Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A few hints about healing from Yeshua (from "Heart of a Savior")

Yesterday, Yeshua spoke to me on the precise topic of healing, so here are the insights I received from our Lord.

 « The more you will increase your capacity of loving, the more you will be able to heal yourself and others. The force you must fill yourself is genuine love, godly love, a love that is deprived of self-interest. First of all you must develop your love and empathy for others ; it sometimes goes through simple gestures such as kind words or simply seeing other people's bondage. Child, before you can heal others, you must receive your own healing. You were not conscious of it, but you did not let me heal you while you were requesting it. You must fill yourself with the well of the Holy Spirit, because until you reach your physical healing, your heart needs to stand again. Your heart has been wounded deeply, but you have me. Trust me. Follow my instructions and you will be fine. You know, your spiritual being needs to be fully restored. It all goes together. The imbalance in your body is due to your reactions to people's stabbings and to self-inflicted pain. I'll help you recover from all this by making you emotionally stable. Listen to my instructions, child. 

Surrender completely to my love : you haven't done it yet. My heart suffers with you when I am contemplating your pain. Now let me take it away. See, you need to let me bathe you in the wholeness of my love. I can still detect hidden fears in the very depths of your inner being ; the fear of being depreciated in particular. Oh child, don't you know how much I value you as a unique piece of my Creation ? Child, open your heart to receive more from me. Let go all of your fears, give them to me and I will transform them into victories. Once your spiritual healing is completed, I will be abe to proceed to your physical healing. You must let me work through you. Surrender your whole being to me, my precious child. I am the person who loves you more than anybody else. I know each of your cells. Trust your Maker, trust me fully, beloved. 

Now let me share with you some insights about physical healing. When I choose disciples to be healers, when I anoint them, I make sure that they are balanced in soul and body. I remove all hatred and resentment from their hearts. They must be purified in every sense of the term. When their purification is being processed, they must be filled with the force of the Holy Spirit. At first, they must be trained to develop love and empathy. When you are meeting a sick person, you must bear in mind that sicknesses have an evil source. So curing them means taking a part of this evil on you (it is like a transfer, if you prefer). Each time you will be curing a sick person, a force will step out of you. Disciples must be careful to heal one person at a time, unless the Holy Spirit says otherwise. If they are healing without discerning, they could end up very sick themselves. The only way to preserve you from this to happen is to possess this infinite love that comes from the Holy Spirit. Healing isn't granted to everybody, just to the ones who are receiving a special anointing. » « Thank you, dear Lord, for all these insights. Please teach me how to love more. Teach me your ways, my rabbi. » « You will see the fullfilment of my promises. Keep silent and receive. Be ready to receive my blessing. »

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