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Debunking claims that Yeshua's "Last Supper" was something else than a Seder

ויהי כּאשׁר הגיעה השׁעה ויסב הוּא וּשׁנים־עשׂר השׁלישׁים אתוֹ ׃ויאמר אליהים 
נכסֹף נכספתי לאכֹל אתכם את הפּסח הזה לפני עֻנוֹתי
When the hour arrived, he reclined with the twelve schlichim ( the ones who are sent out, apostles). He said to them: "I have deeply longed to eat this Pessach with you before my suffering." Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels
Luke 22:19

Most people have heard about Yeshua's last meal before His trial and crucifixion. In our contemporary world , some wicked people also mock this poignant moments of Yeshua's last supper. Despite all means of technology we possess now, especially internet access, the great majority assumes that Yeshua's last meal was some kind of "mass" during which our Messiah introduced some kind of new theology, doing away with Judaism for ever.

Unfortunately, the Gospels are among the most "read", yet also wrongly interpreted documents.
Most people, who read translated Bibles, do not even understand the meaning of the expression "Feast of Unleavened Breads", Pessach.

To be able to fully understand our Messiah's actions, we must reflect on the meaning of Pessach. 
Pessach is the most important feast for Jewish people. 
It commemorates the end of slavery and oppression from Pharaoh via Hashem's mighty hand.
The festival of matzoth involves a lot of cleaning and getting rid of the leaven ( hamets). Leaven is a symbol of sin, of hypocrisy, bad will, etc...
While the Festival of matzoth commemorates the liberation from slavery, when celebrated in a Messianic perspective it ist setting a parallel with our liberation from sin via Yeshua's Sacrifice.
We MUST bear in mind that our Messiah is not cancelling the teachings of Torah, but fulfilling them.

Celebrating Pessach in Yeshua our Messiah is the continuity of our Hebrew heritage.

Some people would raise the question: which feast would Yeshua want us to celebrate: Pessach or Easter?

Now I'd like to appeal your intelligence. Logically, what pleases our Messiah? 


Is Easter to be found in His word? The answer is a CLEAR NO. Easter isn't in the Bible, because it is PAGAN to the core. It celebrates the goddess of sex and fertility Ishtar ( also known as Ostara) and mixes with other Babylonian abominations.

A few important points to remember:
  • the synoptic Gospels agree that Yeshua celebrated Pessach with His disciples on the first day of the Festival of matzoth, known as Pessach or Passover ( Matthew 26:17-18, Mark 14:12-15, Luke 22:19-20). Finding a proper timing becomes harder in the Gospel of John, as the writer focused more on the story itself than on timing.
  • Yeshua never did away with Pessach celebration. By implementing His New Alliance, there is some additional symbolism that sets a parallel between the existing symbolism of Pessach ( the matzah represents our Messiah's bruised body and the wine ( or grape juice) the shedding of His blood for ALL.
  • Yeshua's Alliance through the wine and bread is similar to Malki Tzedek's ritual. Malki Tzedek (מַלְכֵּי־צֶדֶק) means King of Righteousness. Our high priest and Messiah is the King of Righteousness who saved us from the slavery of sin through His ultimate Sacrifice.
  • The Hebrews found physical redemption from the Pharaoh through Hashem's mighty hand. Through Yeshua's offering, the Hebrews and the rest of the world find FULL REDEMPTION.
  • actually, while Yeshua is often called "Passover lamb". However, our Messiah's Sacrifice is indeed linked with the Temple's perpetual Sacrifice. (Torah references: Numbers 28:1-8; Exodus 29: 38-42

Let us celebrate our Messiah's Resurrection in full connection with Pessach and step away from the Ishtar-Ostara idolatry.

Let us rejoice: Yeshua is risen! Praised be His Name for ever and ever!

(This flash of  supernatural light was emitted by the Shroud of Turin.)

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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