Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A few prayers

Praise Yeshua, proclaim His Salvation!

Dear readers,

This is not out of my upcoming book, but our Lord pushed me to publish these two prayers.
These are prayer requests to all true followers.

Please pray for the Salvation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

Please pray for the Christians who are persecuted in the Eastern Country. Most of them are getting killed for their faith in Yeshua.

For Israel 

Dear Lord,

Perfect peace will come to Jerusalem when your people will proclaim "Barukh ha ba beShem Adonai". A lot of people are awakening now to your presence in Israel. Please remove the veil completely, so your folks will understand that you are their long lost brother, in the same way Yosef s brothers recognized him in Egypt.
When Jews and Gentiles will be reunited under One New Man, your Shalom will spread to Jerusalem and all Israel.

This is your promise and I firmly believe that a great revival will happen in the Holy Land.
I do pray for the Salvation of Israel.

Come soon, dear Lord Yeshua, so our peace will be complete.


Gospel of John in Hebrew audio file

For the persecuted Eastern Christians

Dear Lord, please have mercy for all your followers in Eastern countries who are experiencing persecution, torture and slaughter for their faith.

Please move people s hearts to pray for their immense suffering.

Have mercy for the persecuted and the persecutors.

Also help us all to stay firm in our faith in front of persecution until you return.


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