Sunday, December 20, 2015

My message to the hypocrite evangelists

To whom it may concern.

I have a message for all the hypocrite evangelists who are spreading lies all over the internet, saying that the "Yeshua cult" is a "blasphemy". I will be your enemy, you will find me on your way. I will keep saying the truth. You are uneducated and ignorant people for stating that the name of Yeshua is nowhere to be found in your English Bibles and that only the name "Jesus" is real. You hypocrites, the English version of the Bibles you do possess have been translated from Hebrew and Aramaic into Greek...then translated again into Latin, then eventually maybe in English and you come with an arrogant spirit to mislead many souls! "Jesus" is a made-up name that did not exist before the 6th Century, nobody called Him "Jesus" in the 1st Century...and "Jesus" is the transliteration from the Greek "Iesous"...Yeshua was born and raised in Israel. Yeshua has been robbed His Name, His full identity as a child of the Hebrews and from that come a lot of biblical misinterpretations...moreover our Lord revealed me that Yeshua is His REAL Name (with the FULL MEANING of Salvation) and I will keep calling Him that even if the whole world does the addition, you are using your hatred of the Truth to slate Jewish people. I will NEVER EVER be on your side, Satan is your master.
I really had to get that out of my chest. It is one thing to be ignorant, another to boast with arrogance when you are completely wrong and misleading to the masses.

Sincerely yours,

Isabelle Esling

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