redemption.

From the beginning, she knew that a sword would pierce her soul. Yet she accepted in a heartfelt and sacrificial act of love.

“My dear child, there was nobody like my precious Mom. She was abiding the Laws of my Father.
She taught me, she reminded me of my Heritage. She had a golden heart and she now stays with me in Heaven where I cherish her.
However, I would like to state that people have sinned when making her a female goddess. In no way people are authorized to make her a cult.  The Creator alone must be adored, you know it.
I will destroy the statues and so called “holy images” and my statues as well. I don t tolerate pagan cults. I am very angry about this. I am coming with the Sword of Truth against them.
On the other hand, some arrogant so called Yeshua followers dare to speak in a disrespectful way about the lady who carried me in her womb. I will not permit this. They will get chastisement for their behavior. What do they think? If Miriam was chosen to give birth to somebody pure, wouldn’t she be pure and close to holiness? My Mom has been chosen among all other Jewish ladies, because my Father knew her obedient heart. She has been an obedient servant of the Father all her life. She deserves utmost respect.
People mocking the Holy Spirit will know eternal death. You know it.”

“I know, my precious Lord. Blessed be your Name and blessed be your admirable Mom.”

“Some arrogant people also think they can talk against my burial Shroud. See, this is my imprint, my real Face, not made by human hands. This is the real me. This is the reason why it made you cry when you contemplated it. It is the powerful testimony of my Resurrection for mankind.”
“In your Shroud, my dear Lord, your pure and beautiful soul is reflected.”

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The crowd of unbelievers

At night while I was sleeping, the Lord placed me in front of a huge crowd of unbelievers. Among them, I also recognized some family members.
I was standing in front of them.  I was dressed in a white robe.
The crowd was making fun of my faith in Yeshua. Nobody seemed to believe that Yeshua was real.

All of a sudden, somebody said: “You have Yeshua, so He can make you fly, right now!”

The person started laughing out loud. Some other persons joined him in mockeries.

I remained silent, but I asked Yeshua for help.

All of a sudden, to the crowds’ amazement, two huge, white wings appeared on both sides of my body. I felt that Yeshua was taking both of my hands and my feet left the ground. I ascended a few meters in front of the flabbergasted crowd.
As I woke up, Yeshua was waiting for me. Our precious Lord told me: “You still have no idea which power you are walking with, my dear child. Realize WHO is with you. I will never let you down, my dear child.”
The Lords presence was very strong and I started praising His Name, in total awe for the beautiful vision He had given me.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Suffering Messiah and wounds of Jewish people

“My dear child, yesterday we were talking about my wounds. In the same way, you ought to know that my people have been wounded. Nations have tried to destroy them over the centuries. Some Jewish people hold me for accountable for their wounds, because of churches’ wrongdoings. For centuries, a distorted image of the Messiah has been displayed. They raped me of my real I.D. Theoretically many people accept that I was born Jewish. Practically, they have no idea of what it really means. When they start becoming conscious of it, many Gentiles reject my Jewish identity. Even the Name Yeshua bothers a lot of them. Even when they accept that I was born and lived as a Jewish man, my link with Israel is always deranging.
See the irony of it: they are bowing before the King of the Jews and they openly despise my people.
Some scholars replaced-whether it was intentionally or not- the word “rabbi” by “teacher”. Of course, a rabbi is a teacher, but what is he teaching, but the Law?
I am also deranging to my Jews, because they have difficulties seeing a Suffering Messiah. In their minds, somebody who has been condemned to crucifixion cannot deliver their nation.
The world expects glorious people to incarnate glorious positions. Our Father only elevates those who humble themselves down. There is no glory without humility.
If you want men’s glory, you will not see the Fathers’ glory.
All of you my followers flee from religious conformism and rituals. Close your room and pray in secret, as I told you. “

“Yeshua, a lot of people are confused about you, the real you…If they did more efforts to approach you instead of letting an assembly or a leader decide for them who you are, their sight could be enlightened…”

“My precious child, so many individuals find comfort in centuries of false teachings or traditions. There are many who feel reassured with their rituals and collective thinking. Sadly, this won’t bring them an accurate knowledge of their Savior-neither will it save them. A lot of souls are getting lost this way. You know me and you also know from me that I want closeness with my children. Some of them decide to turn their backs on me. You know, anybody who is not of the Truth finds me very deranging.
Regarding my Jews, it is hard to heal a wounded heart. But I will bring restoration to Israel. I have seen their pain and bondage. I am coming soon.
Jews and Gentiles, prepare you. Your King is coming in Glory in the same place He departed from.”

