Saturday, February 13, 2016

The cry of Abel's blood (from "Heart of a Savior")

And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

The Lord opened my eyes and I saw them falling, one after the other. They were lying in a pool of blood. They had been advocating the bloody works of the devil and now they were all lying lifeless. They had called for it and now the curse had fallen on them.

I received the verses from Genesis 4 and a prophetic vision quite simultaneously as I was reading commentaries on a topic that involved a 93-year-old man who was hired as a concentration camp in Auschwitz as a guard and was set to be judged.

A lot of people were actually taking the defense of this man based on the fact that he was around 16 when he took the job and stating that the Holocaust was just a big source of money for Jewish people.
Unfortunately, it is very trendy in my country to be anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. These are the consequences of decades of media brainwashing.
Yeshua is currently showing me that people’s indifference and coldness will be the trigger of awful, bloody crimes. The past they want to throw away like Abel’s evaporated life is coming after them to judge them.

“Dear Lord, the world is becoming colder and colder. I am really shocked about the new generation’s total indifference in front of the horrors of the Holocaust. Some of them act as if it was just made up. Sometimes elders who are witnesses of the concentration camps are simply getting ridiculed. When former criminals, like this 93-year-old guard in Auschwitz are being charged for their crimes, the young generations tend to defend them, because of their “advanced age”.
In my opinion, each crime deserves reparation, no matter when it was committed.”

“My dear child, the verses of Genesis 4:10 ascended to your ears like a cry. This generation compares with Cain. It is an adulterous and murderous generation that completely lacks education. Most of their antisemitism is the product of media mass brainwashing.
Cain’s reaction after he murdered his brother was marked by a lack of honesty.
Instead of immediately admitting his crime and repenting, Cain stated: “am I my brother’s guardian?”
This generation only cares about immediate pleasure; it totally lacks empathy. They are indifferent about the spilling of their brothers’ blood. Do not worry about what you’ve seen, my daughter. For each of their worthless statements, they will respond before me.
You know I am very sensitive to my Jews’ suffering, for they have been denied their human attributes. My people have been (and still are) the object of the hatred of many.
Unconsciously, their loathing is also linked with their election. The nations’ jealousy pops up in many forms, but it is similar to Cain’s hatred towards Abel.
Through his murderous heart, Cain evaporated Abel’s life. I used this verb on purpose. As you know, Hevel (Abel in Hebrew) means breath, vapor.

Cain’s crime was enrooted in the red clay (adama) of the soil that became Abel’s tomb. The curse of Abel’s blood remains on mankind as long as they are not willing to accept my sacrifice.
There is a reward for the innocents whose blood was spilled in Heaven.
Your Lord never forgets about one single soul.
Man murders, thinking that life stops at the last taken breath.
Unless they return to me in total repentance for their crimes, many murderers will taste their second death.”

 Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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