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The use of saliva in Yeshua's healings

There are two events in the Gospels that refer to Yeshua's use of saliva in the process of healing somebody. The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 7, reports the story of a deaf and mute man cured by rabbi Yeshua. The Gospel of John, Chapter 9, tells us the story of a born blind man who recovered his sight thanks to Yeshua's healing action. In both stories, Yeshua uses spit to cure the sick.
While a lot of people seem satisfied with unfounded and simplistic explanations due to a lack of research, there is much more to Yeshua's use of saliva than one might actually think.
I'd like to share with you a few insights about these stories and I'd like to thank our Lord for guiding me to unexpected sources and for the Holy Spirit's shedding of light on these portions of Scripture.

Insights I received from the Holy Spirit

"For I say to you that every idle word that people will speak, they will give an answer for it on the Day of Judgment." Matthew 12:36

" Some people brought Him a man who was deaf and hardly able to speak, and begged Yeshua to place His hand on him. So Yeshua took him aside privately away from the crowd and put His fingers into the man's ears. Then He spit and touched the man's tongue. And looking up to Heaven, He sighed deeply and said to him: "ephphata", be opened." Mark 7:32-33

" Having said these things, He spit on the ground and made mud with the saliva. and applied it to the man's eyes." John 9:6

The following thoughts I will share with you are some specific insights in communion with the Spirit of God. Yeshua clearly revealed me that the healing properties of His saliva originated from the purity of each word that ever came out of His mouth.

This is also an invite to each and everyone to control each word that comes straight out of our mouth. We should make it a habit to speaking words of truth and kindness and not tolerate profanity or empty speeches, for we will be accountable for each silly word that we pronounce.
Let us humble ourselves and apologize before our Lord, each time we notice that we've been involved in a wrong speech. Let us control our tongue so our Father in Heaven will be glorified.

What Judaic tradition teaches about the use of saliva in healing

As always, it is pointless to take our Messiah out of the environment He was raised in. One must always bear in mind that Yeshua is a rabbi, teaching Torah, and therefore what He does and how He acts towards people in the 1st Century is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition.

The following website will give you some detailed insights about the healing episode of the blind man in John, Chapter 9. Isn't it interesting to note that in Talmudic tradition, the first-born son of a father's saliva had some healing properties? In that way, Yeshua also fulfills this tradition, as our Father's first-born and beloved Son.

However, I am convinced that healing is possible only if the healer walks in righteousness, by obeying Hashem's laws, in Yeshua's very obedient way to the Father.

Dead Sea Scrolls documents point at an act of Creation

" As what shall born of woman be considered in your presence? Shaped from dust has he been maggots' food shall be his dwelling, he spat saliva, moulded clay and dust in his longing. What will the clay reply and the one shaped by hand? And what advice will he be able to understand?"
 from the Dead Sea Scrolls

There us much more than just a "symbolical" act to Yeshua's healing by spitting. Yeshua's act, as the Dead Sea Scroll text clearly confirms it, is a concrete act, similar to the Creator shaping His creation, with clay and saliva. It is even more than a simple act of creation because it is the restoration to its initial state of a part of the body that is totally broken. This part ( sight, hearing or speaking ability) are coming to full recovery. If you take the time to examine the following study , you will understand how much Yeshua's use of saliva is intimately linked with the Creator's act of shaping His creature with spit and clay.
I will not go into detail, out of honesty, because my current level of Hebrew knowledge doesn't allow it. But my intent is to share with you this amazing discovery.

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