Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris has been hit by terrorism once again

I live in Paris. I love life here and I find it very sad how Islamic terrorists turn our town into a bloody battle field.

First and foremost, I would like to thank our beautiful Lord, because He guarded me and spared my life.

Secondly, my heart goes to all the victims and their families.

Third, this event is very sad, but I knew something would happen, as Yeshua had warned me about more terrorism coming to France months ago.

Our Lord is calling ALL nations to repentance.

Let us bring Him a sincere Teshuva before He returns.

Glory to our beautiful Lord Yeshua.


Your author,

Isabelle Esling


  1. Your words and heart are true Achoti. I knew of the terror we all will face in this world, through a vision/dream I had at a very young age. Bodies hanging from light poles and laying in the streets and no one alive to weep. (I was only a child) As an adult, I sat weeping at the foot of the cross/stake, in the cold wind and smelled the blood on the ground. He lifted me up in His arms and gave me to my husband. So many things have happened to me that brought me to Him. I fell many times, and was forgiven... now I walk closer to Him than ever and await His return. You are right, we need TESHUVA! We also need to be a light to the world to open eyes and hearts to TRUTH and HIS LOVE. Yes... ALL Glory to יהוה/ישוע!!

  2. Many thanks for your input, sister.
    My encounter with Yeshua is a life changing experience. Yes, we do need repentance...our Lord is coming very soon and He warned me that even His followers should be prepared for His Day, because it will surprise everybody. He gave me a vision of His return recently that I will share in the sequel of my book:)


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