Wednesday, June 15, 2016

His love in each fiber of my being ( from "Heart of a Savior")

As I am advancing on my way with Yeshua, our Lord increases my thirst for Him. The more I am discovering about our Messiah, the greater my amazement. I expressed Yeshua my will to come much closer to Him. Yeshua showed me that I had to reach a greater degree of emptiness. I have to surrender in a way I never did before.
Good bye ego, I have to leave you behind. I have to understand that I can't control everything. I have to surrender, not as a slave, but in an act of total confidence and let Yeshua take over.
Yeshua lives within me and He wants to operate wonders. But these wonders won't occur independently from me.
Yeshua spoke with me and made me understand that if I wished to step further, I had to give up some parts of my ego, that is still pretty much alive at times.
I will let my passion for Yeshua win and give up what still displeases Him in me. I will replace my fears with total surrender to the Holy Spirit.
Here, I am, walking downtown, in a busy Parisian area, uttering these words to Yeshua: “Lord, my love, I want to experience you in each fiber of my being.”
The words had just come out of my mouth. I started feeling very warm inside. I felt a soft touch onto my stomach and inside of my chest. A beam of light was surrounding my whole being, I could feel its strong embrace. Feelings of intense joy came upon my soul. The joy I was experiencing in this minute was not mine, it was Yeshua's immense joy transferred into my body, soul and mind. I was taken against Him, swallowed in His loving embrace, my whole being was one with my Savior. I wanted to shout His Name and to thank Him. My heart was overflowing, but the only words that I was capable of saying were: “my Yeshua”.

Yeshua had just blessed me with His loving touch like never before.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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