Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why I do call Him Yeshua

I am a Gentile follower, yet I do call Him Yeshua.

I am not doing it out of fantasy. In the beginning, when Yeshua met me, I was using the Name "Jesus", that is better known and more popular.

Somebody once asked me on google: "Where did you get this Name Yeshua from?"

I replied : "from the Lord Himself"-which is the very truth.

Our Lord asked me to call Him Yeshua.
I am not a people pleaser. Our Lord asked me to do so and I will obey His command.

When my book will be available, you will understand that He reveals Himself to me as the Jewish Messiah.
You will be amazed at His immense love, for His people and for all of us.

In addition, let me point out that Yeshua IS His original Aramaic Name. In Hebrew its very meaning is Hashem (God) saves.

As you can see, our Lord s original Name is linked with the very meaning of Salvation.

Blessed be His Name, for ever and ever.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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