Monday, December 5, 2016

Leaning on the great Physician ( from "Heart of a Savior")

Yeshua heard and said to them:
The strong do not need a healer, but those who are sick.
But as for you, go and learn what it is that is said:” I have desired kindness and not sacrifice.
For I did not come to call the righteous, but the sinners to Teshuva ( repentance).” Matthew 9: 12-13

For I desire mercy ( loving kindness) and not sacrifice, and the kowledge of Elohim rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6

Shabbat Eve had arrived fast. I had accumulated much fatigue during the week. So I decided to lay down on my sofa to rest a little bit. As I glanced at my own reflection in the mirror, I noticed that my whole body was surrounded with a white, shiny shade of light.

Let go, child”, Yeshua said to me.
As I heard Yeshua say these words to me, I closed my eyes. Our Lord sent me a vision of Him walking with His disciples. The scene seemed to take place at night. Then I only saw Yeshua walking. As the King of the Kings kept walking, I saw His Face become very shiny. I was still able to distinguish his awesome traits. I opened my eyes again to close them again straight away. I started dosing, my body was sinking and becoming light as a feather.
I came back to myself as if I had traveled kilometers away. I could sense a smile onto Yeshua's mouth, although I didn't see it.
I started praising Him with a cheerful spirit.
Late at night I wake up with upper back pain and gum inflammation. I am in pain. I call upon Yeshua's Name: “Lord, help me, I do suffer.”
Lean on me, lean on me”, my sweet Savior whispers tenderly.
Yeshua's voice brings me back to sleep. The morning breaks out when I am opening my eyes again. I am healed! My heart is so full of gratitude and my lips praise Yeshua our Messiah who took care of my acute pain.

Sometimes we are facing extreme situations, so we may be able to recognize our weaknesses and our incapacity to solve health and other related issues. As I was facing illness recently, Yeshua insisted twice: “Lean on me”. Healing started setting in as soon as I accepted to let go completely and lay my health down into His hands.
Didn't our rabbi clearly state: “ The strong don't need a healer, but those who are sick.”
It actually takes courage t acknowledge our sicknesses and to leave them into His hands.
This must occur in two steps: not only must we be willing to recognize our sicknesses, we must also accept to let go all struggles and completely trust Yeshua's healing capacity. Bring your broken bodies to Him, so He will be able to repair them.
The Hebrew word “holim” for sick persons will open up on much richer insights than the English text. “Holim” also contains the root that forms “ holam”, dream. Both words are made of the letters het (in guttural pronounciation), lamed, mem.
Why are dream and sickness so close? Isn't this quite enigmatic.
If we consider that we have to be set into a “dreamy state” for our Lord to heal us, it pretty much makes sense. During this specific time, we end up worrying and let Yeshua take directions.
In a similar way, once we truly acknowledge our sinning nature, we can reach out to our Savior's heart.
One cannot insist enough that calling ourselves “ righteous” or “saint” is a form of pride in disguise. Many boastful people will think that this appellation is justified by their prayer rituals or by their outside behavior. The Word of Hashem says otherwise. Who is man to declare another man “ saint”? Who gave you the authority to call another sinner “ saint”?
A lot of iniquities have been committed in that way over Centuries. The Lord is going to set the record straight when He comes back. Yeshua is exhorting me to pen down these words for each and everyone to examine their actions carefully. If you are unsure if you are on the right path, check your heart: if it is filled with Yeshua's loving kindness, you surely are. If not, it is never too lare to amend your ways. True Teshuva ( repentance) is made possible by a change of behavior.
Yeshua is very willing to remove our sicknesses and to erase sin, but we must confess them with humility.
Another detail emerges from Hosea, Chapter 6, verse 6:
For I desired mercy ( loving kindness) and not sacrifice,
and the knowledge of Elohim ( daath Elohim) rather than burnt sacrifices.”

Loving kindness and knowledge of Elohim go hand in hand.
The Hebrew word daath ( daleth, ayin, tav) is also to be found in the Book of Genesis in reference to the tree of knowledge whose fruit the first humans ate against Hashem's command. The enemy led them to disobedience by wanting to be equal to God.
The daleth is the door that opens up the eye ( ayin) to the path of perfection that is symbolized by the last letter ( tav). The Tav also represents the Torah and the path of obedience attached to it.
Loving kindness opens up our hearts to the knowledge of Hashem. A true knowledge of Hashem implies obedience to His Commands.

From this path arises healing and deliverance.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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