Monday, May 2, 2016

The Song of the Sea opening to the Sermon on the Mount (from "Heart of a Savior")

I was determined to praise our Lord with a heartfelt song this evening. Yeshua would find a way to surprise me again.
I had just started listening the beginning of Shirat Hayam (the Song of the Sea) in Hebrew...I was about to sing along with the young girl interpreting the she and and her friend just started singing “Ashira” (I will sing)...the Hebrew word became very alive before my eyes...i just looked at it as it was repeated trice...the word just penetrated deeply into my soul, sank into it and resurfaced into a different my eyes caught the word “Ashrei”, the Sea actually opened...I saw Yeshua pronounce the blessings, it was the powerful scene of the Sermon on the Mount.

Ashira in cursive Hebrew writing

The letter Shin


To my greatest astonisment, I saw Yeshua's mouth pronounce: “Ashrei barei levav..., “Blessed are the pure in heart...”.

Yeshua had dark brown hair to shoulder length and looked really tall.
He was wearing a white robe. Everything in Him was so pure, so simple, but His simplicity didn't overshadow His authority as a rabbi.

My rabbi was waiting for me on Shabbat day. As I was talking to Him, looking out of the window, my beloved was standing behind me and holding me in a soft embrace. As I kept talking, Yeshua placed His hand on mine, showing me that He cared about my words and that He was never far from me.
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