Thursday, June 18, 2015

That night in Gethsemane

This is another exerpt of my book. Yeshua opened His heart to me and shared with me how He felt during that tragic night.

I want to take you back to the Passion, once more, my dear child. Most people, when talking about my Passion do not realize what I went through during that night at Gethsemane.
Do you remember that night, when you were 17? You were thinking about death and cold sweat was running from your back? Your anguish was so great that you had to wake your dad and tell him about this fear you were experiencing.

You only managed to get back to sleep when he reassured you, telling you that at 17, you were “eternal”. Of course, it was just a figure of speech, but it helped you.

In the same way when I was at Gethsemane, I was terrorized about my own death. The difference between your anguish and mine is that I had my own death before my eyes. I knew that I was going to die, and to suffer greatly. I saw it all: people spitting at me, mocking me, punching me, I foresaw my trials, I foresaw my crucifixion…everything was before my eyes…I saw myself environed with darkness and abandoned from men.

This was fear as I had never known it before. I was shivering, I had cold sweat on my skin, but my stress intensified, even in prayer and blood appeared on my face.

I wanted the Father to find another way without me dying that horrible way. Can you imagine my fear, my dear child?

I begged the Father three times. He sent me help from Heaven to fortify me, but at the same time He reminded me that my suffering and death were part of the plan. There was no escape. I had to do my Fathers will. Also, I wanted people to be saved through me.
I did my Father’s will out of love, for every single soul on earth to be part of the Salvation plan.
Every time I will show you my will, please act out of love. Do it because you love your Lord, never because you fear my punishment. If you disobey, you know that I will still love you, but you will hurt me and you will hurt yourself even more. Be aware of it.”

“My precious Lord, I will do my best. Please increase my faith.”

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