“Yeshua when you are talking about you return, I feel some excitement in my heart. Come soon, we all need you.”

“Child, the times are closer than most people think. Have faith. What I promised, I will accomplish.”

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A few prayers

Praise Yeshua, proclaim His Salvation!

Dear readers,

This is not out of my upcoming book, but our Lord pushed me to publish these two prayers.
These are prayer requests to all true followers.

Please pray for the Salvation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

Please pray for the Christians who are persecuted in the Eastern Country. Most of them are getting killed for their faith in Yeshua.

For Israel 

Dear Lord,

Perfect peace will come to Jerusalem when your people will proclaim "Barukh ha ba beShem Adonai". A lot of people are awakening now to your presence in Israel. Please remove the veil completely, so your folks will understand that you are their long lost brother, in the same way Yosef s brothers recognized him in Egypt.
When Jews and Gentiles will be reunited under One New Man, your Shalom will spread to Jerusalem and all Israel.

This is your promise and I firmly believe that a great revival will happen in the Holy Land.
I do pray for the Salvation of Israel.

Come soon, dear Lord Yeshua, so our peace will be complete.


Gospel of John in Hebrew audio file

For the persecuted Eastern Christians

Dear Lord, please have mercy for all your followers in Eastern countries who are experiencing persecution, torture and slaughter for their faith.

Please move people s hearts to pray for their immense suffering.

Have mercy for the persecuted and the persecutors.

Also help us all to stay firm in our faith in front of persecution until you return.


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Monday, May 18, 2015

They preferred traditions of men

The Lord says: "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” Isaiah 29:13

I had a conversation this morning with our Lord about the weight of traditions. This is the message He gave me for all His children who seem to place traditions of men before the Creator:

“A lot of people, Jews and Gentiles, both of them do prefer traditions of men to the truth.
My Jews, you are speaking of 20 Centuries of traditions that prevail over the revelation of the Name of your Messiah? How blinded are you? Don’t you know that you are hailing man-made rules instead of honoring your Creator?  You admit preferring a highway to hell to a perfect path to Heaven? How foolish are you?
And you, people of Christian churches who are ignoring my words intentionally and who revere man-made rules and traditions? You need to stop putting humans on a pedestal. You need to be humble and serve your Lord instead of arguing about unnecessary rules! You need to stop gossiping as well. Serve me with a single-hearted spirit.
Should I remind you again: WHO is your Lord?
You all need to put me first and everything else will fall into place. Stop saying: “God said” when you refer to human speech. My words are carefully recorded. You must abide them before you honor men’s speech.
A lot of you are so much confused in their practice: give up your vain rituals, your traditions and give me your heart instead. Only dedicated hearts will be justified.”

