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Why the use of Matza (unleavened bread) is essential to commemorate our Messiah's Sacrifice

Let them alone. They are blind guides of the blind; but if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

Matthew 14:15

The parable of the two blind men is more than actual in our days than ever before. Here is an example of ignorance I witnessed years ago while going to a Pentecostal assembly. I noticed that the members of this specific assembly were taking baguette as communion bread.

I dared to ask : « Can we use any type of bread for communion purposes ? »

Several persons replied quite spontaneously, showing their great ignorance of the subject quite hastily : « Of course, any type of bread would do, it doesn't matter. » The same people would end up in a diatribe against the Catholic church and their use of unleavened bread as a  sacramental bread (what corresponds in French to the term « hostie »).
At this time, I didn't have a precise knowledge of the question. Yeshua set me free by enlightening me in truth. Leaven should be taken out of communion bread because leaven symbolizes sin. It is so much important that disciples should walk in truth with our rabbi.

Yeshua is Jewish. This is not a theoretical statement. Our rabbi is and has always been a practicing Jew. Our Messiah's Sacrifice is intimately linked with the use of the matza in remembrance of our liberation from sin through His precious blood.

I might be hated or misunderstood by some of you for stating the truth. But I owe you the truth : the Lamb of God's mission can only be understood by digging deep into the Hebrew customs of our Messiah.

Today I would like to discuss the importance of the use of the Matza in remembrance of our Messiah's Sacrifice in regards to the upcoming Feast of Passover. The Lamb of God's story is intertwined with the story of Passover.

Passover, parting of the Sea and Matza bread

The use of Matza bread

The Book of Exodus

« For seven days yeast must not be found in your houses, for whoever eats what is made with yeast—that person will be cut off from the community of Israel, whether a foreigner or one born in the land. You will not eat anything made with yeast; in all the places where you live you must eat bread made without yeast. » Exodus 12:19-20

There are precise cooking rules in the making of the matza. The cooking time should never exceed 18 minutes.

The Book of Deuteronomy insists on the fact the matsa should be eaten hastily in remembrance of the Hebrews' liberation from Egypt :

« You are not to eat any chametz *with it; for seven days you are to eat with it matzo, the bread of affliction; for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste. Thus you will remember the day you left the land of Egypt as long as you live. »
Deuteronomy 16:3

    *chametz means leavened

Crossing the Red Sea

The whole meaning of the word Hebrew, yvri, is linked with passing over. A Hebrew is a person who « crossed over » (the Red Sea), who went from slavery to liberation through the miracle of Hashem.

Bread of affliction and bread of liberation, the matza points at the beautiful miracle of the parting of Yam Suf, the Red Sea.

Let me share this wonderful Song of the Sea, Shirat Hayam, that commemorates Hashem's miracle, according to the words of Exodus 15.

Matza bread, symbol of His bruised body

In the same way, Moshe led the Hebrews through the Red Sea, our Mashiach Yeshua takes us out a state of slavery (living in sin) through a complete liberation. We are taken out of Egypt ( out of the world) and set apart for Him.

It is important that Gentile followers remember that they have been grafted into the Covenant of Israel and never boast arrogantly against the people of Israel. Thanks to our Lord's compassion we are, Jews and Gentiles, part of an amazing adventure and reunited in One New Man.

Last year, during the period of Passover, Yeshua gave me a vision of a matza during the night. I had been remembering His Sacrifice, breaking matza bread and drinking grape juice.
Yeshua showed me the matza, then my eyes were opened to His body descended from the Cross, so full of wounds, like the numerous holes you'd find in the matza.

The Blood shed by our Mashiach is the Blood of the Lamb that protects us, purifies us and makes of us separate people.

Yeshua is Israel's Passover Lamb-Savior to His folks and to the nations.
Let us celebrate Him with high praise. Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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