Thursday, May 5, 2016

A heart's outcry in the middle of the Parisian streets

As our Lord did it for my two preceding books, Yeshua is truly writing “Heart of a Savior", as I keep typing for Him. I am holding the feather; Yeshua is the author who molds each episode of my life into a meaningful story. Our Lord knows the beginning and He is aware of the end. I love the author of my instants, my days and my whole existence. I praise you, my Aleph and Tav, my Savior-King.

Today I hadn't planned my walk at all; I just decided to walk the streets for the pleasure of marching and enjoying the cloud-free, sunny sky.
On my way back home, I saw a couple of Jews passing by. I felt pushed to say a silent prayer, so I addressed to Yeshua and asked Him: “May your Spirit dwell upon these two people.”
Unwillingly I had raised my hands a little bit. In this very intense moment, my ears caught our Lord's Name escaping from a window. It didn't have that usual, ironic, blaspheming tone some people are using jokingly. No, it was serious, it was coming from the depth's of somebody's within. Although I could not see the person pronouncing it, it indicated some deep thirst.

In the middle of demon-ridden, atheistic Paris, while I was raising a prayer towards Yeshua, somebody had pronounced our Lord's Name aloud, with faith.

The sound of this voice made my soul shiver and my eyes were filled with tears. I just couldn't contain my tears...

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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