Thursday, November 10, 2016

True followers of Yeshua must watch the use of their words very carefully

One of the first things I have learnt on my path to discipleship is to speak less. Yeshua clearly showed me that speaking much was also sinning much, because-even when we are good intentioned- we barely control the words that flow out of our mouths.
We should always take the time to think before we speak.

Eloquent speaker? Yes, but...

"Are the words I am going to use meant to comfort, to heal and to uplift the other person's spirit? Or are they likely to offend or even to hurt deeply?
Am I speaking to exhort, to encourage, to give hope or to help? Or is my babble a mixture of bad and gossips of the neighborhood?

If we truly love Hashem, we should make an effort to weigh our words on the balance.

While influent persons are often hailed for being eloquent speakers, we should rather examine the content of these silver-tongued persons' discourse. Are their words meant to bring good to the world or are these words very judgmental and wicked?

The Torah teaches us that the word, davar in Hebrew is also a thing, and by extent, a creation.
The Hebrew expression אברא כדברא " avra kedavra" that has often been wrongly linked with " magical incantations" means "I create as I speak".

Being aware of this will help you control your speech, especially while being in public.

Death and life are at the power of the tongue

The Book of Proverbs states:

"Death and life are at the power of the tongue; those who love it will eat its fruits." Proverbs 18:21

You are very much responsible of the words you choose; you will also be responsible before Hashem for each word that you utter.

So, what will you choose to speak today? Speak life!

Yeshua advises you to watch your mouth!

" For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned" Matthew 12:37

Your words are either dangerous weapons or healing tools for your neighbor. The same words represent either your justification or your condemnation before our Lord Almighty.
Why? Your words proceed from your heart ( lev in Hebrew is truly the center of your emotions).
Either they come from a good or a bad heart.

Yeshua can read through your heart, so be very careful when you open your mouth. Always ask yourself if it is really necessary to speak.

You will have to respond before Him for vain speeches:

" Yet I say to you that whoever is enraged against his brother baselessly is liable to a court of law, and whoever says to his brother " reka" ( empty in Hebrew) is liable to a Sanhedrin, and whoever calls him a reprobate is made liable of the fire of gehinnom ( hell)." Matthew 5:22

Always act in kindness. This is how you will be recognized as Yeshua's true disciples. Trust His words. 

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