Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why you should embrace discipleship and not fandom

Somebody once said to me: "Yeshua our Lord doesn't need fans. He needs true followers. People who embrace and spread the Gospel."

I fully agree with this statement. Being a "fan" always implies a dose of blindness and craziness. I have been a fan of music bands for over ten years, so I am pretty much aware of the behaviors that fans have towards their "idol". I have truly been into golden calves worship and I repented from being an idolater when Yeshua entered my life. All of a sudden I have seen clear about what I was doing. I was blindly putting humans on a pedistal and dedicated most of my time to them. They had become one of my main priorities.

I know know that one should worship our Lord only and give all glory to Him.
But I refuse to make another idol of Him.
It is of no worth to behave like a fan. I've also seen people making an idol of Jim Caviezel, the actor of the Passion of the Christ, calling him Adonai. How much crazy is that?

Yeshua gave us a strong code of conduct: the Gospel. It might cost us immense efforts to apply it, and maybe even our lives if we want to give a true testimony wherever we go. 

A true disciple is not a follower by name, he does as Yeshua says.

"If you love me, keep my commandments" John 14:15

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