Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Lord's Face profile (from Heart of a Savior)

This picture is the closest I could find to the vision Yeshua granted me yesterday.

I was lying down, eyes closed, speaking to Yeshua in a fervent prayer. I expressed Him my wish to see His Face, when He suddenly appeared to me in a vision. Actually, He was showing me His Face profile.
Yeshua's Face was so full of light that “holiness” was the first thought that came to my mind. The King of the Jews had some portions of His long, dark hair falling upon His nose. His traits were the traits of a Sefaradi Jew; He looked like an authentic child of Israel. His eyes are so full of love.Yeshua was wearing a white robe. There was so much majesty reflected in His person.
Oh my King, you rejoiced your child's heart by letting me see you. So much holiness, so much peace, and so much tenderness emanate from your sweet person! I love you, my Yeshua”.

A few hours before, Yeshua had said to me: “I'll make you flourish in the desert”.

I will grow, dear Savior, because you are my sunshine. I will bathe in your light and you'll refresh my soul. Our friendship, our love are forever.”

Yeshua let me sink into a deep sleep, but it was a night that was different from all other nights. My best friend let me feel His embrace all night long. I was sleeping, but my conscience of Him watching me was awaken.
As Yeshua is teaching me total reliance on Him, our friendship grows. I understand now how much He is providing for me.
Open your hearts to His love, Yeshua is willing to give you so much more than you actually expect from Him. Yeshua is expanding my vision and increasing my love for Him.

Yeshua talked to me about His return.

My child, some people are frustrated because they think I am being delayed.
Some others are actually losing faith on their Second Return speculations.
You know, if our Father hasn't allowed me to return yet, it is because of His immense love for you all. It is for more people to access Salvation. It is to allow Israelis and Jews to understand who I am and for all the others who can still repent while it is time.

Hashem has a perfect timing. Do not doubt, people. Understand God's heart before you start mumbling. What if I had come before you had accessed Salvation? Have compassion for the unsaved in the same way I had compassion for all of you who are now saved.”

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