Sunday, December 3, 2017

I am with you until the end of age ( from the draft 'Figments of Light')

'I am with you till the end of age' (Matthew 28:20)

Another Shabbat had begun...I was living from Shabbat to Shabbat, in the expectation of heavenly rest. Each week, I was longing to put an end to my activities and to spend time with the King.
In the month of kislev, Shabbat falls very early. In the semi-darkness that was filling my room, I lit my candles, recited the blessing in Hebrew, and spent a few hours in praise.

I read and meditated, sung and felt my awesome King's presence.
The surroundings were supernaturally calm. I sensed the beautiful harmony of soundless sounds from Heaven.
Time to go to bed approached. I prepared myself. My heart was a little bit in anguish.

© 2017 Tiberias by night 

'I am afraid that you could go. Do not leave me, Yeshua... '
'Fear not ', Yeshua said to me, ' I love you forever'.
I sank into sleep, but woke up after an hour. I noticed that I was cold. My room was lacking heating.

'Yeshua, I am cold', I uttered. 'Please keep me warm. Please help me get asleep again. I really need to rest. Please grant me your protection'.

As these words had come out of my mouth, I glanced at some immaculate blanket, whiter than snow. I saw how my whole body was completely wrapped into it. Warmth spread from all sides, but it wasn't the ordinary warmth of some heater. I knew that this was the warmth emanating from a heart of pure love.
As I was sinking more and more into sleepiness , I realized that the blanket was the Spirit. Yeshua had kept His promise and I had felt His loving care all night long.

Yeshua's love is so hard to depict to the skeptic, because His love is something you can truly understand once you experience it.
Many individuals have disappointed me ; but my Savior's love is a precious jewel that never fades in the very depths of my heart.

©2017 by Isabelle Esling

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