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting closer to the Passion

I watched many movies about Yeshua in the past; I found them more or less well done. None of them really touched me. I used to watch them like I would watch any ordinary story.
Yesterday I stumbled upon The Passion of the Christ and I wasn’t so sure about watching this movie, as most movies about Yeshua had rather been deceitful to me. In fact, I do realize that playing Yeshua is a quite demanding task for any actor. In order to be convincing, you must become Him, which is far from being easy.
It seemed that Yeshua was pushing me to watch it yesterday. After all, I needed to stop running away from looking at Yeshua on the Cross. So I faced more courage and started watching the movie.
To my greatest surprise, the film was mostly in Aramaic language and in Latin. There were subtitles in the version I was watching. It raised my interest. I didn’t expect to understand much in the original language, yet the sentences Yeshua said were quite close to Hebrew and I still had some reminiscences of Latin language. The first scene started at Gethsemane where our Lord was confronted with fear and anguish.
Unlike other movies on the same subject, the amount of physical violence is very high. Scenes of cruelty will tear your heart apart. Members of the Sanhedrin appear as heartless and determined to get Yeshua killed. While Herod looks like a dumb narcissist expecting some kind of miracle, Pilate is depicted as more human.  We can observe lots of bestial behaviors among Roman soldiers who seem to enjoy violence to the highest degree.
As I kept watching, tears were running from my cheeks, because the very price of our Salvation was in front of my eyes. My soul was being cleansed like never before. I came closer to my Savior, who was holding me tightly while I was going through the painful steps of His Passion.
There is one scene in particular that touched my heart deeply. As Miriam, Yeshua’s Mom was trying to come to her son with the help of Yohanan, she saw Yeshua falling down, because He was in intense pain and the cross was too heavy to carry. Images of Yeshua’s childhood came to her mind and she saw her beloved son falling down as a small child. She saw herself run to rescue her child.
In a similar gesture, as she watches her tortured son fall down, she comes to Him and tells Him: “I am here to rescue you.”
The scene between mother and son is heart-breaking. As Yeshua looks at His mom, His face covered in blood, He says: “I am making all things new”. At the very moment He is making this consoling statement, He grabs enough force to stand up and carry His cross. The bond between mother and son is so strong; it is a wonderful expression of deep love.
In this particular movie, we do realize that Yeshua has been willingly slaughtered for us.
Yeshua is the Passover lamb and all He did for us is an immense act of love.

As I went to bed, I thanked my wonderful Savior for giving His life so freely. I thanked Him for each single pain and humiliation He endured for me and for all of us.
In the middle of the night, I felt so much warmth inside of my chest. Yeshua was kissing my heart. I woke up and started shivering. I was receiving such a great dose of love. I broke into tears, realizing that the person who loved me so much had sacrificed His own life for me. I had all His pain and His humiliation before my eyes. Yeshua told me: “I did it for you. I love you, my dear child.”

I thanked my beautiful Lord and I understood that my engagement towards Yeshua had to be plain.
I fell asleep again. In a dream, I was facing a dangerous situation in which demons were fabricating human duplicates. I called upon Yeshua and came back to my room instantly as I pronounced His Name. Yeshua was holding my heart in His hands. I could feel His touch inside of my chest.
I was feeling so secure and began praising Him for His immense love.
Dear reader, I am convinced that if we really knew how much He loves us, we would die instantly. Yeshua instils us small perceptions of His immense love.
Yeshua wants us to be courageous enough to look at His suffering. Here is the conversation we had this morning about the Passion.

My dear child, why do you think that I am insisting so heavily for you to think and meditate on my Passion?
Do you think that I am enjoying tears running from your cheeks? I am not doing this to make you suffer; I want to bring you much closer to me. A lot of believers and even followers want the glory of the Resurrection without the pain of the crucifixion. Let me tell you the truth: once you decide to follow me, you are accepting the full package. You are carrying my pain and my glory; otherwise you are not a true follower.
My pain, my tears, my blood and my death on the cross are my love letter to mankind. Your soul must learn to reflect this type of unconditional goodness. Whoever is capable of loving me in the middle of mockeries, persecutions, pain and even death is also worthy to see my glory.
It is impressing and it is scary for a human being to see how far I went to love you all. But remember that I said you should love one another as I have loved you. You must have integrated this dimension of unconditional, sacrificial love as a true follower.

My dear child, you are learning my ways. Did you notice how my Passion brought you closer to my heart? I know that you love me more since you accepted to look at my pain.
My love is total compassion and forgiveness. This is the love you will be transmitting to the people who will encounter your path. I will open some eyes and they will recognize me in you.

Trust your Lord. I will teach you and I will guide you. 

My heart is wounded. A lot of people have abandoned me to follow vain idols. You will see people ridicule faith, but the same people do believe in horoscopes and tarot cards. The same people have sympathy for sorcerers. Do not let them destabilize you. Stay firm in your faith. I am Lord.
All idols and statues will fall. I will destroy them ALL. Truly I am telling you, no false preacher will be able to stand before my Face on the very day of my return.”

