Sunday, August 6, 2017

Descending the Yarden-A vision of the Son of Man in the clouds ( from the draft " Figments of Light")

I was very happy to welcome Shabbat eve after an exhausting week. Candles lit, I was sitting at my table, reading Torah and singing praises to HaShem.
Afterwards, I decided to go to bed. My body needed to be restored.

Before sinking into sleep, I addressed to Yeshua : « Yeshua, please bring me to Galilee ».
As soon as this words were uttered, I was gone, completely asleep.

In the middle of the night, I had a very vivid dream.
I saw the Yarden, the Jordan river. The water was green and filled with some shimmering light. I could observe the trees near the border. Then I saw myself as if I could observe myself out of my body. My eyes perceived a big hand. This huge hand was not of human size, it could only belong to the Almighty. This big hand grabbed me and immersed me. I then could observe myself coming out of the river, being surrounded with some glowing light that was mixing with sunlight and the reflection of the water drops.

When I opened my eyes, in the morning, I knew that the fulfilling of Yeshua's promise was close.

In the late afternoon, my eyes would be granted another vision.
I was about to reach my home, when I glanced at the sky. The Heavens opened for me, approximately 4 or 5 seconds, to unveil the Son of Man coming in the clouds. I was flabbergasted. Yeshua is nearer than ever, my friends. Be prepared, for He is surely coming !

My heart is filled with warmth ; my heart is filled with light. I will descend, according to His promises, to the deep waters and I will die with Him. Then I will rise with Him to the Heavens to live a life of light and resurrection.
He Himself with descend with me as my whole body will touch the depths of the waters. He Himself will rise me to the light.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


  1. Freely received freely given. You do not copyright spiritual encounters as you have done. This discounts your words.

  2. My texts are FREE for anybody to read. I am an author. I protect my writings from thieves. If you have a problem with this, you should seriously have a "reality check" instead of distorting my intentions. I stand straight before the Lord. Make sure you are too.


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