Thursday, May 28, 2015

The crowd of unbelievers

At night while I was sleeping, the Lord placed me in front of a huge crowd of unbelievers. Among them, I also recognized some family members.
I was standing in front of them.  I was dressed in a white robe.
The crowd was making fun of my faith in Yeshua. Nobody seemed to believe that Yeshua was real.

All of a sudden, somebody said: “You have Yeshua, so He can make you fly, right now!”

The person started laughing out loud. Some other persons joined him in mockeries.

I remained silent, but I asked Yeshua for help.

All of a sudden, to the crowds’ amazement, two huge, white wings appeared on both sides of my body. I felt that Yeshua was taking both of my hands and my feet left the ground. I ascended a few meters in front of the flabbergasted crowd.
As I woke up, Yeshua was waiting for me. Our precious Lord told me: “You still have no idea which power you are walking with, my dear child. Realize WHO is with you. I will never let you down, my dear child.”
The Lords presence was very strong and I started praising His Name, in total awe for the beautiful vision He had given me.

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