“My beloved Yeshua, your Passion has brought me closer to your heart. I now have a better understanding of your person. I do see so much kindness in you and I know that my heart has become more attached to you than I was before. I love you, my pure soul.”

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Friday, May 15, 2015

He became "my Yeshua"

This morning I came across a Messianic website that offered me a different perspective on Psalm 118. To my greatest amazement, these words truly explained my first encounter with Yeshua.

“You pushed me violently
That I might fall
But the Lord helped me
The Lord is my strength and song
He became my Yeshua.”
Psalm 118:13-14

As I started meditating on this verse, the words penetrated deeply into my soul. My spiritual sight started expanding. This was indeed the story of my own salvation!
Replacing the word “salvation” by “Yeshua” really changed everything!

While the word salvation would keep a general meaning, “my Yeshua” really implied that I met my Savior.
People were harming me. They wanted my downfall. This is a real life situation I was experiencing.
But the Lord, in His immense mercy, helped me. He gave me His hand and became “my Yeshua”, my personal source of salvation.

It really touched me. Yeshua is not staying somewhere far away on this throne in the clouds.  Yeshua is alive, ready to give you His hand and save you.
Most people are afraid of having this encounter with Him. I understand their fears. Approaching Him will automatically reveal your true nature. His bright Light exposes everything. He is someone whom you cannot cheat.

But Yeshua is also compassion and mercy. He wants to save you, because He knows, even if you are not conscious of it, that you are lost on your way. He is calling you. He wants to offer you His numerous blessings. He will wait until you are ready. Do not miss His call. There might not be a tomorrow.

I keep telling Yeshua that I do think about Him all the time. Today I had some lunch with a friend. On her way back to the metro station, the following words were written: “Yeshua is alive” and I was the only one to notice it.  While reading this, my heart felt so happy.
Our precious Lord is alive and He was showing me how much He cared.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bumping into the Torah

I was walking outside. People who know me also know I am a big walker. I can walk for miles without showing any sign of fatigue.
A pet store on the other side of the street caught my eye.

A group of Jewish people were walking in the opposite sense. I didn’t see them coming and I nearly bumped into them. As I became conscious of their presence, I noticed they were carrying some well protected Torah scrolls. I knew from the velvet tissue I had already seen in my hometown’s synagogue.
I apologized and continued my way.

The Lord, who was visibly amused by this episode, then spoke to me: “So you nearly bumped into my Word, my child?”
I started laughing in the middle of the street. People were staring at me, but I just didn’t care. It was just too funny.

I was discovering Yeshua’s sense of humor.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Yeshua’ s wounded heart

As I am coming closer and closer to Yeshua’s heart, I am also seeing things that don’t necessarily please my eye. Yeshua is the Truth. The Truth exposes darkness into the Light.

During my sleep, Yeshua showed me a furnace in Auschwitz. I was standing in front of it. As I reached this place, I also reached a depth of my Savior’s heart. I felt that His Heart was wounded.
Yeshua said: “Look what they did to my people in particular here. They were considered below animals, they had no human value. They were regarded as nothing and their soul was negated as well.
I suffered with them, I wept with them. I saved some of them from death in extremis.
My Jews thought that I was against them, because of the Church’s wrong description of me.
How could my Nation be insulted as “God killers?” How stupid is this? Can you kill the Universal Principle of Life? My death on the Cross was followed by my Resurrection. It is merely a sign of universal Salvation. There is no death in me.
I am alive.
My folks rejected me, yet I never hated them. I forgave them and loved them. A lot of people do reject me and come to me afterwards. I am total forgiveness.
Never have I been against them. I love them too much. I am the Maschiach of Israel, before being the Maschiach of all Nations. Do people acknowledge this true fact before they speak against my folks?”
It moved me so deeply to hear my precious Lord talk about His people. Anybody who would come to me and claim to be a true follower of His while slating the Jews, I would dismiss immediately.

