Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dress up your souls with modesty (third exerpt of my upcoming book, An Encounter with Yeshua, the sequel)

Dear readers, our Lord is showing me things that do not always please the eye. Yeshua is sending warnings to Jews and Gentiles who are having the appearances of righteousness. These are the words our dear Lord shared with me today.

Dress up your souls with modesty

« He has told you, o man what is good ; and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God ? »
Micah 6:8

« My dear child, many Jews and Gentiles have angered me in equal ways on the chapter of « dressing modestly ». This advice that addresses specially to ladies is observed in communities that despise each others and brag about holding my true teachings.
In both communities, I have seen persons playing it humble, wearing « modest clothes » with a proud heart.
Ladies, don't you know that my eyes can see you behind closed walls ? You souls are wearing false modesty. You are playing it humble before your religious leaders , showing your « humbleness » that is indeed disguised arrogance. I hear you say that you despise your bodies to your brothers and sisters. I can also see you when you are spending hours in admiration if front of your own reflection in the mirror.
You hypocrites, prostitutes will enter the gates of Heaven with ease in comparison with you.
Do not distort my words now to tell me that I encouraged you to be dressed as prostitutes. Of course you should wear decent clothes, because you represent your Lord. Of course you should walk the path of sanctification and purity. You behave with a spirit of lust and envy, none of your words come from the very center of your heart.
You claim to be virgins. You claim to be dedicated to me, yet you seduce men in secret !
Do you really think that your social media chats are hidden to my eyes ?
Repent from your boastful behavior and drap your souls with real humbleness. Otherwise I will uncover the secret thoughts of your souls on the very day of my return and your souls will be found naked before me. You will taste the fire of my anger. Who did you come to impress in your man-made temples ? I am sole judge, sole Lord. »
« My sweet Lord, you reveal the thoughts and intents of many. I do pray that these people are willing to listen, before it is too late. »

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