Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beautifully perfect

I dedicate these few words to my sweet Lord and Savior.

My eyes look up to the perfection of my Lord. Yeshua, so « beautifully perfect », as defined by the mouth of one of my brothers, has this power to move a soul to its inner depths.
I examine myself and I am so much conscious of my unworthiness ; yet He lets me dwell into the profoundness of His heart. Oh my Yeshua, pure ocean of unconditional love, my consolation in the sorrow, my Presence in the desert, my all in all.
My finite heart is reflected in the sanctuary of your so perfect, infinite, loving heart.
I've come before your Face to plead that every single human, regardless of his background, will get his heart opened to your Splendor.
May all the persecutors and opponents to your truth contemplate your magnificence and repent of all evil.

Yeshua IS the answer. Yeshua is love. His heart will never stop cherishing you, whoever you are.
Beautifully perfect in His mission, beautifully perfect in loving us more than his own life, He is our Messiah, the One we have all been waiting for. Make Him the permanent guest of your heart and you'll possess the greatest wealth man can possess.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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