“My dear child, I have never been that sugar-coated Greek divinity Christian churches have made of me. I am a person of character, as you have noticed it since I came into your life.  These sinners made me an anti-Semitic pagan god. How could I be anti-Semitic being Jewish myself?
How could I ever dare to erase the Torah, my Fathers’ gift to Israel?
I will punish these people for their misleading information about me. A lot of people are into pagan cults. I will erase them all. I will expose the truth in full light. Some people really have no idea about who I really am.
Also, do you think I’d envision rapture without Israel, my people, the chosen ones?
I have been patient long enough. The time will come for me to expose the Ancient and Modern Times liars.  Some people will taste the cup of my anger.”
“My Lord, I know that you are so different from all I could ever imagine. Sugar-coated you are not, but your kindness combines authority, this is what I feel when being close to you.”
“My dear child, towards you I am gentle, but I don t treat everybody in the same way. I do read minds and I look at people’s hearts. I smite hypocrites. There are no double standards with me. Either you are willing to change your ways or I will correct your ways with a scourge. Some people do taste it, because they are rebellious and unwilling to listen.”

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A fabulous lunch with our Lord

Dear readers, as days go by, I experience more and more of His amazing grace. Let me share an exerpt of Chapter3, "The Preparation".

I woke up this morning with sweet melodies of praise for my Lord. I felt a strong connection with Yeshua like never before. Our sweet Savior was pressing me tenderly against Him. I was so much in awe of His wonders and as I stepped out, my heart began singing heartfelt praise.
The chorus of birds was joining me. The whole Creation seemed to agree with my words. Even the water had shining jewels of praise. My heart was feeling warm, so warm that I wanted to share my joy with the whole universe.

At lunch time, as I was looking for a new restaurant, Yeshua told me: “Let me guide you.”
“Ok, Lord”, I said, wondering where Yeshua would take me.
After a 10 minutes’ walk, I arrived to a narrow street that was full of little restaurants. I entered one of them, without even knowing why I came into. It looked neat and the prices were friendly as well.
“Sit there”, Yeshua said to me and I took place where our Lord had indicated me.
I was still wondering why I was staying in this place that was quite little, and crowded as well.
As I glanced at the pictures, my questioning became even more intense: what had Egyptian pyramids to do with our Lord. All of a sudden I noticed, above all pictures, a black and white painting that was representing Yeshua. Wow, it felt really weird to glance at the picture of the Lord in the middle of all these pyramids. 

At the same time I felt that our Lord was watching over me with extreme care.
After saying the blessings, I started eating my vegetable soup, followed by a fish meal. As I was eating the main meal, two men entered and sat next to me. One of them mentioned the verse of Revelation 3:20:
“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

I said to myself: why are they mentioning this Bible verse…what is happening? I was a little bit shy to ask them, so I just finished my apple tart and went to pay my bill.
I told the waiter: “I am taking one of your cards”
The waiter replied: “Take as many as you want. See you soon.”

I said goodbye and stepped out of the restaurant.
I then looked at the card. The name of the restaurant was “The Paradise” and there was a scene representing Revelation 3:20 with our Lord knocking at the door.
I told Yeshua: “So I was having lunch with you and I didn’t even know?”
I felt that Yeshua was smiling at me.
I entered a bookshop later on and my eyes glanced at a big book title: “Yeshua the Nazarene.” In this very moment, I felt like my whole being was scanned. I knew my Lord was looking at me and I felt loved in a dimension that surpasses me.

“See, my daughter, I take care of everything”, Yeshua said to me with a very warm tone in His voice.
In this instant I knew that I would love Him even more as the days go by.

P.S:On a side note, I bought this historical roman mentioned above. I recommend it to you all. It is very well written.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yeshua is Jewish

A conversation with Yeshua

Within a moment of deep communion with you, you told me: “I am Jewish. My whole identity is Jewish. I am the Living Torah. It has been taken away from me and it will be restored. Believe Me. I am the Truth.”

“Oh Lord, I know that as a factual truth. I have always pictured you as Jewish. I do look at you as my rabbi, even if I don t understand all of your teachings. You know that my quests for you lead me to the synagogue and that I nearly became Jewish myself. People need to awaken to the fact that you are a child of Israel and that you love your folks.”

