Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Alliance of Fire (from "Heart of a Savior")

During this Friday evening, I expressed Yeshua my renewed wish to come closer to Him and to know Him better.
As I was relaxing, I heard Yeshua say: “ You will come close to the fire, but it will not consume you, it will just keep you warm.”
I thought of the burning bush and allowed myself to sink into sleep, very softly and gradually, while Yeshua was holding me in His arms.
During the whole night, I was being kept warm, despite the icy temperature of my room due to pouring cold rain outside. Despite the fact I was sleeping, I was made attentive of Yeshua's loving care.

I am so eager to approach Yeshua our Lord in a deeper dimension; so eager that I sometimes don't realize who I am asking to approach so close. He is the Saint of Israel, and His words instantly reminded me about Moshe's encounter during the burning bush episode.
Amazingly Yeshua always grants me my demands; I am so grateful that our loving Lord allows me to discover more gradually His immense greatness. The truth is that I am always hungry for more...

My daughter, my Alliance with Israel is an Alliance of Fire. You know it, it is encoded in the word “Bereshit” (the Beginning) that can be read “Berith Esh” (Alliance of Fire). I am including you into this very specific alliance, I reminded you of it. Child, not anybody can and will be allowed to approach me close. The fire of my Spirit can kill the sinner. This doesn't mean that you are perfect; it means that I agreed your heart before me.
I love you, child, I have a special affection for you, because your heart is according to mine. So were Moshe and King David and so are also some of my contemporary chosen ones.
If people knew who I am, they would stop with unnecessary judgment.
So often I am showing you your own sin in order to prevent you against arrogance.
You are a key element in my plan. You are still being trained. Do not be impatient, my beloved daughter. As you'll progress, you will also be able to come much closer to me. A light that shines too brightly into unprepared eyes could make them blind. Remember that everything comes to you when you are ready.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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