Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prayer for the homeless in the cold

Dear readers,

We are currently experiencing a cold wave in Paris. There are so many people here who are staying outside in the cold, during the day and also sometimes, during the night.
While it is possible to help a few of them, one can barely help all of them. Lots of people lack shelter, and among the homeless, the luckiest sometimes sleep under tents by minus 10 C.

Please join me in this little prayer aimed at all the needy in Paris and all over the world.

"Dear Lord,

A lot of people are currently suffering outside in the cold, with no families to support them.
They are hurt in their bodies and in their hearts.
Please Lord feed the hungry and help all the needy to find shelter.
Show them that they are loved and not alone, even during the hard times they are experiencing.
Allow them to warm their bodies with hot food and light their souls with your love.
Send them, please, many helping hands and loving hearts.

In your mighty Name, Yeshua, I am asking, Amen."

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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