Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hours of light in Yeshua's presence ( from the draft "Figments of Light")

Yeshua is always close ! Be sure of it. There is no special secret to see Him or to get manifestations from our Lord, besides your thirst of Him and the love you are giving Him. For every tiny drop of love, for every sweet whisper from your heart to Yeshua's heart, Yeshua will offer you ten thousand times more !

Just believe and you will see. I'd like to share today's afternoon's story with all of you.

Yeshua knows how to provide for perfect afternoon. He has His genuine, specific know how to reunite all ingredients. Today I went to see a client for some French lessons and I was invited for lunch into a very good restaurant where I savored some delicious vegetarian dish accompanied with fresh made lemon juice and mint leaves. The lady also wanted us to visit Notre Dame church and I did some translations into English for her. We ended our ride in a rickshaw and it was much fun.

I thanked the lady before leaving and I also thanked Yeshua for the beautiful afternoon.

On my way back home, in the metro, as I was pronouncing His Name, Yeshua started talking to me. He said to me : « I am your Lord, your brother and the closest person to your heart. »

I closed my eyes. I had a vision of our Lord. Yeshua's Face was sunburnt and it resembled pretty much the Face of the Shroud. His eyes were filled with deep love as He was looking at me. His dark brown hair had some shiny glances.
The picture I am sharing with you made me realize that this shiny glance I saw in His hair emanated from His person. Yeshua was wearing a white robe.

Know that Yeshua is always close. I mean: know it as a fact!
Speak to Him and show Him love. Yeshua appreciates each tiny drop of love from our little hearts !

I will descend to my scented garden and spend time with my beloved. I belong to the King and the King is mine.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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