Friday, May 15, 2015

He became "my Yeshua"

This morning I came across a Messianic website that offered me a different perspective on Psalm 118. To my greatest amazement, these words truly explained my first encounter with Yeshua.

“You pushed me violently
That I might fall
But the Lord helped me
The Lord is my strength and song
He became my Yeshua.”
Psalm 118:13-14

As I started meditating on this verse, the words penetrated deeply into my soul. My spiritual sight started expanding. This was indeed the story of my own salvation!
Replacing the word “salvation” by “Yeshua” really changed everything!

While the word salvation would keep a general meaning, “my Yeshua” really implied that I met my Savior.
People were harming me. They wanted my downfall. This is a real life situation I was experiencing.
But the Lord, in His immense mercy, helped me. He gave me His hand and became “my Yeshua”, my personal source of salvation.

It really touched me. Yeshua is not staying somewhere far away on this throne in the clouds.  Yeshua is alive, ready to give you His hand and save you.
Most people are afraid of having this encounter with Him. I understand their fears. Approaching Him will automatically reveal your true nature. His bright Light exposes everything. He is someone whom you cannot cheat.

But Yeshua is also compassion and mercy. He wants to save you, because He knows, even if you are not conscious of it, that you are lost on your way. He is calling you. He wants to offer you His numerous blessings. He will wait until you are ready. Do not miss His call. There might not be a tomorrow.

I keep telling Yeshua that I do think about Him all the time. Today I had some lunch with a friend. On her way back to the metro station, the following words were written: “Yeshua is alive” and I was the only one to notice it.  While reading this, my heart felt so happy.
Our precious Lord is alive and He was showing me how much He cared.

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