“Churches have sinned against me by banishing what I really am and misleading loads of people. They will get their judgement. Anybody hating Israel is not with me.
Many Jews rejected me, yet my love for them remains an eternal promise. They are elected, they are my people.”

“I know, dear Lord”.

“Do you know that a lot of Israelis now awaken to me and recognize me as their Maschiach?”

“Yes, Lord, you know I have been researching on the subject and I came to the same conclusion…”

“Anybody who claims to be my follower and hates the Jews will not be accepted unless he changes his views and repents from hating my people. The Father chose them. I was born among them and I am one of them, always.”

“I know, rabbi Yeshua.”

Tonight my precious Lord revealed me that He was very angry with some religious leaders and priests.
“Because of their wrongdoings, my teachings have been distorted. Jewish celebrations have been transformed into pagan feasts. Pessah, for instance, has become the celebration of goddess Ischtar. My Holy Name has been covered with blasphemy. Because of their sins, many innocents have been sent to hell.”

When I heard the Lords words, I started crying.
“Why did you permit this to happen, Yeshua?  Why did you let innocents being sent to hell? Lord, you had the power to prevent that from happening!”

“Yes, my child I could have prevented it, but it had to happen for the Truth to be revealed and restored in the End of Times. What they are calling “my bride” is a total abomination to me.

I am coming as a mighty warrior to judge them all.

There will be no mercy for those who lead a soul into perversion and perdition using my Name.
Using my Name to make cult for idols will be severely punished.

Truly, I am telling you there will be no statue in the Name of Yeshua. Therefore I am asking you to call me Lord Yeshua, even if my other Name is so popular in the world. My child, there is true salvation in my real Name, you know it.

Nothing angers me more than being called “the founder of Christianity”. I am not Christian. My children from the nations worldwide, who were not born Jewish, are Jewish by adoption. My heritage is yours if you have the courage to tap into its wisdom.
I am a child of the Hebrews and I do follow my Fathers Law. In no way the Fathers Law will be abolished. People who are teaching that are misleading other people.

You know that the door to Heaven is narrow, my dear child. I taught it. It is true. So many people are choosing a Maschiach that arranges their tranquillity. This is not what I am: I am Yeshua haMaschiach. I love the Torah. I am the Living Torah. Tell it to my people!
I always said that the Torah and the Prophets would not be abolished. I came to accomplish.
You know I am uttering the truth for I am the Truth.”

Wow. The Lord had ordered me to write His words down immediately and I obeyed.

I knew the emergency of His message. It had to be delivered.

My Savior wants his true followers to call Him Yeshua. It is important to Him, He made it very clear to me. If you truly love Him, please call Him Yeshua.

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The Sanctuary

Dear readers, today I am sharing another exerpt of Chapter1, the Rebirth...may Yeshua bless you all in abundance. May He touch your hearts.

The Sanctuary: Yeshuas heart

Yeshua allowed me to come closer to His wonderful heart today. He guided me into some quiet church. My Savior asked me to remain silent while breathing Him in and out.

My precious Lord took me to the scenes of His Passion once again.

I saw these people punching my beloved Yeshua’ s eyes with their fists.

The Lord then spoke to me:
“You know, it really hurt me when these people punched my eyes. Yet I never wished them bad. I was praying for them to recover their sight and to be able to see me as I am.”
When I was scourged and then forced to carry this heavy cross, my pain was immense and intense. I know it is hard for you to understand the huge amount of pain I carried. Still, I was thinking of you all. For each drop of blood running from my body, for each wound I endured, I thought of the chosen ones who would turn to me. I also thought of the ones who would reject me now and come to me later. Finally, I thought of the ones who would never accept me and felt sad.
Even while suffocating on the cross, mankind’s salvation was still on my mind.
I was on a mission and I had to go to the end, for all my children to be set free.
I managed to accomplish this mission because the love of the Father was carrying me through.”

