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Author shares her life-changing encounter with Yeshua

My fello friend and author Donna Kshir interviewed me recently. Read the original article from the Examiner.
I recently had the opportunity to review Isabelle Esling's 9th release, "An Encounter With Yeshua." Inside Isabelle describes how she was going through a painful situation in her life and it left her feeling helpless, sick and humiliated. She never expected Yeshua to come into her life and help her, but He did.
The author wrote about her personal journey and the life altering changes it had on her. Her story is touching in ways words inadequately describe. Her story is a POWERFUL testimony to the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness that will unlock one's heart and open your eyes to the TRUTH like never before. She has a relationship with Yeshua that many people will never begin to understand.
Read my full review: An Encounter With Yeshua.
Last evening, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Isabelle. I invite you to share in Isabelle's personal journey; looking into her heart and soul to give you a better understanding of her relationship with Yeshua.
D.K.- Tell me a bit about yourself?
I.E. - I am a trilingual author of 9 published books so far. I also spent a decade as a music journalist. I used to be a huge fan of Eminem and the Detroit rap scene.
D.K. - After spending so much time in/with the Detroit rap scene was it easy for you to walk away from the artists and that lifestyle?
I.E. - Well…it became easy when I realized that the lyrics I kept repeating had a negative impact on my subconscious mind. It became clear to me that I had to do something in order to bring more positivity into my life.
D.K.- Was the transition hard?
I.E. - After all the rap scene is a pretty intense lifestyle. No…not really. I wanted to concentrate on positive thinking and impact my inner and outer world. I changed my goal that became being a positive force for all the people around me (and in the virtual world as well.) So I worked on myself harder.
D.K. - What changed your outlook?
I.E. - I wanted to get out of this childish teenage rebellion and enjoy life. I wanted to rejoice and enjoy life’s very simple pleasures. I also wanted to help others be more positive.
D.K. - Do you see the rap scene ever having importance in your life again?
I.E. - I don’t think so. It came clear to me that these people are “golden calves”. Most people put them all on a pedestal, but I think that they are a trap to the youth and to adult people.
D.K. - As you were once a huge fan of rapper Eminem, what changed your prospective on him as an artist and in his personal life? His bouts with violence, race and domestic violence?
I.E. - No. It goes further than this. My eyes also opened about Eminem's will to serve evil things and his evolution into mostly satanic rituals like in the 3 AM video during which he takes a blood bath. A lot of people are not aware of the master he is serving, neither was I in the past.
D.K. - Who published your recent release?
I.E. - Northern Books published my 9th opus.
D.K. - Do you look forward to working with this company again? And what's the process for writers who want to get published?
I.E. - Oh yes. I am happy with the help and support I received from this company. If I could give an advice to aspiring writers, I would tell them: “After your writing and editing work, break your head over your query letter and spend time choosing a good publisher. Rather choose a small publisher than a big one when you are starting in the business. It increases your chances to get published. Also have a precise idea about your audience and find efficient ways to market your books, because, most of the time, traditional publishers will not do much for your publicity.”
D.K. - Have you always believed in Yeshua?
I.E. - Yes. I have always believed in Him, since my early childhood. I think I have always loved Him. But I had no clue about how to access Him. It has been a lifelong search. In the end, He found me and this is the beautiful thing about it. Yeshua, in His immense kindness, came to me…
D.K. - What was the changing point in your life when you found Yeshua?
I.E. - I was going through a painful life situation. I felt helpless, sick and humiliated. I didn’t expect Him to help me. I wasn’t even thinking about Him. He used the internet to catch my attention. I would like to tell anybody reading this interview: He can do anything. He can help you out of any situation. Do not fear Him, He is very compassionate.
D.K. - Have you found speaking of Yeshua to be an easy task or have you discover many unbelievers/ haters along the way?
I.E. - From people who started reading or who have read the book, I received real positive feedback. I have met a few unbelievers on my way. But they haven’t read the book. I have also met some mean haters who commented on social media. I just pray that one day their eyes will be opened to the Truth.
D.K. - What is one thing you want each reader to walk away with from your book?
I.E. - Yeshua is love. Come to Him as you are and let Him guide your path. Our Lord loves you all. He wants the friendship with you all. He knows your personal situation. He can heal you and He can solve any problem that oppresses you. All He is asking for is for you to repent of your sins and then come to Him. Give Him your heart, because nobody will ever love you like that.
D.K. - Reading your book I could feel the love you have for Yeshua. I almost felt like I was reading a love story. Can you explain your dedication and love for Yeshua?
I.E. - He loved me first. I think this sentence says it all. I have been approached by the very Source of love…and I fell in love with Yeshua. I decided to give Him my life and to let Him conduct it. His love is just overwhelming.
D.K. - With so many doubters of faith has your journey been an easy one?
I.E. - There will always be doubters. Yeshua is the One who increases my faith daily. I do pray that doubters will recover from their current blindness and open up to Yeshua.
D.K. - Do you see another book of Yeshua in the future?
I.E. - If our Lord agrees, certainly, yes.
D.K. - Who inspired you to write such a beautiful tribute to Yeshua?
I.E. - Let me tell you that that everything about this book is extraordinary. First, I didn’t plan to write it. I was working on very different literary subjects when Yeshua came to me. After being saved, I spent 3 weeks in prayer, asking our Lord: “dear Lord, you know that I am a writer, I would love to write about you, but in a way that fully represents you.” I kept insisting. One evening, I wrote 9 pages without disruption. I then understood that He had granted my request. The person directing this book is Yeshua Himself, from the beginning to the end. Therefore I would like to give Him all the glory. I would also tell my readers that I am not advertising any church or synagogue. The only person I would like to advertise is Yeshua. Also my deepest motivation is to allow more persons to know His wonderful person.
D.K. - Do you fear what unbelievers will think? Why should I fear their opinion?
I.E. - You can reject the truth or negate it, it remains the truth. I will stand courageously for Yeshua, for He paid a high price for my Salvation.
D.K. - Do you ever think of your old lifestyle? And the many people who were a part of your life?
I.E. - I barely think about it and I don’t regret it. I used to be in prison( a life of sin is like being in jail) and now I am free. I do think about some people that I have known in the past and I do pray for them.
D.K. - If you could thank one person for their support who would it be and why?
I.E. - First I would like to thank Yeshua, for His love endures forever. Thank you so much for this beautiful adventure. Second, I would like to thank all the Northern Books team: Donna M. Kshir, Lee Roberts and Laurie Ann Smith (Tornerup). Thank you so much for your support and encouragements all the way.
D.K. - What's next for you and your journey?
I.E. - I am working on a small project and I will see where it leads me. With our Lords’ help, I’d love to visit the Holy Land in the future.
Northern Books invites you to share in Isabelle's life-changing encounter. "An Encounter With Yeshua" is available in paperback and digital formats. Currently Northern Books is offering a free eBook download at their online bookstore.
Fore more on Isabelle, her books or journey visit her website.

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