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The "Shema", fundament of Israel's faith, points at Hashem's Unity. This Unity is validated by rabbi Yeshua our Messiah

It makes me smile when people prompt to tell me that Yeshua our Messiah " did away with Judaism because it contains so many "heavy" commandments and that He came to teach the " new doctrine of Christianity." Well if you believe that, you are just fooling yourselves.
You need to re-open your Bible and dig much deeper in your study.

The story reported in the Gospel of Mark , Chapter 12, leaves no space for a wrong interpretation. However, I'd advise anybody to check the Delitzsch Gospels, because the Hebrew language unveils some precisions that could be easily overlooked.

"What is the first of all mitzvoth?", asks the Scribe

" One of the Scholars ( Soferim= Scribes) heard them arguing and drew near to them. He saw that he answered them well, and he asked Him:
"What is the first of all mitzvoth?"

Yeshua answered him:

" Hear o Israel. Hashem is our God. Hashem is One.
Love Hashem with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your knowledge and with all your strength. Now the second similar to it: " Love your fellow as yourself".
There is no greater mitzvah greater than these." ( Mark 12:28-34) Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

Please note that an accurate translation renders "commandment" with the Hebrew word " mitzvah". Another precision comes from the Delitzsch version. The person addressing to Yeshua is a Sofer, a Scribe, and not just any other " specialist of the Law"..."specialist of the Law" is a very vague translation that could be applied to a rabbi or any other Scholar. A Sofer or Scribe has a precise knowledge of the writing of the Torah, that is accurate to the milimeter. From the word "Sofer", you will be able to extract " sefer", book and by extension, Scripture.

The fact that Yeshua points at the Shema is far from being unsignificant. It is also a confirmation of Hashem's Unicity.

The Lord is One. Unfornately, and merely because of the introduction of false doctrines that go back to Nicea, Christianity fails to envision it.

Yes, you heard it well. In NO WAY the New Testament teaches about a "triune God". This is indeed a pagan doctrine introduced by Tertullian in the 4th Century.

Some people would object that the last verses of the Gospel of Mark mention the "Trinity".
The truth is, there is no such thing as "Trinity", because this doctrine isn't biblical-at all and would openly contradict the Tanakh. You ought to know that the Gospels have, unfortunately, been corrupted by some " church fathers" who allowed themselves to remove or add some parts to the text. One example is that Origenes removed the forename "Yeshua" from Bar Abba's name (Barrabas' name).
By doing this, he cancelled very subtle shades of meaning that were appearent within the episode of Yeshua's judgment.
The last verses of Mark also pose problem, in the same way, as they are merely absent from some early versions.

André Chouraqui, an orthodox Jew, former mayor of Jerusalem, who was pretty much an expert- for he translated the whole Bible in French language and replaced Scriptures in a proper context- stated that, when confronted with the Gospel texts, we are in front of a musical partition, whose interpretation keys have been lost.
One main difficulty also lies in the fact that we do possess Greek texts that have been written by Hebrew thinking minds. When the Hebrew original will be found and excavated, a lot of problems will probably be solved.
In the meantime, we need to strive towards an effort to understand the text in their proper cultural context. We also need to realize that Yeshua our Messiah would never deny Israel's foundament of faith.

Shema Israel, foundament of Israel's faith

The Shema Israel is truly a basis of faith. You might not be aware of it, but many Jewish people recite it in life-threatening situations or in case of danger.

You too are invited to open your ear to the Unicity of Hashem.
For some practical reasons, I won't be able to go into details, but here are some insights I received from the Spirit.

A proper reading of the Tanakh will make you understand that Ruach, the Spirit of God is Hashem's breath. Hashem's breath is inherent to Hashem. You cannot dissociate it from Hashem.
In the same way, Yeshua our Messiah and the Father are One. Yeshua has often been described as " Hashem's right arm".  As well as you would be unable to separate your right arm from your own body, you cannot dissociate the Messiah from Hashem.

The Shema is also addressed to the ones who have been , by our Messiah's grace, grafted into the Covenant of Israel.

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  1. loved reading this Isabelle! This is how I feel about our Creator on my path through life. I always enjoy your teachings!

  2. Many thanks for your is very much appreciated...thanks for taking the time to read me and also for your positive feedback. Much love:)


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