Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mass blinding in France

Dear readers,

Yeshua gave me an unpleasant prophecy for France today. It is quite gloomy. It is also a strong call for repentance. The spirit of evil is blinding the masses. Come back to Yeshua before it is too late...The parts put into brackets are the words I received from our Lord. 

“My dear child, Europe and France in particular are taking ways that really displease me. These nations are going to be shaken in a bad way.
Do not be surprised about all this; I have been warning you about your country becoming a dangerous place to be since October 2014."

"The masses in France are completely blinded. Because of their rejection of God, they are totally clueless about the current events. They don’t even envision their evil destroyers as enemies.
The battle is very spiritual in the times preceding my Return. Satan is veiling people’s ears and eyes.
The first major deception has happened with this Charlie Hebdo affair that has been secretly launched by a wicked government in order to promote evil.
A lot of people have been fooled into a mass public manifestation that they considered as vital and as a defense of freedom and democratic values.
The truth is that, by coming together and manifesting for Charlie Hebdo, they have all been hailing Satan and advocating blasphemy ( a lot of people are not even aware that this magazine’s motto is “blasphemy is our duty”)."

(Charlie Hebdo is not only about mocking Islam; it is really about blasphemy. This ugly picture is supposed to target integrist catholics.
The truth is that this dirty mag constantly mocks Jews, Christians and Muslims and anybody who does not agree with their views.
To put things straight, I am in no way promoting their carricature, but I posted this image to let everybody know what they are all about. In short: disgusting people.)

"The second major deception happened with the satanic concert of the Eagles of death metal. People only look at terrorism, yet they completely ignore the spiritual context during which these events happened.
People were gathered because they wanted to “kiss the devil on the tongue” and you know, the devil kissed them back.

Now these satanic singers are also being hailed as the “heroes for freedom of speech”.

The masses don’t understand that I am using the enemies of the Western world to get my message through.
What I want, especially in France, is Teshuva.
But a great majority follows carnal pleasures and doesn’t care about Hashem.

A third major deception is coming soon, unless people are willing to repent. It will be terrible, because they are all calling for more blood over their heads. Blood will be spilled in an unprecedented manner.

Fear not, my child, because you are safe with me. I cherish you and I will spare you, because you know my Name."

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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