Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last Days in the desert movie review

Rating: 1.5 stars

Warning to the viewer: misleading on many points-despite its claims to be inspired by the Gospels

Between 2015 and 2016, a few new movies have been released about Yeshua.
I'd advise anybody to be careful about any new film that would advertise a more  "modern or a more accurate presentations" of some episodes of  our Savior's life.
Always remember to confront them with Scriptures, ideally replace them in their original, Hebrew context of the 1st Century.

Last days in the desert is supposed to recall the episode of Yeshua's 40 days in the desert. Not only is this release a total misrepresentation of the 40 days in the desert that is described in the Gospels, the film is also misleading in many ways.

Here is why:

  • The scenes are total fiction
  • In the Bible, Yeshua spends 40 days alone fasting in the desert where He is confronted with Satan alone. There are no other human beings with Him.
  • our Lord wasn't with "wild animals", despite the fact that many translated Bibles support this the desert, Yeshua was with the Hayyot, some sort of angels and was having a mystical experience close to the experience described in Ezekiel 1. This experience is called Merkabah mystic. I can prove my point. I already worked on the subject earlier. But I didn't expect a Hollywood producer to dig that deep anyway.
  • Yeshua is supposed to be alone. He only responds to Satan's suggestions and resists to the temptations. This is what the Gospels are telling us.*
  • There is a scene where the young man starts farting in the desert and "Yeshua"  ( I mean Evan Mc Gregor of course) bursts out laughing in a ridiculous manner. What image does this give of the noble soul our Lord and Savior truly is to the person who has no idea about Him? This was intentional to belittle Him.
  • "Yeshua "and " Satan" are both played by Evan Mc Gregor. This too was intentional to put the Son of Man on the same level as the devil.
  • There is a lewd scene where Yeshua caresses and kisses the widow of the family father. This is a clear attack on our Messiah's purity.
  • There is a dead body cremation scene. The Torah forbids cremation.
In my eyes the movie is deceiving and misleading in so many ways. It mirrors Yeshua in a bad way.
Moreover it constantly reflects scared and powerless Yeshua, who doesn't seem to know the Father.
To whom who believes and encountered our Messiah's path, Last Days in the Desert is a joke signed by the devil. Do not fall for it.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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