Thursday, August 18, 2016

My two cents about the 'Risen" movie

Rating: 3 stars

I have been able to watch the movie "Risen" a few days ago. Before I could even watch the movie I have seen some extreme reactions from people: while some people hailed the movie as a great movie, some others were just bashing it, describing it as "intentionally misleading" and " Illuminati stuff".

My reaction to the movie will be in the middle. I think that there are some positive sides to underline, but there are also some details that I dislike and I won't hide them from you.

The positive side of the movie

The fictional story of Clavius, played by Joseph Fiennes depicts the story of an unbeliever who happened to be an eyewitness on the scene of the crucifixion.

This man, who sacrificed to foreign god Mars and who is full of violence decides to investigate about the death of Yeshua and the mysterious conditions of disappearance of His body. His first goal is to disprove all rumors of the rabbi's resurrection.
Meeting resurrected Yeshua in the presence of the disciples is a life-changing experience that transforms Clavius into a new man.

The details I dislike about the movie:

-Cliff Curtis doesn't convince me in the role of Yeshua for several reasons. The actor seems to be deprived of emotions. I don't feel that he is compassionate and loving. He seems cold to me.

-the actor is dressed in dark clothes and when we look at him from afar, he looks like a dark entity...isn't Yeshua supposed to be the light of the world, and as such, be a reflection of light, even in the way He dresses up?

- My eyes have been granted to see my Messiah 4 times. My ears have heard His voice and I have felt His loving touch. Yeshua as I know Him is a loving and caring person. Yeshua cares in the tiniest details and His love is visible in the person He touches. This kind of love doesn't appear in the movie as far as I am concerned, despite the miracles scenes.

- the movie makes the disciples appear as simple fools. One is tempted to think that they are supersticious and idiots with simplistic views. One could even think that they are practicing some kind of witchcraft. Somebody who never read the Bible will not understand easily what they believe in and their connection to the Jewish world.

- in the same way, the person who is ignorant of Scriptures will remember from the movie that " God appears to people in the form of a "crazy rabbi"". Nowhere Yeshua is shown as the fulfilling of the prophecies.

-another point bothers me even more: showing the disciples utter IHVH.

Why? Because in the first Century, only priests at the temple were allowed to do so. I am convinced that Yeshua and His disciples always showed great deference towards our Father's Name and refrained from pronouncing it aloud.

All in all, I think that the idea of starting from the investigation of a non-believer who comes to faith in Yeshua is good. But Mika Waltari did it much better in his book "The Secret of the Kingdom."

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