Thursday, March 23, 2017

The complex notion of the Kingdom of Heaven in rabbi Yeshua's perspective

When rabbi Yeshua spoke to His disciples or to the Pharisees or to some non-Jews, He wasn't always perfectly understood. Why is it so? 
People are used to thinking in very worldly terms, while rabbi Yeshua's words originate from Heaven.
Rabbi Yeshua's teachings are very spiritual and one's ear needs to catch the very meaning of His words in Spirit.

Very often, Yeshua mentioned the expression "Kingdom of Heaven". 

When speaking of "malchut hashamayim" (מלכוּת השׁמים) or "malchut haElohim" (מלכוּת האלֹהים) ( the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of Elohim), most of us think of something very abstract, that concerns the world to come.

Sometimes this expression has this meaning, especially when we pray " tavo malchuteicha"(תבוֹא מלכוּתך), "Your Kingdom come". When know that, at the very time of our Moschiach King Yeshua's return, His Kingdom will be established for ever. 
True disciples are longing for this moment to come.

However, when rabbi Yeshua addresses the Pharisees in Luke, Chapter 17, verses 20-21, He is speaking of something else.

"The Prushim asked Him, saying:
"When will the Kingdom of God ( malchut haElohim) come?"
"He answered and said to them,
"The Kingdom of God will not come with the appearance of the eyes.
People will not say" here it is, or there it is.
For the Kingdom of God is in your midst." Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, Luke 17: 20-21

The Hebrew version of the text translates in your midst by "bekirbechem" (בּקִרְבְּכֶם), which would mean "in your inside", so "inside of you".

Malchut Hashamayim is also the notion of divine justice that is applied in our everyday life.
Malchut HaElohim also happens every time a tzaddik is doing what is right in Hashem's eyes.
So each time, you are acting in loving kindness, according to Yeshua's invaluable teachings, you too are accomplishing "malchut hashamayim".

Yeshua wants us to be active participants to the divine justice. Through our behavior and actions, we are honoring and speeding the accomplishment of it.

May we be active workers for the Kingdom of Elohim until our Messiah comes back in glory!


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