Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Messiah is in favor of Torah

If you have been told that Yeshua wanted to abolish the Torah and replace Israel with the Gentiles, you have been lied to. Centuries of Scripture mistranslations and distortions have encouraged " replacement theology" and antisemitic views of the Gospels.

Yeshua is very much pro-Torah

The very truth is that our Messiah Yeshua has a deep love for Israel and is deeply rooted into Torah.
Whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, Yeshua will bring you to Torah through His invaluable teachings.
Thanks to Yeshua, you will learn how to apply Torah with your heart.

The testimony of many orthodox Jews who came to faith in Yeshua our Messiah is that Yeshua our Messiah made them even more Jewish!

How could it be any different? Yeshua is the King of the Jews, the Anointed, and His teachings are all about Torah, there is nothing to argue about that.

Dishonest people would base their arguments on translated versions of the Bible. Let me tell you: your arguments are INVALID. You need to read the Bible into CONTEXT, otherwise you are just fooling yourself.

What your priest, pastor, rabbi or whoever else says is not necessarily a reflection of the truth!
Yeshua is truth, His words are reliable and truthful and if you want to walk in truth, you MUST understand what our rabbi meant! This is not an option, this is MANDATORY.

The Torah, book of signs and wonders

Why am I making this statement?
The Hebrew word for "letter"is אוֹת- which is translated by " sign or miracle".
So each Hebrew letter in itself is a sign of wonders.

If this wonderful Book of Truth is a book of sign and wonders, why would Yeshua our Messiah abolish it? Never has it been His intent! 

Yeshua has been misquoted!

Luke, Chapter 16, verses 16 and 17 read in context ( Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels)

"The Torah and the Prophets were given until Yochanan.
From that time on, the good news of the Kingdom was given.
Everyone will enter with a strong hand.
But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one thorn (kotz in Hebrew, i.e a small stroke, part of a Hebrew letter) to fall away from the Torah"

התורה והנביאים נתנוּ עד־יחנן וּמן־אז והלאה בשׂרת מלכוּת האלֹהים וכל־אישׁ ביד חזקה יבוא בה׃ אבל נקל לשׁמים ולארץ לעבר מאשׁר  יפל קוץ אחד ממן־התורה

Our Lord clearly points out, that although the Torah and the Prophets were given prior Yochanan the Immerser ( John the Baptist), and despite the revolution of the Kingdom of Heaven induced by Him, not even a single stroke would fall away from the Torah!

Why are there still people speaking about the " burden of Torah"? You all need to recover from your blindness! May Yeshua open your eyes about the true meaning of His very rabbinic words!

Still not convinced? Let us go a little bit deeper into our Messiah's words.

The kotz of the yod

Yod is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 
What Yeshua actually states is that not even a "kotz" of a yod will fall away from the Torah.

Where is the kotz in the yod?

The following picture will give you a more precise idea.

The kotz is comprised in the inferior part of the smallest letter ( see picture).
We are speaking of a microcosm here! 
Our Messiah is telling us that the Torah is a sure value, strongly bound together and that it is here to stay forever.

It is up to you to accept or reject Yeshua's words.

May Yeshua bless all of you who are reading this article and develop in you a will to walk in Truth.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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