Friday, June 10, 2016

The parable of the talents: be a success for Hashem

Due to the complexity of the teaching, it actually contains, the parable of the talents is often misunderstood in many ways. While it obviously mentions some amounts of money, one should avoid to interpret it in a strict « monetarist » way without taking the risk missing the teaching about wealth that it contains.

The parable of the talents is, first and foremost, a spiritual teaching from rabbi Yeshua.
Therefore, it should be understood from a spiritual perspective.

Maximize your God-given talent

Hashem abhors waste, especially regarding the gifts He gave you at birth.
So many people in this world do possess genuine talents. However, a great majority does not even recognize them, so they are incapable of using the abilities that they ignore. Another part of the population does acknowledge their talents, but squander them, so they are of no profit to anyone.
A little minority that is truly aware of what they receive. They know how to make them benefit, not only to them but also to others. The last category of people is meant to prosper.

Know that our Lord's will is for His children to prosper. If you are committed to serving Him, wealth will be an additional gift.

Yeshua encourages you to seek the Kingdom of God first. Be genuine, be committed, be faithful in serving Him, His loving presence being the best reward.

« Seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things will be added to you. » Matthew 6:33

Why it is good to want success

I have been reproached to want success for my testimony « An Encounter with Yeshua » and today I am going to address these critics.

First of all, why wouldn't I want the success of a book that has been birthed under the loving direction of our Lord and Savior ? If you think that this book is all about me, then you are very wrong. « An Encounter with Yeshua » is a true life testimony that aims at bringing people closer to our Lord and Savior. While starting from a very personal story, it is meant to reach out to many souls, for them to access Salvation. I would be faulty if I had Yeshua's testimony and kept it for myself only.
So before you start judging my motivations (that are pure), make sure that you develop your own talents and turn them into a success for the glory of the King of the Kings !

May Yeshua help me reach out to many people through my feather, so His beautiful Name will be magnified!

It is recommended to strive towards success, especially when our tasks involve the Kingdom of God. May the Holy Spirit guide us all in the various tasks Yeshua has in reserve for us before He returns. Let us give our best, let us maximize our gifts, let us be witnesses of light in a world of darkness.

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