Monday, April 10, 2017

Tears of my Messiah ( from the draft "Figments of Light")

« But the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn which shines brighter and brighter untill full day.
The way of the wicked is like deep darkness, they don't know over what they stumble. » Proverbs 4 : 18-19

« Yeshua, companion of my joy, tell me, what makes you sad ? »

« What makes me sad is when persons reject me without even knowing me.
What makes me sad is when people claim to know me and bow before idols.
What causes me sadness too is when they refuse my real identity and use my borrowed I.D to harm others. »

« Yeshua, companion of my joy, I am longing for your return. »

« Child, I am returning and so many souls are walking in darkness. I am returning and so many will reject me again, out of ignorance. They will see with their eyes, but they will refuse what will be unveiled to their sight. »

« Yeshua, companion of my joy, let me wipe your tears away. »

« Child, each time you are acting according to my will, these tears go away...when my children walk in light, my heart is filled with tremendous joy.
In the world as you know it, I am inexistent to most people. The ones who pretend to care about me are often more preoccupied with receiving in prayer and with pleasing their partners.
The ones who truly love me are rare pearls.
The ones who love me seem to be deprived of the possessions of the world, yet they do possess heavenly treasures.

Do you realize, dear child, precious soul, how many are rejecting Salvation ? Are you aware of how many are now gambling with eternity, as we speak ? »

« Sweet Lord, I know it affects your heart of compassion... »
« Child, I don't want anybody to experience the horrors of hell, but a great majority is hellbound. Can you imagine the many that I saved and who turn their backs on me ? I do care about each single human's destiny.
I watch them walk away ; they are truly breaking my heart, but I let them go.
If they really knew where they are heading to, they would run back into my arms straight away. »

« I want to welcome you into my heart, always, my Yeshua, my Salvation. I want to sing you a love song. As my heart is pouring out to your heart of mercy, I want to dance with you, my Yeshua, as my heart reaches high notes of elation.
Dear companion of my joy, fill me completely. My cup will overflow and I will dispatch your light everywhere I go »

« Till the end of times I will carry you. Tell them that I am coming. »

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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