Tuesday, July 19, 2016

An Encounter with Yeshua received a new rating and review!

An Encounter with Yeshua is a life-changing read. This book will surely bring you closer to Yeshua's heart. Discover my true testimony about our Lord and Savior ( the e-book version is FREE for download on lulu.com).

I'd like to thank Leonie Lapp, who took the time to read and to review my book. This is Leonie's feedback:

" This book is such a wonderfully inspiring message. I started reading and could not put it down. Isabelle's deeply personal account of her time with Yeshua reminds us all of the incredible connection to the Creator that we have available to us. I highly recommend you read this book now." 

Many thanks Leonie:)

If you are curious about other readers' opinion, please check out the lulu.com page  related to An Encounter with Yeshua.

I wish you all to be blessed abundantly through your read.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

All the glory to Yeshua our Messiah!


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