Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Name of Adonai exhalted in a vision (from "Heart of a Savior")

As I expressed Yeshua my wish to rest with Him on Friday night, our Lord warmly pressed me against His chest. I felt so much warmth and love that I fell asleep quite immediately.

Yeshua then transported me into a synagogue.
The interior was made of warm, brown wooden parts combined with red curtains. On the red curtains, I saw golden scriptures in Hebrew.
Four traditional rabbis entered, wearing a schtreimel. They held each other's hand and started dancing, while chanting : « eyeh asher eyeh », the Name that was revealed to Moshe in burning bush that is so often wrongly translated as « I am that I am » when its very meaning is « I will be who I will be » ( to be is in the future tense in Hebrew). As I contemplated the four rabbis, I also noticed that their feet did not touch the soil.
The Name of Adonai was exalted greatly and the Spirit of Hashem lifted them from the ground, in the same way I once felt lifted, years ago, on a Shabbat office at my hometown's synagogue.

When I woke up from this wonderful vision, I realized that I had been taken to the very realms of the divine Name and my grateful heart felt so much appeased.

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