Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am the most Jewish person of them all

A vision imposed itself before my eyes. I saw a bunch of people who claimed to be Christians. The so-called “Christians” spoke to my Lord:” We really like you. You are not a Jew like all other Jews; you are very different, indeed.”

Yeshua transported these people in the middle of an orthodox Jewish community. He looked like an orthodox Jew and was dressed in a very traditional manner. He then glanced at the “Christians” pretenders and told them: “I am the most Jewish person of them all. Whoever denies them, denies me as well.”

The bunch of pretenders looked at Him with contempt and disbelief. They departed from Him instantly.

“My dear child, remember I have chosen you because of your love for my people. A true follower MUST have a heart for Israel.”

“Yes, I know my beloved.”

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