Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Take me there!", a welcoming vision (from "Heart of a Savior")

             here is the very picture of my vision

Yesterday I stumbled across a beautiful Galilee vineyards photo. The picture was so appealing to me that I started closing my eyes in order to capture it into my mind for a few minutes. I spoke to Yeshua: “Take me there!”
Eyes still closed and to my greatest amazement, Yeshua was standing in the middle of the picture that was becoming very much alive before my eyes.
His head was veiled, but I could distinguish His beard. His clothes were white and very shiny. My vision was transforming into a powerful invite to the land of Galilee. My Yeshua was welcoming me into His land!

As I was recalling this vision today, Yeshua brought me back to it.
Our Messiah looked at me with a warm smile. The words He uttered touched my heart to its very depths. 

Yeshua said: 
“What is mine is yours, child. This land is yours too.”

I looked back at Yeshua as tears were running from my cheeks abundantly.
Yeshua has such simple ways, a spontaneous and genuine kindness when addressing to His beloved ones.
My great King, I feel like kissing your heart. While bathing in His tender eyes, I feel connected to the land of Galilee, to the soil, to the plants, to the animals and to the people living there, although my feet never walked this region.
This vision carries much more than just a virtual trip to Galilee; it is a transportation through Yeshua's blessed heart and soul.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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