Monday, June 15, 2015

Teachings about Heaven

“Let me tell you about Heaven, my dear child.
 Heaven is often represented as a place in the clouds. This is a naïve, man-made representation. Heaven is different from all places humans know. Some people have been given a glimpse of Heaven, though.

It is a place of perfect love and permanent praise. People of all generations are reunited in love. It is bright; people residing here rejoice permanently in my Presence.

It is hard to explain the reality of this place to human beings.  Your religion teacher made a comparison: he said that one could barely explain an unborn baby in his mother’s womb the beauty of the outside world. How would the unborn child know what flowers are? Even if one described colorful flowers, the foetus would not be able to picture color as they are, since it is dark in the mother’s womb.

It is quite the same with Paradise. Sometimes you are telling me that you are feeling “like in Heaven” in my strong embrace. It is true, because you are feeling the immense power of my love. But if I asked you to picture it, would you be able to?”

“My dear Lord, I think I would be able to describe how I feel: very warm and unconditionally loved.”

“Yes, you are able to depict your impressions, but you wouldn’t be able to tell me how Heaven looks like…”

“You are right, Yeshua, my love.”

“Heaven is another dimension, just as miracles and everything else you are able to see from the Invisible world.”

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