Monday, October 12, 2015

Positive feedback from a Messianic brother about "An Encounter with Yeshua"

Our brother's feedback about "An Encounter with Yeshua".
Andrew happens to possess a quite impressing Hebraic ressource. Check it out.
Hashem bless you in abundance, brother:)

Shalom Isabelle … Bat Tzion … J … the one who scribed “An Encounter With Yeshua” (Bless His holy Name)!
Although this communication to you is quite out of character for me in as much that I do not really play the social media avenue … or rarely reach out to others who are providing public testimony of YESHUA, I felt compelled to let you know that I was moved by the testimony provided in the aforementioned book!
I thank HaSHEM … YESHUA ADONAI … for the blessing that was received from reading your testimony. Despite the differences in how our LORD manifests HIS truth and love to us or the calling that each is given … my heart rejoices when I recognize HIS handy work. My heart rejoices when I hear truth. My heart rejoices when HIS resonance is encountered!
Your experiences are not mine … yet in many ways I share them … in many ways I’ve experienced them and your testimony has rekindled memories of same that need to be cherished and pondered more frequently … and I shall do this!
Barukh HaSHEM and may you remain abundantly blessed for all eternity!
Andrew … (a.k.a. P. R. Otokletos)

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