I was so touched. I was unable to speak for a while. I spend some precious time in my Lord’s embrace. I left the church, feeling totally blessed.
I had just entered the Sanctuary: Yeshua’s heart.
Approaching the Sanctuary will humble you down. It will allow you to discover a heart that is greater than the whole creation. It will fill you with warmth never experienced before. All of a sudden, you will enter into a greater reality, a new spiritual dimension.
All that is pure and beautiful resides within the Santuary. It is a scented garden for your thirsty soul. In the end you will really acknowledge WHO is marching before you.
Coming closer to Yeshua’s heart also means accepting your nothingness in front of Him. You know nothing and you have everything to learn.

Entering the Sanctuary will increase your love and compassion for mankind.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Rebirth

Dear readers, today I am sharing the story of my Salvation...this is an exerpt of my first chapter.
My prayer is for you to be blessed in abundance through your read. In Yeshua s Name. Amen.


Just before

They had tried me without a trial; they had already condemned me before I had been judged. Their sentence was ready before I could even open my mouth and defend myself. I was getting closer to true human nature. I had done my best. I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I was longing for new horizons. The pain was immense. Damage had been done. I needed restoration like never before.
During one second, I had identified myself with the Suffering Messiah, and then I completely forgot about it. The fatigue was taking over. I was longing for rest, yet they were harassing me till the end.
I had set big hopes on something that had shown deceitful to me. I was in the process of learning a new life lesson. First, I had to learn how to take care of my body again. Second, I had to strengthen my mind, once again, because it had been attacked tremendously.

Meeting Yeshua

N.B: The “Face” in the first chapter, refers to the Face of the Shroud

I didn’t expect to meet you. My mind was kilometers away from you. I was surfing on the internet. You showed up in some way. As I glanced at your Face, tears started running from my eyes, abundantly, like clear water. I think I wept for hours, just staring at your Face. Strangely, as I wept there was no pain inside of my heart.
My tears started clearing up and cleaning my soul. A powerful work of redemption was happening right now. You didn’t say anything. You were listening to my words with a sustained attention.
As I stopped weeping, all my surroundings became very calm. I looked at my face in the mirror. It reflected peace. My eyes weren’t red at all, nor did they hurt. I realized that you had just consoled me.
Within a few hours, you have wiped away burdens of shame and humiliation that kept me enslaved for numerous years.
Things that I had kept buried deep inside resurfaced, but only to be destroyed by the burning fire of your Spirit.
I was experiencing a day of mercy. You touched my soul.

The day after you took me to another silent place outside where I rested for a while.
I kept silent. Unexpectedly, you started speaking to me. People had always spoken about you in my childhood. Quantities of images and stories had been displayed to me. I had always searched for you. I had a precise idea about the type of person you should be.
As you started speaking to me, I realized I was totally wrong. I didn’t know you at all. You were so different from all I could imagine.
Your beautiful, manly voice was a combination of authority and tenderness. I was so amazed to hear you, Yeshua. Or was I only imagining all this?
I could not ignore the way you spoke to me, because your voice was taking the entire place in my mind. I simply could not ignore it.
You came with a precise request to me: would I accept you as my personal Savior?
Your question left only two options to me: yes or no-there was no place for a comfortable “in between”.

I also knew I had to be ready to bear the consequences of my choice.
It wasn’t that easy to handle your request actually. I knew, deep inside my heart, that I loved you. But did I love you enough? Was I ready? What prevented me from saying yes?
I exposed you my fears. I told you that I was afraid of what you could ask me in return.
It was so silent all around. Would you answer me, Yeshua?
When I heard your answer, I was moved to tears. You were not asking me for anything in return, you only wanted me to invite you into my life.
Without further hesitation I said yes.
I left the bank I was sitting on. As I started walking, I felt your hand holding mine. You were so real, so concrete I simply could not ignore you.
I held your hand tightly, like a small child. I realized that I had been missing you all my life. I realized that I had just been saved. You were here, and you loved me tremendously, challenging the frontiers of my imagination.

The world suddenly expanded and my heart was filled with an unknown joy, the joy of the Spirit.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

An encounter with Yeshua: Foreword

An encounter with Yeshua: Foreword: When Yeshua met me, He tremendously changed my life. Here is the story of a life-changing encounter. All the glory to o...

An encounter with Yeshua: Why I do call Him Yeshua

An encounter with Yeshua: Why I do call Him Yeshua: I am a Gentile follower, yet I do call Him Yeshua. I am not doing it out of fantasy. In the beginning, when Yeshua met me, I was us...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why I do call Him Yeshua

I am a Gentile follower, yet I do call Him Yeshua.

I am not doing it out of fantasy. In the beginning, when Yeshua met me, I was using the Name "Jesus", that is better known and more popular.

Somebody once asked me on google: "Where did you get this Name Yeshua from?"

I replied : "from the Lord Himself"-which is the very truth.

Our Lord asked me to call Him Yeshua.
I am not a people pleaser. Our Lord asked me to do so and I will obey His command.

When my book will be available, you will understand that He reveals Himself to me as the Jewish Messiah.
You will be amazed at His immense love, for His people and for all of us.

In addition, let me point out that Yeshua IS His original Aramaic Name. In Hebrew its very meaning is Hashem (God) saves.

As you can see, our Lord s original Name is linked with the very meaning of Salvation.

Blessed be His Name, for ever and ever.

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Friday, May 1, 2015


When Yeshua met me, He tremendously changed my life. Here is the story of a life-changing encounter. All the glory to our precious Lord and Savior. May you be blessed in abundance.

This is my story. The story of my Salvation that happened over two days: July the 22nd and the 23rd, 2014. When Yeshua came to me, I was in a state of total brokenness.No matter where you are standing now, no matter who you are and whatever your beliefs are, our Lord wants to reach out to you.

Come to Him as you are. Remember: you are never too lost to be saved. 

Here is my testimony to the world that Yeshua is ALIVE and REAL. I am currently writing a book about the powerful encounter I had with Yeshua.
Since then, I am experiencing our Lord daily.

Please read my story with an open mind. A lot of events I am reporting about are connected with the supernatural world. 
Our Lord s grace is FREE and my book will be available to all of you for FREE.

My prayer is for you all is that Yeshua touches your hearts like He did it for me.

Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your background or the mistakes you are making. He is not here to accuse you. Yeshua is love and forgiveness. In short, Yeshua is endless love.
You might ask: if what you mentioned above is true, why can’t I feel His love? Why can’t I see His presence in my life? It is because, at the moment, your heart is locked and your eyes are blind. The good news is that He has the power to unlock your heart and to make you recover your sight.
For many years, I have been searching for Him in churches and synagogues. I looked up everywhere, trying to find a sign of His presence. Sadly I didn’t find any. I was deceived by human communities claiming to serve Him. One day, He searched for me and found me. All of a sudden, He was there. He showed me that He really cared. I invited Him to take residence into my heart where He is staying now-permanently.
How is it possible for Him to approach you?
Contrary to many people, I am not going to tell you to read your Bible, for I have read it for years (also in Hebrew), without anything special happening in my life. I am not going to tell you to go to church either. We are not talking about theoretical teachings here; we are talking about meeting a real person, like you would meet any of your friends.
Don’t misunderstand me: the Bible is great and full of wise teachings for your entire life, but if you want to meet Yeshua, you should address to Him directly-as a person, not as some “virtual stranger that walked the face of the earth two thousand years ago, somewhere in Galilee”, but as to somebody who is alive, here with you, listening to you right now.
I know, it requires a great dose of courage and faith to address to somebody you can’t see and who supposedly resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago.
It requires an effort, but it is definitely worth it.
Also note that Yeshua has different ways of revealing Himself to people. Just trust Him, for He is the Truth. He cannot and will not deceive you in any way.
So how should you proceed?
Address to Him sincerely, in your own words. Ask Him for a sign. Wait for His response. Trust that He will give you an answer.
It is all up to you to invite Him into your life or to reject Him. He will never ever force you-because He truly loves you.
May you be touched and blessed by the following story through His Holy Spirit. May your life be filled with love from Above, in the powerful Name of Yeshua.

WARNING. Although my work will be available for free , it is protected by my author copyright.
It is forbidden to translate or tranform its content or to use it for commercial purposes.
It remains my sole property and if you would like to use it please ask me. Thank you.

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